Lower Left stomach pain

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First of all I would like to say I am new here, but love all of the information.

About  three weeks ago I had a case of I believe constipation, I was able to go but I still felt full. Since then I have had the same feeling in the lower left quadrant. It gets no better or worse depending on what I eat, it is just a constant dull ache I would say around a 1.5/2 on a 1 to 10 scale. I took some laxatives over the weekend to see if that may have been the problem, today and the last two when I get up in the morning my stomach hurts worse, almost cramping but settles back to where it has been for the last three weeks after a trip to the bathroom. I have done all kinds of research but nothing really fits. 

I have no visible blood in the stool

I have only been nauseous one day 

I eat spicy food with no ill effects

My weight has fluctuated up and down a couple of pounds

I have been belching a lot especially in the mornings and passing gas that is sometimes pretty bad.

I do have IBS but it's not like this.

I was thinking it may be H Pylori, but really don't know. I am going to the doctor on Wednesday and ready to find out.

Anyone with any input?


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    It’s possible you hv a kink in your sigmoid colon.  They are common. And the pain you experience when your bowel tries to move fits, as well as the smell. Colon hydrotherapy and visceral massage may help.
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    I would be interested to hear the outcome of this

    I've had a lower left quadrant "ache" that varies between a 1 and a 3 out of 10 (depending how long its been since I've had a BM). Doesn't seem to make any difference whatever I eat/drink..its just.."there" 

    It also started from quite a bad bout of constipation which involved a lot of straining, I didn't know if I'd damaged anything down there (considered I provoked some sort of diverticular disease because I am probably a poster boy in doing everything in my life that brings on diverticular - barely moving, low fibre etc) 

    I'd say I still "kind of" suffer from constipation 10 weeks later. In the sense that occasionally I have pellet type stools. however other times I have normal/large movements and I'm going every day so its a bit odd. I've changed my diet and now eat more fibre for my breakfast than I used to in a full day  but occasionally it feels like theres still no movement, only for a couple of hours later to have quite an easy BM

    I also haven't noticed any blood, I seem to have worse gas over night/in the morning too. 

    It's just...annoying? I can feel it all the time and it bothers me, but it bothers me more because I don't know what it is..not because its exactly painful.

    I'm booked to see a specialist but not till the end of may, I'd be curious if your doctor is more useful than mine who just shrugged at me and suggested paracetamol if it was diverticular then proceeded to have a lengthy chat with me about bowel cancer even though he said it was unlikely!

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      I am seeing my GP tomorrow afternoon so I'll be sure and post what he has to say on Thursday. I totally agree with you that it is bothersome only in the fact of not knowing......

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    You are describing classic IBS symptoms which were very similar to what my IBS was like when it first started.  IBS can change its usual pattern especially if you feel anxious or stressed.  My symptoms fluctuated in the same way as yours.   My pain started very intense and deep grinding for two weeks every day. Then, the pain reduced down to a mild ache and changed in type to sharp, stabbing or sore to touch.  Do not worry!
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      I have been diagnosed with IBS several years ago, this is a different feeling from the IBS I am used to, but I guess it could change over time.
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      My IBS has changed too in the three years I had it.  It doesn't always stick to a pattern. As long as you don't develop any red flag symptoms, I wouldn't worry.

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      What are the "red flag" symptoms? If this is just a different IBS feeling I can work with that, it's the not knowing that is getting to me. Glad I have an appointment tomorrow.

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      I know what you mean

      my ache is...different to the IBS pains I've had in the past too (and pains I'm getting elsewhere at the moment) so it makes you think it must be something else!

      I'm guessing "red flag symptoms" are bleeding and probably weight loss (although when your losing weight intentionally by dieting it doesn't half make things tricky) My doctor reeled a few things off and almost seemed disappointed that I said no to them all! 

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      Typical red flags would be bleeding dark blood and having tarry stools, unintended rapid weight loss, anaemia and extreme fatigue.  Hope your appointment goes well.
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    IBS pain can move about your abdomen.  But some people experience it on the left side where your intestines are located.
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      True it is, however after living with IBS for years, I am pretty convinced this is not the case, if it is it is different than anything I have ever experienced.
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      IBS can be like this and throw surprises at you  When IBS changes tac. it can convince you that it is something else.

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