luq pain. backache , malobsorbtion. IBS

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Hi all. So ive been trawling the internet looking for answers to my worrying symptoms.. only to find I'm now worrying even more.

In Sept I attended my GP practice about a long standing issue..

I bleed a lot from the anus. This in itself isn't to worrying but an ache in my back luq which has always annoyed me when driving long distances was starting to become more uncomfortable when driving and I had also been having very loose stools for over two months. .

I had also developed a stabbing sensation some times bulging like under my left rib cage. Draw a line down from my left nipple and stop just before the bottom rib and the pain was just there.

My doc referred me to a gast specialist.

I had good blood test which looked for all sorts of disorders and came back good. I then had poo samples analyst and all came back good.

Then came camera from both directions. . Some mild redness in gut. . Gastris and some biopsys taken. All back clear.

Treated with buscapan and ppi. .

No change.

Returned to consultant. By this time I'm Very depressed. Told doc I was worried that I have a serious problem with pancreas as Google suggested and she agreed to an mri. She said only for my peace of mind as she's convinced its ibs. ,

Pancreas mri shows nothing remarkable.

So I'm still struggling. All pains still back between shoulder is agony.I don't digest my food well fluctuating between flat poo and lose watery poo and I'm still worried. Sehcat scan next. Could this be the notorious IBS? Comments welcome.

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    sorry a bit more. That's fluctuating between fatty poo that floats and watery stools sometimes yellow water.

    It's also impossible to lay on left hand side.

    Getting some stabbing pains in middle of ribcage just below the ribs.

    No jaundice at all. Lost 1 stone over Xmas but putting that down to cutting out drink and eating more healthily. I'm male 46. Now 17stone. Not in best of physical shape but not a slob. Walk the dog a lot and run around after two young granddaughters.


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    Hi basher

    Looks like you're being pushed pillar to post, I know how frustrating and depressing wondering what on earth is going on, especially when GPs don't have a clue either.

    Have a look at discussions 'Abdominal pain on right side' and 'What's going on with my digestive system'. I only mention these as I am in these discussions, and one GP I saw recently said that it sounded like I was suffering IBS. Also, about 18 years ago, I went to see a GP about bleeding from my bum when I went to loo, which I still get now, but in bouts, I can experience a 2 - 3 days of bleeding, then I can go weeks without getting it again. After doing an internal examination on me the GP said I had internal and external haemorrhoids. In her opinion, the bleeding was probably caused by IBS, among other things like diet, etc. My stools are hardly ever constant, and can be as you described, however I am taking a lot of meds at the moment, which are for a digestion problem I am experiencing now, so my movements are all over the place, not literally. lol. I was just wondering if you have experienced any other symptoms that are described in the discussions I have mentioned.

    Do you drive a lot, or need to use your back for work? I've been off work since September, and my job is a van driver. I was getting lower back pain everyday, and on top of the loose bowels, etc I started to worry that I had something serious going on. Since I have been off work I get no lower back pain at all. I used to have to drive around country lanes to do my deliveries, and was constantly being bounced around. I believe, for me anyway, that a combination of all the driving I was doing, the bouncing around in the van and the heavy loading and unloading of the goods I was carrying, gave me the almost constant back pain.

    I definitely get the left side pain that you described every now and again, but it isn't that severe that I can't lie on my left side, and I get the stabbing pains in the middle of ribcage too. Stabbing pains, as I have heard, are the types of pains that you don't need to get too worried or stressed about, unless they become unbearable that is. Thats not to say that they shouldn't be checked out of course, most of my stabbing pains are due to bloating, I let a nice big burp out and feel instantly better. The pain that I am getting that I'm trying to get my head around is an almost muscle strain or pull type feeling, that goes right across me, right in between the top of my abdomen and lower part of chest, right where the man boobs stop. It only happens if I bend over too far or twist too much, but if I aggrevate it once, then I feel discomfort for rest of the day. The discomfort is usually better by the next morning.

    Ive just started the long process of finding out whats going on with me right now, so I'm unable to give you much in the way of help. IBS has been mentioned to me on a number of occasions, and its one possibilty that I need to look at. Take a look at those other discussions, see if anything jumps out at you.

    All the best and take care.

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      Hi Paul. Thanks for your post. Very helpful stuff.

      I do drive a lot in my job. And that's where the subtle back aches started off.

      So I've looked around and there's lots of people with similar symptoms. It's a shame most don't close out the posts. Seems they find out their problem is not what they thought and just end the conversation.

      Well I shall see this through and hopefully my findings might help.

      So pains not gone away. In fact much worse over the weekend.

      Still same places but seems to be a lot more intense in back and between shoulders.

      Had a few minutes of very severe stabbing pain in mid upper abdomen and under left rib cage. Not had that before for so long. Then returned to normal pain after. Off the shelf pain killers not touching it at all.

      Stools are very bulky. Fill the pan.. Some days float. Some days all sink to the bottom. Still have an orange hue to them. But always seems to be a lot of it. They tend to smell a bit like chemicals. Can't quite say what chemical but very odd.

      Raging wind but I put that down to the amount of veg I'm eating lol.

      I've noticed fatty food definitely causes a lot of pain and aching and trying to cut it out. I just feel so hungry all the time. Notice I crave for sweet things.

      I've felt particularly light headed this weekend. Everybody saying how worn out I look. I must say I feel it. Up at 7 and feeling very exhausted by 7 at night. Not like me.

      been trying to act up beat hoping to convince myself I feel fine. Guess that's not working.

      I have a meeting with he consultant where she's going to talk through the MRI results on the 21st. Then the sehcat scan next month. Roll on a conclusion what ever it may be.

      I know this isn't supposed to be a blog. But it's kind of helping me keep track.

      Sorry if all this is a little long winded.

      Thanks for listening..

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      Hi Basher

      Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing a lot of probs. Its not fun, I know! I find just talking about problems very helpful, and sometimes it can help shed light on what going on. Communication is everything, and I don't really see a problem with chatting away on here.

      With regard to the pains in your upper back area, I am quite sure it is linked to the stomach trouble you are having. When I started Physiotherapy for my 'apparent' popped disc, (I highlight apparent because I'm starting to wonder if I every had one), I started to get the stomach problems. When I asked if the back injury could cause stomach problems, the Physiotherapist said she has never heard of that happening, but she is aware that certain stomach problems will cause back pain. The pains I started getting, that has led to so much time off work, were located just above the middle of my back, in line with bottom of my shoulders. If a line was drawn right through me then the line would go through to my stomach. The lower back pain that I described to you was, I'm pretty sure, linked to driving. As I said before, I get no discomfort from my lower back now, since I haven't been able to drive. Once this is all sorted, I will be looking for alternative employment.

      I had a haircut last week, and the barber, whom I've known for quite sometime, said I didn't look right, its amazing what everyone else can see, that I was oblivious to. Luckily I haven't been lightheaded and dizzy for a while, and actually been feeling better, than I have done for a while, hardly any sharp stabbing pains, and I came off anti sickness pills, with no flare ups of nausea, apart from this morning. I tried an experiment yesterday, I had a few pieces of dairy milk chocolate yesterday, because I had been feeling quite good, it tasted so nice, I miss my sweet stuff! I had a few twinges of discomfort during the day, it also made me burp a lot, and this morning I feel a little bit more icky than I have in last week or so. But all in all, not a bad experience, but it does suggest fatty, sugary foods seem to aggrevate my symptoms.

      You mention lots of wind. Is this in the form of burping or farting? I'm eating a lot more veg lately, but don't tend to fart a great deal, my wind is in form of burping. Does your stomach bloat at all?

      My stools have been wierd lately, they have gone from being very pale (one was almost white), firm and non smelly, till lately when they have been very soft (not diarrhea), smelly and like you, seem to have a orange look about them, I'm putting it down to the increased fruit and veg munching. But one thing is worrying me a bit about my movements, the food I eat seems to be going straight through me, and isn't digesting well, I see peas, carrots, etc in  my stools, and they look just as they did at the point of eating them. I am on a PPI, which apparently can speed up digestive tract time, so with that and the lack of acid in my stomach due to the meds, I'm hoping some of the food can't actually be digested.

      I get my next round of blood test results in next couple of days, and have to finish taking my PPI on Tuesday, which I am worried about, really dont want to go back to what I  was experiencing a couple of months ago, still, no guts, no glory. Also, got an abdominal Ultrasound coming up. I'll update my discussion when I know more.

      Like you, I've tried to stay upbeat, but it doesn't work, there are so many related issues that could cause symptoms like ours, it's hard for me not to think that I might have something more serious wrong with me. Time will tell I guess.

      Take care basher, and its nice to talk about all this, saves my missus getting all the ear ache from me!

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    Busa everything you describe sounds like me minus the bleeding I found out on top of all the other issues you mention I have a sliding hiatal hernia perhaps you also might also have this issue mine was only found during a ct scan 
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      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      Bleeding has eased somewhat. I think it may have been piles or related to the switching from constipation to diareah.

      I'll mention this to my consultant.

      How are you managing the pain for this?

      Do you ever see any improvements in your symptoms?.

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    One thing I found that helps me is taking a liquid gas pill daily also I take milk of magnesia once every other day to keep my bowels moving on a regular basis that's according to my G.I. doctor who recommended that my G.I. doctor has recommended that where your: takes the downward turn you can get a lot of gas trapped in there or even stool but having already had all the test he's not 100% sure of thisof course there is the pain medicine I take as needed for the upper left quadrant abdominal pain and the upper left back pain right beside my left shoulder blade those two seem to work hand-in-hand either one or the other or both together I do get a lot of gurgling noises in my upper left abdomen which makes me wonder if the doctor isn't right aboutthat causing the pain I've also been diagnosed with IBS but all other tests have come back fine some days are just better than others some days are real struggle all you can really do is hope that the doctors are correct
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    Hi all. So here we are. Pains got worse in my back. Had a steak and a couple of beers the other night and experienced a whole new level of discomfort.

    I have to see my consultant tomorrow about the MRI results. I'm pretty sure this is related to my pancreas as I just can't find anything else which ticks all the box's.

    My wife thinks it's gallstones causing all this but I have absolutely no pain whatsoever on the right. Does anybody else think this could be gallstones causing all these symptoms with my digestion and pain?

    The day After the steak and beer I started to get severe pain in luq and mid abdomen roughly in the same plane. The pain just seemed to get worse and effect my left back and shoulder.

    My stools started to go a clay like colour for a day now back to very greasy loose and offensively smelly.

    The pain has subsided slightly but still quite bad. Have been drinking lots of water and eating veg and fish as it seems to be the least problematic food and drink.

    so pain is now at a constant 5-6

    But peaked I would say about 7 at times

    I need this to be over. Really wrecking my life at the moment.

    Fingers crossed for the appointment with consultant on Monday. Hopefully she can figure something out..

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      Hey basher

      Been looking into gallstones, and even though a lot of pain symptoms are located around the right side of abdomen, pains can be experienced anywhere in the abdomen, lower, upper, left, right, even in the chest area, and through to the back. I was tested for Pancreatitis, my test was negative, and at that time, like you, it seemed to be the one thing that stood out. I have also heard gallstones can move to other areas like the pancreas and small intestine.

      Its odd you mention steak and beer, I had a serious bout of my symptoms on boxing day, and I ate a lot of beef on xmas day with a few beers. I haven't eaten beef or drank beer since, and I haven't experienced my symptoms that bad again, that was hell!!! Maybe we've got a new form of mad cow disease!!

      It shouldn't be a case of keeping our fingers crossed in the hope the specialist find something, to me that is just wrong. But I do hope you find out whats causing your symptoms.

      Good luck for Monday, take care and get well soon.

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      I've also seen that itchy skin can be a symptom of gallbladder problems. Have to say that I have been getting very itchy legs and sides of body lately. One of my first diagnosis was gallstones, and lot of friends and family are all saying I'm suffering with gallstones. It was one of the first things I thought when I started getting my symptoms too. It does seem our symptoms point more towards this, hopefully my ultrasound in a week will find them, or something at least.

      Hope all goes well for you.

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    Saw consultant today and she confirmed MRI scans show nothing remarkable. About the pancreas.

    This is awesome news and a Massive relief.

    It would seem my worries about chronic pancreatitis is not an issue. Also the worst of my worries has also been confined as not an issue.

    Also the gallstones and gallbladder doesn't seem to interest the consultant. The pains I'm experiencing are apparently not connected with the gallbladder.

    So what next? Dr wants to explore the pale yellow stools. So did a pancreatic enzime sample and should get results back in a couple of days.

    I'm on two months of low dose antidepressant amitriptyline. I'm assured not to treat depression but for is ability to act as a pain killer for chronic pain. .

    Will apparent take a month or so to take proper effect. .

    Watch this space!

    So although I feel much better about the pain I'm still in pain and struggling with the stools.

    SEHcat scans in march. .

    Will hopefully sleep a lot easier than in recent nights.

    Good luck all

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. This site and your comments have been a real comfort and ill be keeping it up to date. Will try not to bore you though.

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      Hi busabasher,

      I have been keeping an eye on your thread because like you (and Paul ^) we all have similar symptoms, are undergoing tests and have no answers.

      Unlike you, I have had it thrown into the mix that I might have chronic pancreatitis althou all my tests have come as NORMAL. This includes MRI,MRCP, ultrasounds, numerous bloods including thyroid, lipase, amylase, full blood count, Liver functions. And 2 stool samples for IBD and fecal Elstase (malabsorption). What had lead me to your thread is searching the internet for an answer to "chemical" smelling stools.

      I just wondered if you have had anymore results or answers yet?


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      Hi Gem

      Sorry to hear your going through the mill. I sympathise completely.

      No results yet. Havnt heard back from  pancreatic enzime test, waiting for a call back,

      Im suspicious i may also have Chronic Pancreatitis but with a lack of any medical proof Im banging my head against the wall.

      What swings me to that isea is the symptoms all stack up and every time I excess food or drink my pains and symptoms get substantionally worse, After a weekend break away where i had a few beers and restarant food im now in lots of pains and discomfort again. lots of pale stool, oily sheen to pan water and back to pale stools, chemical smell. But still the consultant isnt buying it.


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      So update time. I had my results back from stool test.

      Results came back highly abnormal and consistent with severe exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

      Dr now recommends a blood test to look for an autoimmune cause of pancreatic (autoimmune pancreatitis) (IGg4. Level)

      I have 1st SECh cat scan in the morning. So will ring Dr and book the blood test.

      If this is the problem it might be fairly easily treated with pancreatic enzyme supplements diet changes and lifestyle changes.

      Bring it on I say.

      Ironically I'm feeling a bit better knowing that there's actually something wrong with me and im not going completely mental.

      Will keep you informed.

      Those with similar symptoms ask for a stool sample test called faecal elastase to measure the amount of pancreatic enzymes.

      Cheers all.

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      Thank you for the update, I'm sorry it looks like it's your pancreas sad but as you say at least you have a diagnosis now and you can deal with it and move forward! Not knowing is just horrible.

      Good luck for your scan! Do you know what ur next steps are? Are they starting you on enzymes straight away?

      Take care, Gem

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      Hi Gem.

      Not sure. I only opened the letter this evening. I'm going to call Dr in the morning before the scan and try and get in for the blood test.

      I hope there's no delay in starting the treatment. I suspect it won't be for a week or so as I have to be referred to another consultant about my diet.

      I've stopped googling so hadn't wound myself up about this apart from reading about the symptoms and treatment. Looks like the fowl smells are enzyme related.

      But I'm positive about the long term living with this if she's right about her suspicions .

      Ill continue to update this post.

      Hopefully you'll get a result soon.

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