LPR/Silent Reflux - desperately in need of a miracle. Has anyone recovered from this?

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Hi - I'll be as brief as possible. For almost a year I have had symptoms which have worsened, starting with throat clearing and progressing to regular spiting out of white, frothy stuff, post nasal drip, lump in throat or sharp sensation, streaming or blocked nose and hoarseness. These are all unpleasant and irritating but because I talk for a living my work is becoming badly affected so it is now making me depressed and anxious as well. I was referred to ENT, had the camera up the nose and down the throat to rule out anything sinister and was given Omeprazole and Gaviscon Advance. No advice, no explanation. I had to find it all out myself. (and I'm not confident/assertive with docs, either).

The drugs haven't helped, I'd go so far as to say the reflux significantly worsened. I had faith in the Gaviscon Advance having read how it works but that hasn't made any difference either. I have monitored everything I eat and drink and can't find anything that triggers it with the possible exception of bread, and I may be grasping at straws there. Certainly coffee, alcohol, spicy food etc don't trigger it and ginger, acidophillus, apple cider vinegar don't help. It does seem to be cyclical - I'll have a week or so of decreased symptoms then it gradally works up again to two or 3 weeks of hell. No heartburn, and the reflux is almost always upright, no problems sleeping...just the other 17 hours a day! The ENT was brusque on my return visit and said that, aside from speech therapy, there was nothing more he could do for me. This can't go on, though. At it's worst it makes me tearful and desperate at work and speech therapy isn't going to stop me spitting up into a whole toilet roll each day, or reduce the other symptoms. I'm also worried my teeth will rot and I fear for my job. Has anyone experienced this with the same pattern/lack of triggers etc? I would love to hear any positive experiences that don't just repeat the same old same old, ie, raise the bed 6 inches, dos and donts with food etc.

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    I stated suffering with this condition during my pregnancy and I was told it was going to stop once I had delivered the baby. My baby turned 2 on 23 February and I am still suffering. I have been on Lansoprazole, ranitidine and gaviscone. None of these have worked. I had a nasal spray which did not work. I have had thyroid tests, chest xrays, liver function tests you name it. When I last saw the ENT he told me it was a difficult condition to treat I may have to get used to living with it and my heart sank. I have one more specialist to see who is going to put a camera into my stomach I am waiting for the appointment. In the mean time I have been asked to stop all medication and I spend the day spitting mucus. I will inform you if anything useful happens but it seems there is quite a lot of us suffering from this condition. I also stopped taking dairy products that seemed to reduce the mucus. It seems that we really do need a miracle.
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      Dear Mandi4: 

       I am not sure if you are still active here. your post resonates with me almost 100%. I am currently expecting and has started to suffer from this condition during pregnancy as well. normally I never had any issue with my digestion. everyone says it will go away during pregnancy, but hearing your experience, I am skeptical. my pregnancy has been more difficult than anyone I know aorund me.  the constant nausea/spittng/mucus clearing has been really tough on me.  I read you said you become very depressed, and as have I. I have to stop all my activities including writing/reading(nausea makes it hard to concentrate)/exercising.   I walk around with a spit cup constantly, and also wake up multiple times a night to clear throat.  It wears me off and energy wise it is also very debilitating. 

      I would love to hear if you have eventually gotten rid of this problem. soemtimes I feel maybe I am being a baby, nausea/acid reflux a lot of people have, they don't seem to be debilitate by it. but I really feel I couldn't do anything that remotely uses my brain except maybe for an hour or two after I just wake up when the acid reflux and nausea is the slightest.  If I wasn't pregnant I would definitely eat less, but as it is, I still have to eat regularly and multiple meals, and avoiding everything I know that is not good. still even at its minimum, I can hardly say I feel myself. 

      I would like to hear your update and give me some guidance and hope.  thank you.   

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      Are you sure you don't have hyperemisis gravidarum. It was undiagnosed in my pregnancy and only stopped the second the baby was delivered. It's what princess Kate had....but hers was diagnosed and treated which means it can be !

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      Hi Cecilia. I just read what you're going through with your pregnancy and felt so bad for you. What you've described is exactly how my pregnancies go. It's the most miserable experience and I swear no one understands it unless they've had the exact symptoms. This might sound nuts but this is the only thing that helped me. Acupuncture. I didn't believe in it until I did it. My acupuncturist used to put these pressure points behind my ear and I could squeeze it when I felt sick. It gave me relief. You will also need to start drinking water that's more alkaline. Start researching this so you understand the different ph levels with each brand of water. I purchased all my water at Sprouts. It got expensive but it worked!! Stay away from sugar....it makes you sicker. Avoid red based foods, onions, spicy, carbonated.....all the basics I'm sure you know about. I ate things like pancakes, potatoes, eggs, vegetable soups, turkey. But seriously....the acupuncture and the water are what saved me!! At the end of the pregnancy I coughed so much I did nothing but pee 24/7 and my ribs hurt. But after I gave birth.....cough stopped and life went back to normal. It's 3 years later and I'm spitting in towels again.....but my diet has been awful with the holidays. Hang in there!!

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      Hi Cecilia,

      I was just diagnosed with silent reflux from an allergist. He told me to stay away from certain foods. I did and then slowly added them back. I have to say the drink that makes me cough the most and hardest are dark sodas like pepsi and coke. 

      I was sick for 2 weeks with this and remembered I drank a lot of pop. I have been better and then had a pepsi today and now I am coughing to the point of dry heaves and my throat hurts.

      I wish you good luck in finding out what causes yours so you can avoid it. 


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