Lower Back & Stomach Pain

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Hi there,

I've had recurring stomach pain for about 2 months now. It tends to get a little worse after I've eaten, and comes and goes in waves. I am never in excruciating pain, and I contine to cycle, play tennis/squash etc without too many problems. Actually, it feels better after some excercise. The other symptom I have though is a very painful lower back. At first I thought it was just related to excercise, but it hasn't gone away. I wake up each day with a very sore and stiff lower-back, and I am starting to wonder if my stomach issue is related to that. 

I've been to the doctor a couple of times and have had differing results. Initially they did an X-Ray and told me that it was wind!! Next time they said there was a stomach virus going around, and my symptoms were similar to many other people. Most recently I've had tests for parasites/bacteria which were negative, and Heliobacteria, which was also negative. 

My weight hasn't changed, my appetite is still good, I am not being sick either. My bowel movements haven't been great though, sometimes they are fine, other times they are closer to diahorrea. But no blood or anything like that. 

Has anyone had anything similar to this, or know what it could be?

Thanks! Ori


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    Waking every morning with a stiff lower could just mean you need a new matress.

    Have you been tested for lactose intolerance?


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      I actually just had a week on holiday, followed by a week back over at my parents house. So I've spent a week on 2 different beds recently which hasn't solved the issue.

      I've never been tested for lactose interolance, no. But I am not a big dairy fan anyway to be honest. I have milk in tea and coffee, and I haven't touched cheese for about 30 years! I do have yogurts and some actimel (or similar) casei drinks from time to time though.

      Thanks for your reply smile


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      l often wake with lower back pain  and sometimes lower hip pain with it, the feeling that its difficult to straighten up, it does slowly but surely ease and loosen up with mobility. l think mine is related to inflammation of the bladder, as thats when all started, but could also be due to adesions and nerve damage left following surgery. Yours is different in not being related to surgery or bladder, but could it be nerve or muscle damage, l often get the feeling l,d like to stick a knife in to release the pain ,the specialist refers to it as pressure pain. Did they examine your lower back, or maybe a chiropracter ostteopath might find the reason for it.  
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      They never really spent much time on the back as I always went to the doc with more focus on the stomach issues that I was having, so they barely noticed I had mentioned the back. But the stomach issues come and go throughout the day, whereas the back pain is pretty constant. That's why I am starting to think that the back issues might be causing the stomach issues somehow (stress, pain, worry etc). It will certainly be my main point of focus if I go back again.

      I've had similar back pain before, and sciatic issues, but they have usually gone after a week or so. This time it's not going! I can still play sports etc once it's warmed up a bit, but bending over to pick something up 'from cold' can be a struggle. 


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      l do the same on going to docs. mention one symptom and get sidetracked by myself or the doc, then times up. l think stomach and back pain can go together, pressure from one to the other.  l nearly asked if they did something radical like actually examining your back, as its more tests for everything now. l also had a bad bout of sciatica a few years ago, lasted several weeks, but xray did show a disc problem, gp told me disc or cushion between them can rupture, loses fluid, but does heal itself usually.  l find heat helps a bit, l use heat pack on my lower back when its bad, or pain gel, as l dont like using pain killers due to stomach probs and prone to nausea.  Def sounds like it could be your backs main problem.  
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    Read up on candida overgrowth and systemic infection also have you had your prostrate checked depending on your age.
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    Also if you have gas in your stomach bothering you and you're back at the same time you can get referred pain from gas all over
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    Well, I have now had an abdominal echo scan and X-rays on my lower back and stomach.

    The X-rays show that I have a slight deviation in my lower-spine, but that's nothing serious or rare. He did say that it could enhance some types of back pain, but that it wasn't a problem.

    Thankfully though, everything else showed up as "perfect". Kidneys, Liver, Gall Bladder and all the various blood supplies to heart etc. Everything was fine, so I guess that's good news. There were quite a lot of dark patches in there, which was gas, so I've got some medication to deal with that. The stomach is still not great, but I think it's getting a little better now that some of the stress has subsided.

    I am still wondering whether there is something that I am intolerant to all of a sudden, and whatever I am eating/drinking it causing this endless cycle. If this month-long course of pills I am on now doesn't work, that might be my next stop!


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