Lump on my skin after scratching acne many times

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It has been like 2 months or so. I had an acne or dried skin of some sort I don't remember correctly but that was present under my beard so I scratched it and its started bleeding like crazy and i did scratch that area many times and it bleeds a lot. The reason which i can think off is probably because I have a vein or something under that area, I can say this because it do feel pumping of blood when i touch that area or the surroundings.

So, after scratching it formed a hump and i did scratch it again just to get rid of it. I thought that it would create a plane or slightly elevated dried skin over it but instead that made a hump every time andimage I did repeat it many times and eventually left it to heal by itself. But after like 2 months it has still not healed. It's definitely a bit smaller than the initial days but now it seems like it has stopped shrinking down. I'm become nervous every time I think about it.

Can someone please suggest me something.

That whitish part is some leftovers from cream I use over the lump to heal it.

Thank you.

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    Rahul it looks like an haemangioma. Its not dangerous and if you leave it alone it may gradually go away on its own. Yes, they do bleed like mad if they are scratched and they can be itchy but usually need no treatment . If it continues to grow and is becoming annoying or unsightly or very itchy it can be removed but not by yourself...dont even try it. See a dermatologist or if you are in UK, see your doctor

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      Thank you for the reply. Really appreciate it.

      It has been like 2 months but it didn't seem to recover on it's own. Are you sure about haemangioma though, as it does look like haemangioma but I read on google that haemangioma is a "birth mark" but in my case it isn't, it appeared after I scratched that area and it started bleeding and formed this mess.

      I do not have any issue with waiting for it to get it healed by itself, but do you have any idea about how much time it takes in such cases, is my case too long?

      And it doesn't seem to grow, it has retained it's size for quite a while now.

      Is there any ointment I can use over it, as it's becoming quite difficult to visit the doctor due to some issues.

      Thank you again for your reply 😃

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    Birthmarks can be haemangiomas but not all haemangiomas are birthmarks ie they can appear at any time. Sometimes they do heal on their own but there is no guarantee that it will. No there is no ointment you can use and please dont try anything to get rid of it as that could cause all sorts of problems. Just keep it clean and dont pick at it. As I said in an earlier post see your doctor if it is annoying and you want it removed.

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      Oh, okay. Thanks. I'll wait a couple of months and then will visit a doctor if it still didn't change. I used an ointment with "Mupirocin IP 2% w/w" and sometimes another with "Betamethasone (0.1% w/w)" and" Clioquinol (Iodochlorhydroxyquin) (3% w/w)" so I guess I should discontinue using it as you said.

      Thank you for the reply and guidance 😃

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      You have 2 anti bacterial medications there which wont do anything. The Betamethasone is a steroid which may help a little, but it shouldnt be used more than 2 weeks. Good luck.

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      Oh, I already used it for 2 weeks once every night, I guess I should stop using it right?

      Or do you mean that I should give a gap of 2 weeks after applying it once?


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      If you have already used it for 2 weeks every night, then stop using it.

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      Okay, thank you for the suggestions, I'll leave it for few months and then update if I see some difference.

      Thank you.

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