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  • clair17 2

    Lupus or something else ? How to get a diagnosis with auto immune ?

    I have been seeing a neurologist, gastroenterologist and Rhumotologist for three years now and was referred to the lupus centre as it seemed to be heading to a diagnosis. Bloods came back inconclusive so I'm back to square one. How long did it take to get a diagnosis with auto immune conditions ? I

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  • Cloch47 3
  • rob26826 2

    Drug Induced Lupus Anyone?

    Hi All, I just had a severe shingles outbreak and was on Valtrex antiviral plus some PPI for acid reflux. I am now showing sign of possible Lupus. ANA positive and the double strand DNA test positive. Does anyone know if this could be drug induced lupus or I am in for a long ride with Systemic

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  • sherry02026 1
  • Mummyt2 2

    Possible to have lupus with negative blood work ?

    I've felt pretty rubbish for a nearly a year some days better than others I've been to the doctors several time and been told I have anxiety or ibs the syptoms I have are Hair loss Pain in ribs and mid/upper back Pain stiffness in muscles and in knees and elbows Peteachie which I've had for a

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  • Superitchy 2

    Itchy rash

    I've finally been diagnosed with lupus after 9 year of an itchy rash. It started out on my hands and has recently over to my legs. It looks disgusting! I'm now on twice a day and I also use clobetasol twice a day. I'm still super itchy and I feel the rash gets worse each day. I

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  • YorkshireLass1 3

    A Little Confused

    I just wondered if I could pick your knowledgeable brains!!! Back in 1989, when I was 22, I was diagnosed with SLE, the symptoms I was showing were just really painful joints in the elbows and knees, I could barely walk upstairs sometimes.  I had all the tests and it was decided I had Lupus. I

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  • lynda 51 1
  • craig84609 5

    Do I Have Lupus?

    I have Inflammatory Bowel disease, more specifically Ulcerative colitiis. However, for the longest time I have had inflammation in other area's of my body and my doctor said that my symptoms don't make sense for UC. I either have Crohn's disease or Lupus. I had Vasculitis, some years ago and I have

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  • ashley78971 2

    Lupus advice, please

    Hello, After a meningitis scare and hospital admission; I'm now being testing for lupus and other things. Basically, I was sent to the hospital because I had some Petechiae rash and a low grade fever (although I think my stressed may have caused the fever) I suffer from severe OCD and anxiety (

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  • seanto 2

    seronegative lupus?

    hey im just wondering dose anyone in this group have seronegative lupus? if so how did you go about getting dignosed? I have been told by a cosnlant that I have the symptoms to match up a digonese but they wont dignose me as it wont show up in my blood. 

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  • jade00610 2

    Antibiotics alter blood test?

    Hi. Does anyone know if Doxycycline can affect ANA blood tests? I was wondering because I had been on them for 3 weeks when I had my blood test. Many thanks Jade

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  • marion64534 2


    Hi,iv had Systemic lupus now for the past 6 years,recently had a flare of very painful joints swelling feeling sick most of the day,iv been told I'm gluten sensitive, so for 6 days iv been gluten free,well I feel so much better,yes could be coincidence but I don't think so,it's worth a try for

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  • fiona22147 2

    Crohns, epilepsy, antiphilsphoid syndrome and psoriasis

    Hi,  I got diagnosed with epilepsy three and a half years ago, crohns two years ago, antiphilspoid syndrome a year ago and psoriasis came back all over body whereas it just used to be my head now its arms, legs, body. I am 47 and in constant pain and recently have had a constant cough. I was told

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  • karen81902 3

    do I have lupus

    My blood test came back 320, my Dr. said she will rerun it in may. It may be a false positive. Does 320 mean I have it? thx

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  • Turow9763 1

    Please help, does this sound like Lupus?

    A quick background. My grandmother and my aunt both had Lupus. Both have passed 75 and 66 respectively ), but neither from lupus. Since the age of 14 I've had occurrences of stiff joints where I couldn't raise my arms above my head then 10 years later started getting brutal bouts of swollen a wrists,...

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  • lesley1964 1
  • jade00610 2

    ANA and Anti DNA HEp2

    Hi I've had an ANA and Anti DNA blood test (in the UK) and wondered how long it usually takes to get them back? Many thanks Jade

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  • taram1979 2

    Possible toddler lupus

    My daughter is 23 months old. She has been getting near monthly fevers (without any known reason), lethargy, and irritability since 6 months old. She also has a rash, typically on her tops of her hands and tops of her feet as well as in a patch one hip/buttock area- always that one same spot. The rash,...

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  • jade00610 2

    Blood Tests for Lupus

    Hi all Can any of these be negative if someone has Lupus? Anti-smooth Muscle, Anti Liver Kidney Microsomal, Mitochondrial anti-body and Parietal Cell Autoantibody. I have many symptoms of Lupus including the butterfly rash (I have had for a month so far). Above are the things I've been tested for,...

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  • Nonameslob 2

    Does this sound like Lupus?

    Hi All! I have been sick for seven months now. I've seen a primary doctor, two endocrinologists, and a cardiologist so far. I'm having a very hard time getting my primary to take me seriously, and a cardiologist I saw yesterday told me that after spending 15 minutes with me, he could tell that I'm

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  • Matron 6


    There is a strong possibility I have Lupus and saw the Rheumatologist recently so I'm awaiting some blood test results and results of some X-rays. Recently I've been excessively overheating. It's as if there is a furnace inside of my body and I am burning on the outside. I feel the excessive heat

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  • balia9595 2

    very sick,not diagnosed,looking for insight

    Hello guys, I want to apologize in advance for the long post but I would really appreciate some insight and help, I am struggling really badly.  I am a 26 year old European woman and have been very sick for a year now. It all started last November after my gynecologist gave me a shot of

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  • danielle61018 1

    Has anyone else had a lupus butterfly rash like this?

    I've always had just a red butterfly rash. Till last week I noticed my skin on my face looked yucky so I did a facial peal but it just got worse!! IT seemed like yet was this clear liquid on my skin and that dried and got hard. I have been washing my face twice a day but it keeps happening!! It is

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  • kat66920 2

    Struggling to get a diagnosis!

    I have been suffering with many symptoms that tick the Lupus box for some time now. I developed some neurological symptoms last December which have been investigated and nothing else has been detected which is a relief, in that year I have really struggled with the fatigue and moreso the severe

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  •  maryam61565 2

    Chronic knee pain!!! Lupus

    last year at xmas. I started having servere knee pain!! Since then this knee pain has not gone away it went to the other knee as well. Bearing in mind I have lupus so at first I thought it was then it would not go away! I did have knee pain in the past but that was usually resolved by

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  • Brittcrisp 2
  • natasha63743 2

    Facial rashes

    I got diagnosed with lupus last year, I'm 17 and I suffer really badly with facial rashes and facial swelling when I wake up. I'm on medication but I was wondering if people had the same and what they do to reduce or help the rash go down? Thank you x

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  • eleanor12697 2

    Lupus a possibility?

    Is it possible to have Lupus without any joint pain, rashes or swelling. The only Lupus symptom I seem to have is the weakness or fatigue, I have had extensive blood tests and been told that my ANA test is 'weak positive' but all the other immunoglobulin tests were normal. I thought it was Chronic

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  • ChelseaLouise33 3


    Hi all I have been having the odd aches and pains and weird vibrating/fuzzing feeling inside my body for a while now. I have been to the doctors and have had loads of blood tests all came back as raised esr and crp and I am back today to discuss the results of my ANA tests and I am so worried. It

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  • Linda1450 2

    Weird symptoms

    hi again, I've been reading a lot here since last post. I wonder about some weird symptoms I thought came from my black spots floating around from time to time, can be really disturbing my sight.  Brainfog really sensitive senses, like owerwhelming at times shoothing extreme pain under

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  • beaface89 2

    Possible Auto Immune?

    Hi I am a 26 year old female, slightly low BMI (typical as tall skinnyness runs in the family) and I have been having paticular symtoms for 2 years now.  It started with night sweats, I am generally a cold person, waking up soaking wet with sweat, I am incredibly tired all the time, and get very

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  • Toya2021 2
  • kat66920 2
  • Blue16 2

    Im a Lupus patient since 2009.

    I have increased joint pain with in the past 4 months, I walk with a limp. my knee, hipand shoulder joints feels like it could break and I cant bare to sleep on my left or right sides. I take plaquenill and Ibuprofen 600 3x daily and still feel the pain all day. Has anyone experience some bone loss?...

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