lyme I have it?

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Hi everyone,

So I was diagnosed with lyme along with some co-infections by my holistic doctor after testing positive for western blot (IGG: 23, 41, 93, IGM:41 along with positive IGG for bart. hens. and mycoplasma p.) back in April after being sick for roughly 5 months and despite my traditional doctors' skepticism towards the diagnosis, my symptoms were rapidly increasing in severity and my health declining and so decided to give a round of abx a shot although my holistic doctor recommended peptide therapy.  

It's been 15 days now since I started doxycycline 100mg twice a day and although I've noticed slight improvements in my symptoms (less frequent and severe) and overall energy level, I'm still not anywhere near where I was before I got sick. I'm on a 28 day course and I guess I'm roughly halfway through... is this enough to deal with the lyme? I've been only taking doxy along with a probiotic supplement and vitamin c on the advice of one of my doctors and discontinued all the other supplements that I've been taking for immune support and energy support since taking the doxy.

I have a lot of supplements and peptide therapy just sitting around now which I paid quite a bit for and not sure what I should do with them... I feel like doxy by itself might not be potent enough to knock off everything that I'm suffering from and maybe I should try all the other stuff as well concurrently?  

I'm gonna consult a highly renown LLMD in my community next thurs but in the meanwhile I'm curious if anyone has gotten better just taking a course of doxy without any other particular supplements?

Furthermore, another question regarding my it possible to contract Lyme disease 16-17 years after being initially bitten with no symptoms? My symptoms began suddenly 6 months ago after being super healthy for many years with no tick bite or rash I remember in recent memory. I think I may have been bitten as I distinctly remember 17 years ago as a middle schooler (I am 28 now) pulling a small insect that had burrowed into my scalp out of my head and feeling a little bad for the rest of that day but virtually asymptomatic (not even sure if it was even a tick). I was also in an area NOT known for lyme (Korea during wintertime) and wasn't particularly me being bitten by a tick there just doesn't make sense. But my symptoms are so widespread (GI issues, difficulty breathing, heart/chest pain, headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches) and ruled out so many other possible diseases with bloodwork constantly coming back normal along with positive urine, X-ray, echocardiograms, MRI, etc... there is just no other possible explanation other than lyme or CFS. Could anyone explain this so I can get a little bit of peace of mind?

Thank you again,


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    Hi Peter,

    Sorry to disappoint you but is Lyme Disease. If the Western blot is positive, then you have it. There are some cases in which it can be false positive but the percentage is extremely low. It is also my case, i was diagnosed last November but it seems i have the disease for at least 5 years or so. Meaning that is stage 3 "Chronic Lyme". Also, i didn't had any symptoms until November when the left part of my body paralyzed. The holistic doctor i was seeing regularly was the one to diagnose it and send me to do all the tests, after a long ride with 3 neurologists, 1 immunologist and some otherssmile. Everybody telling me i am fine. The doxycycline (28 days) is the basic prophylactic treatment when you get bitten or stage 1. For the chronic lyme (with neurological impairment and the other symptoms that you have) is useless alone. For example: i took antivirals for 28 days, 2 round of 14 days (Acyclovir and Val-acyclovir) and after that 14 days just vitamins and i started the first round of antibiotics (there will be many rounds) with azithromycin and tinidazole for 28 days, 1g of each one each day. Also, all the time you need to take vitamins and herbal supplements to lower the impact of the symptoms and also support your body during the treatment: Vit. B (B3,B6,B9,B12), C, D, Liver protection, Chinese mushroom (Reishi), boswellia, curcumin (for the joints), Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and a lot of other plants and herbs. Really, they are working for me to keep my symptoms in line. Some herbal remedies (your holistic doctor will surely recommend you something) for the heart, to keep the heart rate normal and lower the chest pains. Don't worry, don't be scared , you can still lead a normal life if you take care of yourself and sleep right, eat right (out with the fast food, a lot less meat and in with vegetables, fresh fruits and basically everything green) and take you vitamins.You will also have bad days but if you do it right there won't be so many.     

    PS: there are some discussions in the medical community that this disease can be cured with herbal remedies and other therapies (hyperbaric oxygen,  infrared and others) but it hasn't been proven yet. For me, the hyperbaric oxygen works and makes me feel a lot better. Cheer up, it will be along battle but if you stay positive you won't feel that bad. 

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