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I have Hashimoto’s and I have been skipping my Levothyroxine dose as I had some hypothyroid symptoms when on it.

When I was skipping the Levothyroxine I had hyperthyroid symptoms and they got so bad I went to a local urgent care centre where the consultant was very understanding and helpful. I went to my GP soon after the visit to the urgent care centre and explained that I had hyperthyroid symptoms despite stopping my medication.

The GP then got very cross with me and said that I had in essence wasted the doctors’ time and she has also had calls from the laboratory that did my blood tests asking why they were abnormal. She told me that the practice doesn’t treat people based on symptoms, too.

I moved practices after this appointment took place and I am having my thyroid retested as well as my ferritin, folate and Vitamin B12 levels. My GP says whatever the result of the thyroid test the Levothyroxine will be restarted at a dose that will help me and they will keep closer tabs on me for my symptoms. I am just worried that my hypothyroid symptoms will just get worse as they did when I was on it.

My body temperature has always been low and never near optimal range but I took it today and the reading is really low. Could this be the start of a hypothyroid state?


Body temperature readings over the past week.

8th Septermber: 36.6 degrees Celsius

9th September: 36.1 degrees Celsius

10th September: 36.1 degrees Celsius

11th September: 36.6 degrees Celsius

12th September: 36.1 degrees Celsius

13th September: 36.1 degrees Celsius

14th September: 36.3 degrees Celsius

15th September: 35.8 degrees Celsius

Latest thyroid function test results. (End of July)

TSH: 0.02 (0.2-4.2)

Free T4: 20.3 (12-22)

Free T3: 6 (3.9-6.8)

Anti-TPO: 141 (<34) thyroid="" function="" test="" results="" before="" that.="" (beginning="" of="" august)="" tsh:="" 0.36="" (0.2-4.2)="" free="" t4:="" 25.1="" (12-22)="" free="" t3:="" 6.9="" (3.1-6.8)="" symptoms="" before="" the="" low="" body="" temperature:="" feeling="" hot="" racing="" pulse="" sweating="" weight="" loss="" headaches="" migraines="" symptoms="" that="" have="" started="" very="" recently:="" scanty="" period="" muscle="" aches="" leg="" cramps="" pins="" and="" needles="" in="" hand="" fatigue="" difficulty="" swallowing="" i="" last="" took="" the="" levothyroxine="" on="" the="" 12th="" august.="" other="" results.="" august:="" ferritin="" –="" 21="" (30-400)="" i="" was="" on="" ferrous="" fumerate="" but="" i="" had="" stomach="" upset="" from="" taking="" this.="" august:="" folate="" –="" 4.9="" (4.6-18.7)="" august:="" vitamin="" b12:="" 362="" (180-900)="" july:="" vitamin="" d:="" 59.6=""><75)>

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    Hi Jay, i was Hyperthyroid for over 20 years and am now Hypothyroid after RAI treatment. Looking at your TSH results and symptoms, you are not taking enough levothyroxine, you are slightly on the Hyperthyroid side of things. You need to up your medication, but you must experiment . EG i take 75mcg for 3 days per week and 100 mcg for 4 days if i take 100 mcg per day i go overactive and 75mcg sends me underactive so its very trial and error. Also you will never be symptom free even when your levels are normal, speak to any thyroid sufferer and they will tell you the same, you will feel slightly better but never symptom free. Im not sure about your other results so cant help on those but i know that your TSH is within Hyperthyroid range. Hope this helps smile
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      Hi Sdob46, thanks for your reply. smile

      I don't quite understand if my results show I'm hyperthyroid but I wouldn't be taking my Levothyroxine. Is it possible that my FT3 levels are much more stable than my FT4 levels and that by taking something like Cytomel (T3 medication) would sort everything out?

      I had my blood test done for TFTs today, first thing (8.50am) - couldn't get any earlier than that - along with ferritin, folate and Vitamin B12 so I will know more when I hear back about these. I don't know when that'll be but hopefully it'll be soon.

      I am very certain that my ferritin hasn't risen or that it's only risen a little (I don't take iron supplements as they make my stomach funny), not sure about folate or Vitamin B12 and thyroid tests I have no idea. Saturday just capped it all off for me really as I had the pins and needles in my hand, had the shower on scalding hot but it was still cold to me and fatigue just "hit" me.

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    Hi Jay

    Take a look at ThyroidUk website they have a lot of information on there for people like yourself and forums aswell for asking questions!

    With Hashimoto's being an auto immune disease you fluctuate between hyperthyroid to hypothyroid.

    Stopping the thyroid replacement therapy can be really dangerous and lead to allsorts of problems so you really need to be careful and listen to your new GP!

    Best of luck with your future treatment and hope you get it sorted soon?!smile


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      Hi thanks for your reply.

      I did initially listen to my GP but when she told me that she doesn't treat someone based on how they feel I didn't like this approach and stopped the medication.

      I am still waiting to hear back about my thyroid, ferritin, folate and Vitamin B12 - I have heard nothing yet. I don't know how long I need to wait but my eyes have dark circles under them and I know something isn't right.

      I would never had stopped the medication if I knew it was doing me some good but ever since I had been taking it I have putting on weight, feeling the cold a lot more and generally feeling worse. My GP did not think I was hypothyroid anymore and told me to persist. But my Free T3 kept falling and I got worried.

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    Hey Jay, I too have Hashimotos and sway back and forth between hyper and hypothyroidism. These hyper swings can be caused by die off of the thyroid. Or it could just be that you arent on the appropriate medicine or dosage. I have had to change thyroid meds and dosages numerous times. And after 7 years of battling with this mess, my levels are still all over the place. Its all about trial and error. I myself seem to do better with a combo of Cytomel and Synthroid. I had to request the Cytomel. I was fortunate enough to find a really good compassionate Doctor, who paid attention to symptoms, but I went through 4 GP's before I found him. You just need to find one that is willing to listen and help. I hope you have found a good one. Do you know if you have nodules, tumors or a goiter?? Also, if you haven't had your cortisol checked you may want to do that. Thyroid and adrenal problems tend to go hand in hand. Low cortisol can cause T3 to pool high in your blood creating hyper like symptoms or elevated adrenaline. 

    Hope this helps!! Just want to let you know you arent alone. 

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