Lupus or Herpes help?!?

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So first let me tell you I have been having sex with my ex for 4 months(we broke up in the first month and just had sex for 3 months). We were only having sex with each other until one night he got a ride home from a girl and she guilt trapped him into giving him a b*****b. (idk if its true but she keep saying oh I wish I was with you and what not. But really who can get guilt trapped into getting a b*****b.) 

That was two weeks before we had sex again he never told me because he lacks medical knowledge. He didn't know you can pass STDS through oral. (He grew up in a small town so lack of or no sex education.) We also made it clear to each other that we are not exclusive. 

Ok so then I had to get my wisdom tooth removed on Oct 19. Took antibitiocs thought I was having the worse yeast infection of my life. So I go to the store and get the cream. The cream burned like the rays of a thousand suns.  I've never experienced that before.  But I have had UTIs that felt like yeast infections so I took cranberry juice and cranberry supplements. Didn't work possible made it worse. I've had experiences when I took too many supplements and it hurts to pee. Not to mention I have to take hydroxychloroquine for my lupus, and I took multivitamins.

My vagina is burning the whole time. I go to the doctor she test my urine and swabbed me for the 3 even though I was on my period. All test came back negative. I ask her do you think its herpes she said no. She also told me that not all bacteria can appear on this exams. She more worried that it's my lupus. And that the antibiotics did something to me.

I also go to the hematology because I have lupus and they always test me for HIV, herpes, syphillis, and other blood diseases. So I know if I do have herpes it will be from my ex because I have to go every 4 months. 

So here are my symptoms that I have been experiencing. 

1) So let me start off with the sores part I'm black and I do shave down there so I have a lot of ingrown hairs. They do turn yellow (I know its gross) Ive had this problem since I started to shave when I was maybe 13 so I cant really tell if their herpes bumps, me itching them, or the hair growing back inward, there was one little white bump that looked more like a blocked gland it didn't hurt or itch. Plus the doctor saw it so she didn't really say anything about it. No sores in my vagina or my butt

2. The itching only occured during antibiotics3. it burns when I pee, my vagina used to burn but it went away once I took this yeast infection pill the doctor gave me(but before I took it my doctor tested me and it came out negative), It feels like someone is still on my bladder, I cant sit for too long or it hurts. It also hurts to pee.

4. I had pain during sex with my ex like 2 weeks ago. Period started on the 20th then stopped on the 24. (I'm doing something medical related so I know stopping antibiotics is bad but I stopped.  I couldn't take the pain down there anymore. I thought it might be BV so I called my ob and she phoned in a perciption. Nov 2 my period started again nov 4th.)

5. My period came early. However, my doctor thinks the antibiotics messed with my birth control.  

6. Idk if this is related but I have constant diarrhea at first I thought it was because of my period. I've had problems with birth control in the past where it made me periods longer and I would get cramps. Before I started birth control I never had cramps and my periods were always light.  During my period I would go to the bathroom 20 times a day I swear. The constant need to poop has gone down but my poop is sometimes gray and slimy/liquidy. 

7. I feel tingles around my vagina. Sometimes in my vagina. However, I think the stress of me thinking I have herpes is causing me to have lupus outbreak. I can't tell if it's lupus related or herpes related. Plus these tingles are happening throughout my whole body. Getting red spots on my legs which I have had in the past due to an outbreak. It was really bad yesterday my lupus.

 8. My pelvis hurts sometimes.  

Basically, I just want to hear from anyone in herpes, or lupus community and tell me what their problems were. Or is this a side of affect of me taking too many antibiotics. 

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    The thing you need to do is get yourself an urgent appointment with a health professional. I am not medically trained, just a fellow Lupy!  I know severe thrush can give the symptoms you have both orally and vaginally, and antibiotics can just make that worse rather than curing you. You need to get a diagnosis as soon as possible and refrain from any sexual activity until you know exactly what it is.  Hope you get this sorted out.
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    I am so sorry to hear all that darling but I don't think this is something dealing with Lupus. Me having lupus and going through a lot this is something I have never experienced. This sound like he may have given you some type of STD. Please stay on top of this because it sounds very serious and do not have any more sexual activities with him. I hope you feel better and please keep us updated on how this goes for you.

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    Thank you for the responses! I have don't worry. And I went to the med clinic. The doctor looked at me like I was crazy and believes I have a UTI. Even though I told him it came out negative. He ultimately believes my other doctor when she told it me it's most likely lupus related. He said that my lupus might be giving me interstitial cystitis. He believes with my medical history that there is no way I would be asymptomatic that I would at least have one sore. So that gives me some hope I guess. But at the same time, it doesn't. Both are not curable... I will post here when I get the results incase someone else has this same problems.

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      Let's just hope you get it fixed as it sounds like you're in agony. I've had huge ulcers in my mouth with my lupus, but nothing like the symptoms you described. Any illness unfortunately can bring on a lupus flare so you could be getting a double whammy so to speak. I got a very bad ear infection which caused my last flare. Look after yourself and get plenty of rest. x

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      My primary doctor thinks the antibiotics caused me to have a flare-up. She told me sometimes antibiotics react badly in people with autoimmune disorders. But after hearing that my ex received a b*****b from a girl... I assumed herpes (like an idiot). And I kept reading all of this herpes forms online and stressed my self out. And that little white thing was either toilet paper or me pushing the stuff out of my labia when you stretch it too far out. I honestly starting to think it was toilet paper though cause it didn't hurt or felt attached to me when I scraped it with my nail.  I basically stressed myself out so bad that I caused myself to have an outbreak. Hopefully, though this is not internal cystitis. 

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    Like I said I was going to report what happened

    No STDS I'm clean....  However, my bladder still hurts. So I guess the whole interstitial cystitis thing is a possibility. However, I've been reading online about yeast in the bladder. I assume that extreme itching I had during the antibiotics was yeast. What if it got into my bladder and that's why it's not showing up on the urine test. I have an appointment with my rheumatology doctor on Tue and then I'm seeing a Urologist next week. I am demanding that I get a whole culture done of my urine. My main doctor and the med clinic said that their test doesn't include all urinary infections if that makes sense. Stress was obviously a major part of why my legs and feet were hurting. During my outbreaks, I get a lot of spots and bumps on my legs. Which is normal for me. I also felt like I was getting attacked on my arms, butt, and face (which is new). Which resulted in some bumps on there as well. I basically stressed my self out into a lupus outbreak. Didn't realize that was possible. But I don't even think school stressed me out as much as I stressed myself out this whole two weeks. But like hey you never know so I went anyways. Once the doctor at the med clinic told me I would never be one of those asymptomatic people with herpes I was a little relieved. I told him about the little white thing (which was painless and when I scraped my nail under it came right off) he said I was probably checking myself so much that the stuff in my labia was being pushed out like acne on my face. That or toilet paper. 


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