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I am 27 years old and have been suffering with the most painful bouts of sore throat for 4 years. The first 2 years my throat would flare up every 3 months. The only thing that would stop it were antibiotics. Now my symptoms flare up every 6 months I am not sure why the time has prolonged but still the only thing that gets rid of this is antibiotics.

Like many LPR sufferers on here I was referred to ENT, Endocrine, Allergists and Autoimmune specialists who all said my results were normal. I was tested for thyroid which came back fine although they did find nodules on my thyroid which I was told are normal in young women.

I have taken steroid nose sprays for post nasal drip, Omeprazole, Stronger dose antihestimines. Nothing works except antibiotics.

Reading symptoms of LPR sufferers and they all sound too familiar. I suffer from IBS and in the past year when I get a sore throat I also get heartburn/chest pains. My main questions are:

Do antibiotics help clear LPR sufferers symptoms? 

Does having LPR mean you could have a digestive/stomach problem? I have not seen a gastro doctor yet could any LPR sufferers advise? or any LPR sufferers also suffer from IBS?

Do LPR symptoms include flu like symptoms? I constantly have phlegm/lump in my throat but when it gets really bad I have a congested head and am blowing my nose all day. I look like I have the flu but can feel an acid reflux pain in my chest/throat.

Also sufferers havent mentioned much about fatigue? When it flares up I can sleep for 18 hours straight and had one episode where I couldnt leave my bed for 4 days.

I am so happy to feel like I may be starting to understand my problem after 4 years of suffering!!!! Thank you so much for reading this and any advice/help you can give me would be much appreciated smile Thank you


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    Hi, I'm still mid diagnosis but provisionally told I have acid reflux/LPR. I'm on a high dose of lansoprazole at the moment which seems to help a bit but not completely. Like you I get really bad sore throat. I also get completely congested. Blocked ears (sometimes earache), blocked nose and general flu like symptoms. I just recently had a gum infection from a dodgy wisdom tooth and funnily enough after taking antibiotics my throat seemed to clear up for almost a week before it came back. Before that I can't remember the last time it was good for a whole week. Also, I get really bad fatigue. When I'm having a good day I don't tend to feel tired but when I'm having a bad day I feel like I can't keep my eyes open. I hope you find some answers and get some relief. My next appointment isn't until a couple of weeks so we'll see where I go from there! Xx

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      If you are in the diagnosis of acid reflux or LPR do you ever have a funny taste in your mouth like a tin can or find your gum lines are stinging? I know that when I have this phlegm in my mouth I feel my gum line stinging and it might be the acid that is eating our teeth because it will take the enamel off it just makes sense that is why it is not good to have this untreated too long because it will eventually rot our teeth. I wonder if that is why the antibiotics worked. I I was told I might have GERD. My GI did an endoscopy and said I did not have her because I do not have acid reflux but that is not true . I was referred to a speech therapist and she said you can have Gerd without heartburn. It is called Silent GERD. LPR is when you don't have acid but you have bile and other enzymes that can wreak havoc with your throat and voice box. My endoscopy showed my voice box was fine but the beginning opening of the esophagus was close so much and so he stretched it open. I cough all the time have a sore throat and my head is congested my ears have problems and I'm exhausted. I'll post my results when I find out what's wrong with me and when you find out what's wrong with you maybe we could all help each other that would be awesome.

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      Anti biotics are really all that works but when i was getting flare ups every 2-3 months i took 7 doses of antibiotics that year and I dont think that is normal or even safe!!!!

      funny you should mention gum disease my dentist has commented on redness around my gums and asked if I suffered from acid reflux but at that time I had no toothache or heartburn symptoms and was told by my doctor that my sore throat was a symptom of chronic tonisilitis I had as a child (I no longer have tonsils!!!)

      I hope you get diagnosed soon and please keep me posted on the findings smile


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      Also I have been reading alot of things on diet. I consume alot of tomato based products and am partial to some chocolate lol! I have read these 2 things contribute to LPR otherwise I would say my diet is quite healthy. I dont eat fried foods often (apparently also another trigger) was wondering if either of you found that certain types of food make your condition worse? Thanks smile x

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    I don't know if you received this however when you find out what's wrong with you please let me know because I have almost all of your symptoms and they are still trying to find out if I have LPR or silent gerd or what is wrong with me I don't know but sometimes I even cough up mucus in my mouth in fact I'm always coughing except when I sleep and I don't have heartburn which is weird but I don't know what is wrong with me and I have sinus problems myself and I do sleep when it gets bad if fact I am in a wheelchair and I am falling asleep at my wheelchair and it is really dangerous I have never found myself sleeping so much except when this stuff is really bad and it's really bad almost all the time. This is their first Forum I have ever read anybody mention getting so exhausted and tired from something that might be related 2 a disorder such as you have mentioned. I also have IBS who knows maybe it's all related and maybe stress impacts the whole thing and that is why we are such a mess but when someone has something to say about this that would be awesome and if I find out what's wrong with me I will post my results to you and definitely follow through and get an endoscopy and you may need to get a swallow study done also I am getting mine done next week.

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      I will do for sure smile

      Also I do get a weird taste in my mouth but it is more citrus like I have just eaten a lemon or lime. Abit bitter/sour.

      I have mucus all the time even when my throat isnt actually sore just feels lumpy. i have alot of clear and green phlegm. I had all the congestion at the beginning now 4 years in the heartburn has started with the congestion.

      I had a swallow study when I was referred to ENT about 2 years ago. They made me drink a solution whilst they watched me swallow via xray and it was all perfectly normal. I hope your test goes well and that they find something. Please keep me posted as I will do too. I think my next option is to try and see someone gastro as it is starting to feel more like a stomach related issue this time especially I am having cramping and gas sad not nice at all!


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