Lumps with Fibro?? help!

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Ive recently been diagnosed with fibro and have been coming to terms with things, have started amitriptaline which seems to be helping with the fatigue but yesterday i felt a large hard lump on my jawline near my ear. It hasnt been painful and isnt sore to touch just very hard and im scared its a tumor !! I also have health anxiety. Has anyone else had relevant experiences or advice? ive had swollen lymph nodes before but it doesnt feel the same sad

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    hi holly - I am not a dr so my first thought is you need to have it checked out if its still there in a few days. if only to put your mind at rest. Stress makes Fibro worse.

    saying that - yes I do get hard lumps/swollen lymph nodes, its usually means in my case a flare up is about to happen. Its starts with blisters on the roof of my mouth, then a lump behind my ear, then swollen lymph nodes, pains in muscles/joints and extreme fatique.

    You say that you have recently been diagnosed with fibro, is your journey the same as most, a set of symthoms that could be lots of different illness and when the run out of possiblites they say its Fibro or CFS ?

    So glad you are finding some relief with amitriptaline I couldn't take it didn't agree with me - my fibro (or now could be Sjorgens syndrome) has made me more sensitive to drugs - tried pregablin, gabapentin suppose it is trial and error finding the right drugs.

    I don't know if there is a Fibro group in your area (mine is Halton Fibroymalgia Support Group)- sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is going thru the same thing as you. To the outside world you probably look well just like me, but most people don't know how you feel.

    Have you ever heard of the "spoon theory" google it and let me know what you think.

    take care - sue

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      Hi sue, yes, in May last year I started getting virus like symptoms that just never went away, headaches everyday, muscles aching, ibs, fatigue, swollen glands etc. after a million blood tests and theories I got anxiety from worrying what was wrong with me and got referred to a rhumatoligist who diagnosed me with fibro in December. My anxiety has got better but whenever I get a new symptom I freak out, this is particularly scary because of this hard lump. Thanks
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      hi holly I sent a reply 13 mins ago because I am new to this forum I didn't that if you put a link to an external web page it goes to the moderator so you will prob get it tom. I will get the hang of it and work out how to send p.m.


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    hi holly - 1 am eh - another symptom not being able to sleep either.

    I became ill 10 years ago, until I was 49 I was healthy had a job I loved, went to the gym 3 times a week, looked after my family all the things women do then after a personal shock WHAM - 6 months of virus that wouldn't go away - then every year somthing new, consultant after consultant eventually Fibro/CFS (now could be Sjorgens Syndrome)

    But you know I have come to the conclusion whatever Dr's want to call it we have got what we have got (took me along time to get to that) we have to live with it on a daily basis.

    You don't say if you have family who understand? It's hard for them too - I went from this person who looked the same on the outside who looked after them to needing to be looked after. I lost friends - don't blame them really I have to cancel so many outings last minute.

    Anyway I need to rest now - please Google The Spoon Theory - But You Don't Look Sick It helped me -( pm me if you want to chat) sue

     Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the link with a suggested Google search term rather than a direct link.

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    Soooo good you got diagnosed...I was diagnosed with Sorgrens Syndrome first as I was all swollen on one side of  my neck/face.,,was hard too.....but when I had a ct scan they found nothing,,which was good to hear...such a worry when you don't wonder we get anxiety..that was well over 20years ago now them the Fibro diagnoses 3 yrs after that..probably had Fibro for years before the diagnoses like most of us.., the meds your on is the only scrip med I take ., non script paracetamol. Lots of vit d3 and magnesium..double the recommended dose-.just.great...Great results for my FibroI take the Amithriptlyne at night, I get a good pain free-almost sleep, then I can cope with anything the next everyone else says..always check with your doc issues go into a remission then come back with flare ups like everyone...keep will really be helped...much empathy on blessed..:-) Australia
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    could be anything hun could be a cyst , a boil ,all manner of things stop stressing and find out via the doctor i am not much for doctors but they are the only ones that can tell you what this is.

    other wise your send yourself insane stressing about all kinds of horrors.

    get your self a self hypnoses cd for anixety and do it daily this helps to reduce anixety which will help allround

    ,it may take a while for you to be able to do it, this will show you just how stressed you are and if you keep trying your feel better and you will notice that your finding it easier to do ,so hence your more relaxed ,this will also help with other fibro symptoms razzso its win win .

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    Hi hollymay

    I had one on by my nose which goes then returns and one my left hand which i had removed. It wasn't cancerous just a cyst but you do need to get it checked by your doctor.

    hope all goes well for you


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