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hello got at moment cfs / fm and other problems .  started having problems 6 months after but never looked back to the bite as below ./

i was bite by a tick in yorkshire on walk .wife removed it . and got the ring pain and 2-3 weeks went down , the end ..


wife was watching discovery channel and the picture was same as bite i had 4 years before went gps was not up on if blood test would pick it up if was the lyme disease .

so will test pick up or 2 late due to the time .? 

thanks for any help .


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    The blood test done in the UK may not pick up lyme as it would be considerred chronic and the test is unreliable.  I got mine tested at a lyme lab in USA which only tests for tick born diseases. There's also one in Germany that is meant to be more reliable than UK but the UK won't accept any lab tests from outside UK.  Mine came back equivocal on IFA and positive on Western blot IGM on 7 bands, negative on IGG (only 4 bands positive).  I bought the results to UK in December and they refused to accept them.  It was an expensive specialised test.  The cheap Lyme test they did in December in UK was negative so I was refused treatment.

    Last year I took antibiotics for a dental infection and got secondary porphyria (Herx). If I eat garlic I get boils all over me and herx symptoms. Haven't a clue what to do next maybe I should self medicate because docs dont give a dam, and wont accept anything except their own tests which are unreliable. I have hyperthyroidism, cysts in my liver, kidneys, ovaries and thyroid but unless I can get to the USA there is no treatment available in UK.  I looked into USA clinics at around $7000 a week - insurance doesnt cover it and for long term treatment that price isnt an option.

    Difficult to prove and even more difficult to find a doctor who listens

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      doctor who i see is up on most things but i thought that test was on nhs ? no passport so over sea for test is out . 

      i have local hospital with tropical bugs etc . 1 bus ride from me . might give them a ring in morning . 

      thanks for quick reply and detailed aiso thank you .


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    Hi Peter. My message to you, is that it is never too late to diagnose and get the right treatment.  I am finding out this ( 12yrs) Write all your symptoms down.  If you do have Lyme, and if you have had the bulls eye rash bite then you will need treating. Find  a doctor who is knowledgable. As you may be aware already, the longer youve had it, the harder it can be to get a definative positve test, but that is only a part of the picture, your symptoms are the rest. Find your nearest Tropical Disease Clinic, - this could be a hospital based 'travel' clinic as I did.

     I have been v ill over 6 yrs, although health problems started a decade ago. I was bitten by tick approx 12yrs ago. ( please see my first posting for  all details). I may finally be getting somewhere with Lyme literate medical professionals, having pressed for an NHS referral whilst going to a private clinic  as well to be sure. I got a referral to the Hospital of Tropical Medicine in London, where I have been seen for innitial assessment , blood tests etc by Parasatologist Prof Chiodini, who was very thorough and expert. I am waiting for test results, the tests are being done at a UK lab.

    I am also being assessed through a private clinic. Here I have had all similar blood tests done plus some others for possible co- infections.  These blood tests are sent to a USA Lab. As soon as I get any results I will share with the forum. Both Professionals think my symptom history is extremely strong, both suspect Lyme, the clinic expect co- infections as well. I paid to have a blood test done innitially back in November and got a provisional positive (but 'equivocal' ) Lyme Test fro a UK Lab.

    Hope this is helpful.

    For Jeanette.  Could you afford to get treated privately here in the uk? much cheaper than going to the USA.

    Good luck


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      Hi. I am a UK citizen although I went private as I have insurance. UK won't accept my test results from USA and the test done in UK was negative. I have been ill almost 7 years now and can't get treated for this.
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      Hi. Jeanette, I have gone to a UK Lyme clinic in Hemel Hempstead who send their tests to be done at a USA Lab. I think therefor they would accept your USA test results and treat you ( here in the UK
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    im not far from liverpool one so just hope my gp sends me there.

    she as wrote to them for input but as u said gps over here are ltd to this.

    will up date asap on here if gp sends me to liverpool for the testing ,

    thanks all who have replyed so far .

    (( just hope it wasnt a tick with lyme in it my luck would me ))

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    got a phone call of the doctors 5 mins ago offered me a test for it .

    said that would take a few weeks for the resuits back, she rang liverpool place .

    i read that the test as other anti . r.a with test so could give a + and not for the right thing . 

    thanks again .

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