Low temperature and high temperature after drinking with slight liver pain. Should I go the wrong)

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I've been drinking almost every day for the last 2 months but usually about 3 beers. Only been eating one or twice a day( I'm a skinny guy). This last week I really pushed my limits drinking about 6 beers aday starting on Tuesday then Saturday night at a wedding I drank about 2 beers and about 8 vodka and pineapple. Woke up feeling hung over on Sunday. First thing I did was drink some oj and some crackers (couldn't really eat much) also water. Then I took a shower and when I came out of it I started feeling dizzy and kind of confused and really ancious. My body started sweating and got high temperature. Then my hands started to feel tingly and I got really scared. Then I would go from feeling cold to warm. As of now I've been drinking water but I'm afraid of drinking too much because I haven't peed in 12 hours, I have slight pain in my kidneys and still gettin cold and warm but the tingle in my hands left and have no headache. What should I do?

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    Make an appointment with your doctor, and in the meantime if it gets too severe, call for emergency services.

    It might be nothing, it might be something.  But there is only one way to find out and that is to have a proper medical assessment.

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    It could be something like cystitis (men get it as well!). What ever it is you should get it checked out ASAP 
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    Hi Migul, I would carry on drinking water as it sounds like you have Dehydration, this could explain feeling dizzy and anxious, if you have been hitting the booze more than usual it tends to dry your body out. Once hydrated, the pain in your kidneys should go. Is it a prickly heat you get when you start to feel warm? I'm not sure what the pins and needles are all about. You say you are drinking alot more than usual but from what you say, it dosent warrent the onset of acute alcoholic hepatitis which could describe the tingly feeling and hot flushes. Don't be afraid of drinking water, may be up to about 2-3 liters a day, (1-2 is recomended). If you are not peeing its because of the dehydration, the more dehydrated the darker the pee. Do you feel your drinking is out of control and want to stop but can't? Hope you start to feel better. AL

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      Been able to eat a little now and peed very little still drinking water. Feel a little better but planing on going to the doctor.
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      No prickly or any needle feeling. Skin color seems normal and eyes are white (with red veins because I haven't slept in about 20 hours.

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      Sounds good Bud, keep drinking water and maybe a rest from the booze for a while, 'Stoptober' is coming up. Let us know what the Doctor Says, Good Luck.

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      hi..don't panic...it doesn't sound like your drinking history is "enough" to impact your organs.  But, one never knows how sensitive someone elses body is.

      I agree with pistal that you are probably dehydrated from all that vodka!

      I look at it this way...I am female and for a long period of time I was drinking up to 14 beers a day for days at a time.  I did end up in hospital with severe dehydration....and with the IVs was back to normal in about 2 days....

      So..if you drank heavily it may take some time to feel normal again.

      Curious? When you go to the Dr. are you going to tell the Dr how much you drank?  I think it is very important to be honest with Drs because they can not provide the correct advice or remedies..if they do not know the truth.

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    Now urinating clear but just drinking water
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      Sounds good, any more dizzy spells or hot and cold feelings?

      How's your kidneys?

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    Hi Migul,

    I wouldn't think it is the alcohol, but then again all bodies are very different as to how alcohol effects our body. I would advise you to go to your doctor for a health check, and also say exactly what you have on here. Always best  to be safe rather than sorry. The Liver is an amazing organ, but for it to be effected by the alcohol it would need to be constant alcohol consumption, so i am thinking it could be something else, but that is only at a guess as i am not a doctor.

    Take care and hope you get this sorted.

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      It's been a week since my first post & im feeling great. I don't think I have a drinking problem as My drinking has always been social with my work friends. I went to the ER and they said everything was fine. Looking back at everything it seems like it was all anxiety as I was too worried that I was suffering from alcohol poisoning. I've drank a total of 3 beers on 2 different nights since then, only because I've read so much stuff about withdrawals & Im so scared. Might be that anxiety.

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