Lower left abdominal/back pain since 2014 (I am desperate)

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I am now 27 years old and have never had any major health issues until October of 2014 where I was 22 or 23.

In September 2014 I went on a holiday with a friend to Amsterdam and then to Poland. In Amsterdam I ate a blueberry cannabis muffin that was covered in fungus. My friend noticed something odd on the muffin but I thought it was the blueberry coloring and unfortunately I was wrong. The muffin was very sweet and I only noticed that there was mold when I got to the bottom of the wrapper. I was a bit worried but felt fine the next day. We went around various restaurants eating all sorts of food. In Poland we would too eat out at restaurants and me being me I had a lot of brittle wafers with cream milk and sometimes different flavors. There were a few days in a row where I would eat at least 10 of them and they were very very sweet.

We were back before October 2014 and at the time I was moving out of my family home to a new town to start a business. With me moving out my eating habits changed and what I would eat changed as it wasn't easy living by myself. I would eat a lot of microwave foods and also continued eating sugary products. Soon came October and I started having these weird sounds coming from my stomach and intestines. I would get stomach noises before when I was hungry but this was different, it made me feel like something was wrong, I would have eaten something and I'd still have these noises. Soon I started having lower left abdominal pain and couldn't help but think it was some sort of an infection, bacteria, or a virus. I even thought that it might be yeast or candida after reading some stuff on the Internet. My doctor said they would do some tests and they did, I had a blood and a stool test and both came out clean.

The pain was getting worse, the noises too, I had all sorts of problems but that's too much to talk about here. A different doctor told my that I have IBS but I wasn't happy with that because I've never had IBS in over 20 years so it didn't seem like this was the case. Soon I started using amphetamines as they seemed to help and they would also take the pain away. I was disappointed with the doctors as I wanted them to give me antibiotics just to be sure but they refused. Problems persisted and eventually I had an abdominal ultrasound which came clear and nothing was found.

In the past few years I've had quite a few appointments, I've had blood and stool tests and they all came out fine even though my stools stopped forming properly for some reason. I was told that I needed more fiber in my diet so I did try but this didn't help at all. I've never really had much fiber in my diet before the problems started and I had normal stools.

My problems dragged on for months and my mental state became a mess, the amphetamines didn't help but without them I was desperate for some kind of a solution, with them I was feeling a little bit better but I still couldn't focus, concentrate or do anything productive. Eventually I had to throw the amphetamines out as they drained my body and made me worse. The abdominal or intestinal issue drove me nuts and I think it was the major thing that had an impact on my mental health. Without this problem I wouldn't have gotten myself into amphetamine which in the long run did not help.

It is now 2019 and I think the original problem might have cured itself but new ones arose and I am desperate to heal my body as I've been literally useless those past 4 years. My life has been ruined and I don't see any future for myself. I've completely stopped socializing and I just try to get through the day because I never feel like doing anything as I don't feel good or even right like I used to before the problems started.

In the past year I have started experiencing an additional problem which now makes me feel hopeless. Somewhere last year or the year just before that they found some white blood cells or something in my blood and they wanted to do a lumbar puncture. I wanted an MRI for my head because of something that happened due to the amphetamine and they also said they would do a lumbar puncture. I did not want the lumbar puncture but on the day of the MRI they did it anyway because I allowed them to convince me and now I regret this. The idiot doctor poked the needle into a nerve and my whole leg shot up in the air, very unpleasant feeling and it happened more than once. Later on the MRI and the lumbar puncture came out as clear, nothing was found. A few weeks later I was back on amphetamine for some reason and this time at work I had to carry a large stone tile with another person. It was very heavy and stupid me forgot to crouch on my knees and instead bent my back to pick it up and carry it for about 5 minutes. I didn't feel no pain until a few days later probably because of the stimulating effect of amphetamine where I knew I screwed up my back with that stone tile as I could feel this compressed spine like feeling. Few months went by and I don't remember feeling any of it. Now almost if not over a year later today I have been having back problems. I get lower back pain, that feeling of a compressed spine is sometimes there but when I touch the spine I can't really feel anything yet sometimes when I sit and move about I can feel like it's compressed or something like that. I've also experienced pain from the lumbar puncture area just recently, it felt like they poked the needle there only a week or two ago but this too has gone at least for now.

I get these weird vibrations. It starts in tummy or maybe around the bladder and within seconds I feel it in the anus. It's like an electrical current that travels from one side to the other. It's very weird and makes me think that it has something to do with a virus, infection or some kind of bacteria. Or sometimes I can feel like there's a vibration in my anus and then it goes up into my stomach.

Another possibility that I was considering is that after all of that amphetamine use the original problem probably went away and a new one formed. I used to have problems with the lower left abdominal side but this doesn't seem to be the issue these days although it does happen occasionally. I think that now pain from the left loin is more common and I am worried that it might be to do with the muscles that are there. In fact I am worried that the amphetamine destroyed my lower left back muscles and now it feels like they can't stretch like they used to, I don't know, I am desperate for some kind of a solution to my health problems and can't help but feel like it would be much easier if I had like 10 grand and went to private doctors.

Generally speaking I feel like the doctors never treated me properly, they didn't ever seem to listen or want to discuss anything, they just had their own ideas and made their own decisions. No real consultation ever happened. It's like they're computers with specific tasks and if something doesn't fit in they just slap a label on it like IBS rather than trying to locate the root of the problem.

I no longer know what to do, I had another ultrasound done today for my kidneys and my bladder and this came out fine as well. I suspect that I have muscle or nerve problems. I forgot to mention that in 2015 I ended up with a very numb left pinky finger for a few weeks if not a month or two and this was because of using amphetamine and playing computer games where one keyboard button was constantly smashed with the pinky finger.

My life has gone down the drain in those last 4 years, I now suffer with lower back pain that comes and goes but it feels like it's always there, some kind of a pain around my left kidney around the back (possibly a muscle pain, it kind of feels like something is rotten numb or swollen or like it shouldn't be there), sometimes lower left abdominal problems or intestinal, and these vibrations that come and go. I literally have no hope left, I would jump of a bridge if I could as I don't feel like I will ever be healthy again but I'm not brave enough.

Anyone got any ideas? Thank you.

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    Hi Matthew,

    I am sorry to hear you have been going through so much.

    I am still quite new to forums, so apologies if i am of no help.

    I do have some of symptoms, mine a mainly on the right hand side. Just had an ultra sound and was told I have a 2mm to 2.5mm Polyp on my Gallbladder. Waiting for contact from a specialist now.

    I just wondering if you have had a colonoscopy ?

    Also, my GP told me I most likely have IBS so i read alot in to it, back problems (lower) are a common complaint of IBS suffers.

    Also, I guessing stress could be adding to your symptoms? Not that I am disregarding what you are going through, but maybe a link to some of your problems which may ease your mind a little?

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      No, I haven't had a colonoscopy and might need to look into it although not very keen on it. I don't like the concept of IBS because it's not very scientific and feels more like a group all term for intestinal problems that can't be diagnosed.

      I no longer know what to do with myself. I was hungry not too long ago so I had some chicken and even though I ate I was still hungry like my stomach wanted more. It would then start making noises like it's digesting food but with vibrations and mainly around the center of the tummy, around the bladder and on the left side, never on the right. Maybe these noises are muscle spasms because I don't move around a lot and the food needs to get carried around in the intestines, I don't really know, it's weird.

      Thanks for chiming in and I hope those polyps are nothing serious.

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      And just now I felt like I had to empty my bowel so went to the toilet. Seems like a classical stomach bug example to me.

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      Hey Matthew,

      As much as I am stressing myself and should take my own advice, I have read somewhere that are body reacts in certain ways to different situations. Like fight or flight. If you are like me, I worry about everything anyway, maybe try some stomach relaxation techniques and see if it helps. Like rubbing your hands together for 30 seconds and the rubbing your stomach in clock wise positions.

      Try some breathing exercises and maybe some mediation.

      I hope so to, waiting for letter from the specialist, they tend to me common, and only thing that keeping me going is that its very small.

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    Has anyone ever told you to change your diet? Suggest you consult a registered dietition or nutritionist who can work up a daily meal plan for you.

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    Your doctor may well be right that you have IBS. IBS doesn't show on any scans because it is a functional problem with the bowel rather than a problem with th structure of the colon. IBS is not just a label, it is a very real condition which can cause a lot of anxiety due to the symptoms. It is common to doubt your doctor when IBS is suggested. I had trouble accepting my doctor mentioning IBS because it seemed too simple. I have lower back pain with IBS and I have also had a twitching sensation during flare ups. Try a food diary to see if a particular food is the problem and try to avoid processed foods and cook from fresh. The medications you have been taking may also have caused irritation too. You may also have neuralgia after the lumbar puncture. I had a botched blood test which has left me with constant tingling, numbness and pain and it feels that the blood test has only just been done or that I am constantly being poked with a needle.

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    I don't think it's got anything to do with IBS. The pain is coming from the left side and it feels like it starts around the kidney area. Is it possible that the ultrasound didn't show anything but there still may be an infection? This issue is killing me not to mention I worry about my back a lot and none of this is any good for my mental health. I've also had a lot of small spots pop up on the left side and on the right side that only make me think that the body is having issues eliminating toxins or something otherwise where would the spots come from and on both sides? They don't look like they're random, it would seem more so than not that they're connected to the pain that I am experiencing.

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    Yes, in my opinion it is definitely possible to have something that Doesn't show up on an ultrasound. You know your body better than anyone because you have been living in it the longest. You know what is normal and what is not normal. When something doesn't feel right it means that your body is not in homeostasis. THere is either an infection or a change in internal environment or some other problem that, as of yet, remains undiagnosed. I get the same weird zaps and gurgling and awful loud noises. Mine is on the left hand side too. NEVER give up and NEVER settle for medical answers that you know are not correct. You can trust your intuition to be more accurate than any MD assessment ever will. After all, you are the one most invested in fixing the problem because you are the one who has to live in that body. The MD's only hear 15 minutes or more of the story and they are only interested in tests and what the tests show. They are generally not capable of analyzing the results of the tests and of critically thinking about what could possibly cause the condition. It is imperative that you do not give up. You will get help. You are still young and there is hope still. Please contact me.

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    Lower left sided pain is very connected to IBS because the intestines are located there. The vibrations you are feeling could be bowel spsams. The way I experienced this was a twitching sensation in my abdomen. Mu pain moved about a lot and I had several different types of pain. It can feel like kidney pain. I thought I had a kidney infection because my symptoms matched what google said. This turned out not to be the case.Have you had your kidneys examined and have you had a urine test?

    Scan s are accurate and in general do not miss things. My brother, who is a surgeon told me when I was worrying about my abdominal pain and doubting my negative tests, that nasty conditions do show up early on scans. I found this explanation a great comfort to me because I too had reached the point of despair. It is common to think something has been missed or you are getting misdiagnosed if nothing is showing on tests. I went through this too. However, if nothing is showing on tests, this is good news for you.The spots could be a reaction to a food you eating so try a food diary.

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    Skin irruptions can also be a sign of stress; I have had this as well.

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