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Okay so a couple of weeks ago I got a fitbit, one with a heart rate monitor.

I have the app linked up to it so it records all my stats.  

In the last few days I have noticed that my resting heart rate has dropped to below 60bpm,

and today it has dropped to 57bpm on average.  

I have seen it lower when I'm at rest but the app averages it out over the day I think.

I have seen it in the low 50s when I'm sitting at rest and in bed, last night while I was sleeping it went below 50bpm.

Last Monday the resting bpm was 66,Tue 65, Wed 63,Thur 60,Fri 60,Sat 61,sun 59 and today 57.

Is this something I should worry about? I am quite a hypochondriac and have for a long time been quite obsessed with my heart rate,

usually worrying it's too high though now it's gone the other way. But I have never noticed it being this low.

I am aware that this is not a seriously low heart rate and many people have much lower ones,I am 29 and male.

I am an anxious person who worries about these things and I would just like to know why the change?

I know that very fit people can have low heart rates and although I have started going to the gym recently I wouldn't say I'm very fit.

I go 2 or 3 times a week and when I'm there I run 1k,row 2k and cycle between 5 and 10k, I've only been going about 2 months though.

I do feel that I have got fitter and my recovery time seems to be very good but I don't know if this explains the change?

I have also given up smoking at the start of the year and am on a very good healthy diet at the moment.

It's hard to tell if I have any symptoms from this because symptoms associated with it that I get can be attributed to other things,

I don't often get the amount of sleep I should so I'm always tired,  

I suffer with anxiety which can make me feel spaced out an light headed at times (I have had this for a long time)

Also since I have noticed this problem in the last few days I have been getting times where I feel like I can't breath properly,

but I have put this down to the anxiety because I have had spells of hyperventilation before when I thought I had a medical problem and this is the same as that was.

I had an ECG about a year and a half or two years ago and my doc said my results were spot on and I have a very healthy heart.

Is this just my fitbit stats levelling out? Do I have a real problem,or am I just being a paranoid hypochondriac as usual?

Thanks in advance and sorry about any grammer issues.

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    Try to stop worrying

    You sound very healthy to me

    A resting heart rate in 50s is not bad.

    Mine can be low like that its the irregularity that concerns me.

    Keep well


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    You sound a lot like me! Big difference is , I'm 70 years old. I've had 2 heart bypass surgeries over a 12 yr period. For 12 years I've eaten healthier than anybody I know and walked 3 miles every morning in 45 mins. My doc assures me everything is good , but I guess I'm convinced that something has to be wrong. I blame my b/p machine for having b/ p of 112/73. Convinced it's wrong. Have 3 and they all read close to the same. My resting heart rate at night is always between 58 and 65. But I worry about it being too low. Piddling around in my garage it's around 72 to 80. Working in the yard around 85. But I worry constantly about all my numbers and at times I feel like it's hard to breathe. I have anxiety because of all my worrying. My doc even took me off cholestrol meds . Said he doesn't think I need them because my numbers are a little too low. So , I'm replying to you just to let you know you're not alone in the worry department. Keep us posted on how things work out.
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    I'm 24 I have noticed since having my baby 6 weeks ago while resting my heart rate drops to 57 even lowest 46 I freaked out I wouldn't say I'm fit I walk like 30 minutes a day other than that I'm just a mum I now can't stand without my hr going to 126 ect this morning I woke up unable to breatge my heart rste was 144 bpm!

    I don't know what's happening to me I'm very anxious lately been having alot of strange symtoms including been dizzy for a full month but all my bloods are normal I had a ecg at hospital the other day they didn't say nothing about it accept asked me if I've had chest pain I said only the night before so they said I was OK to go ??

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      I think I would go to a cardiologist with that info. I mean , 6 weeks ago HR was low at rest and now it's 144 on waking ? I think you need further testing. Maybe a 24 hr heart monitor. My HR was 56 at the docs office so he did an ekg. Scheduled me for a heart monitor next week. Mine never seems to go above 80 , no matter what I'm doing and I'm not an athlete either. But then I'm 70 years old. So maybe age has something to do with mine. But you're young and I think you need to follow up on this. Let us know what you find out. I'm sure someone else here has better answers for you than me though. Good luck on figuring this out.
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      A lot of my problem with things to do with heart rate is that if I think something is abnormal it makes me panic and panicking makes your heart rate increase and it becomes a vicious circle. A lot of symptoms associated with cardio problems can also be caused by anxiety.High heart rate,Short of breath,Light headed can all be caused by anxiety but are also symptoms of cardio issues so it's hard to tell. If you've been to the doctors and they have told you it's fine they are probably correct but you can always seek a second opinion,you know your body better than anyone else does. I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how things progress.
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      Hey I know it's over a year ago . But did you get yourself sorted . I know I was in bed one night I had I pain and I got freaked out and that night a could not sleep. My heart rate was 140 and usally it would be in 60s I put my self in anxious state . Went docs next day had an ecg was ok heart dropped to 90s blood pressure was 160 over 98 doctor was not concern went back week after and things inproved however doctor told me you are so worked up you are anxious. and for 3 months I made myself ill back on the fix with lots of positive thoughts and I do some brisk walking . Sometimes my heart rate does go up in to the 80/90 only because I look at my watch and get anxious making it go to115. I take my watch off and ignore it . We have do well without fitbit watchers . I know I am ok just now and then I worry myself for no reason . Doctors are probably fed up with people with fitbits.going in telling them thier heart is all over . Of cause it would the mind is a powerful tool it can make you body do strange things. . By the way I got myself a BPM and took it to the docs to compare and it's perfect . My BP is now 115 over 72 with and resting heart rate of 65 with cholesterol 4.2 .

      Hope you are doing well now ?

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    Thank you for the replies.

    It's been a while now and I haven't died lol and my heart rate has remained about the same, I've stopped worrying so much now and I've come to the conclusion that my natural resting rate is just a little slower than average,but I will keep an eye on it.

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    Hey, my resting heart rate is 37 but I do cycle a lot! I wouldn't worry about it unless you are also lightheaded! If not then the heart is providing the amount of blood circulation needed and you shouldn't be worried!


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