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Hi, I have Blepharitis and notice on here that Lynda79 has been giving good advise. I can find lots of posts quoting her advise, but not the one where she must go into detail of what she did. Can someone point me to the most indepth post please. Sorry but I'm new on here and not familiar with the site yet.

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    Click on the word "Blepharitis" at the top of your message and that wsill bring up a list of recent topics,  Scroll down to one about "Optrex Eye drops....." and you will see a reply from Lynda79.

    If you click on the small envelope underneath her name you will be able to send her a private message and ask her your question.

    I hope this helps

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    Dear Neil,

    I used the Wet Ones, antibacterial handwipes, because I could not find any products with Benzethonium Chloride in them. The products had been reformulated. I looked online and the wipes had it in it so I was desperate and used them and within a week I felt so much better. I used them for 4 times a day for just over a week. Then I went down to 3 times a day for about a month and then went down to 2 times a day for several months. 

    I tore each wipe into 8 sections and used 1 section on each eyelide (lashes area) and did it 2 times.

    There are people who are allergic to the Quats (Benzethonium Chloride). These people would be allergic to shampoo, detergents, fabric softeners or even the lanolin in the wipes. 

    I looked up why it worked after I killed it and I started to post as people had questions.

    The Quats kill Staph. I looked up the causes of Blepharitis and Staph was one.

    I have dry eye and I think that does not allow the washing out of bacteria like a normal eye would do.

    After the 3 months were up I stopped and waited and a week later I had a little itching. My problem was severe itching on all lashes because I infected my good eye. I used the wipes for several days and stopped again. One more time that itching came up and I jumped on it with the wipes for a few days and then it was gone.

    I can tell you to use 2 wash cloths when cleaning your eyes. That was even mentioned by an online Dr. too.

    If you get it into your eyes just rinse with a little water or eye drops for dry eye.

    They put .01% Benzalkonium Chloride in steroid drops as a preservative. Long time use can cause damage. If someone has to have eye meds I can say to use preservative free eye drops. I get them at Costco (US store) for $20.00 for a hundred of them.

    I do not have Blepharitis any longer. Believe me, the doctors keep looking for it. 

    My daughter used the wipes to kill a stye on the rim of her eyelashes. She used them for about 2 days and it was gone but she kept using them for 4 days she said to make sure.

    I hope I have not missed anything. If you have any more questions just let me know and I will do my best.


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      That's a lot of useful information there Lynda - thank you.

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      Thank you very much for taking the time to write that reply, it's much appreciated. I will make some enquiries into what is in the medication that my eye specialist has given me. I will almost certainly have some questions for you shortly.

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      Hi lynda, I have looked into the medication my eye specialist prescribed and it appears to be little more than an eye lubricant and certainly doesn't cure the problem. I was told that my  "lacrimal caruncle" was inflamed by the Blepharitis and that the remainder of my eyes seem to be unaffected. The condition seems to come and go in cycles of 1 week bad and two weeks clear, and has done for about 3 years now. I have found the wipes you recommend at Sainsbury's. Would you suggest I wipe accross my eyes and let the wipe catch the 

      " lacrimal caruncle" or not, as the directions for use say not to let the wipes come into contact with the eyes, I'm a little confused.

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      Dear Neil,

      I can tell you by using on my eyelashes that I killed the Blepharitis there. 

      In the eye is different.

      I did learn one thing from my research. The online eye doctors mentioned using antibiotics for an "off label use". That was putting the antibiotics on the eyelashes. That told me you need to put antibiotics on the problem and not in the eye. Put on the gland and rub in. I am just saying that is what I would do after reading that. I, also, asked the Dr why put the antibiotic in my eye when the problem was on the outside of it. He said some antibiotic got on it.

      You can get relief on your lashes from the wipes but I would not put it in the eye. 

      Are the wipes from the US that you are talking about or the UK ones? The UK wipes have Benzalkonium Chloride in them and are harsher from what people have told me.

      If you do get the wipes in your eyes you can wash out with water or eye drops for lubrication. 

      I had to look up your problem online. I wonder if Blepharitis is on the eyelashes if it doesn't spread after a while into other areas of the eyes like the glands. 

      See if you can kill the Blepharitis on your lashes and see if the doctor will give you antibiotic for the inside area. You may have to attack both as can keep reinfecting yourself.

      Please let me know how you are doing and what works for you as there are probably a lot of people with your same problem.


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      Hi Lynda,

      I replied a couple of days ago but my post was deleted, I don't think I should have put a link to the wipes I bought, sorry for breaking the rules.

      I bought the UK wipes contaning Benzalkonium Chloride and manged to wipe my eyes including the "lacrimal caruncle" without actually getting it into my eyes. I would normally expect it to flair up within the next couple of days, so we will have to wait and see. Out of courtesy I will keep you informed on progress.Thanks for help.


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