Major blood in poo, can't sleep, feel sick with worry

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Ok so this is a really really long one guys but I'm terrified and keep having panick attacks, so Iv always had blood in my stool on and off amongst bloating and a really tender tummy, Iv suffered with IBS so bowel movement hasn't been healthy for a while, so end of last year I found out I was pregnant and after many discussions and many trips to the abortion clinic and leaving without taking action we decided now wasn't the right time so I had a termination at 8 weeks on the 8th December via the pill- in terms of the abortion everything went smoothly but I am still bleeding now. When I was pregnant I was bleeding from my bum after passing a stool I always felt like I wasn't fully relived and nearly always have to slightly strain to get the poo out, the blood is always bright red and sometimes with clots. Now here's where it gets a bit complicated, so two weeks ago I was at work and felt trapped wind type pain in my stomach I stood up and noticed blood (definitely from my vagina) I stood up and lost about 2 pints of blood, an abulanxe was called I went dizzy, white and nearly passed out (even though I was very calm apparently it was shock related?) when I was in the ambulance I kept saying I feel like I need to poo (which is weird but maybe it could be stress relelated IBS but I was feeling trapped wind before the vaginal blood loss? Once I got to the hospital to my surprise they took my blood and I didn't even have enemia which I find amazing considering all the blood Iv been loosing, when I was there I felt like I needed to poo and tried to go on but I was constipated and only a little blood clot came out.  naturally they made me take a test to make sure I wasn't still pregnant which came up that I wasn't  and they passed it of as related to the termination I had one month prior and a period rolleyes they refused to give me a scan. I went to the dr the next day who referred me to the hospital for a scan which I managed to get the very next day, I had an internal scan and she said it showed retained pregnancy which explains the blood I went to the gynocologyst who actually took a second and a third (because I made her) look and said my womb is just inflamed and my body is a bit confused 🤷🏼??? anywho as all this is going and especially in the last week I am going to the loo twice a day (I have recently changed my diet to vegetarian so duno if that has made a difference) everytime I go the water is BRIGH red with blood drips down the pan I have also passed clots as I said my stomach is very bloated and tender to touch however before I eat every morning it isn't, I don't need to poo and have not many symptoms it's only after I eat that the food travels through me I get pain, I go to the loo and pass poo and blood, the poo is a medium brown which is apparently a good sign? But it's just getting worse on top of these symptoms I have headaches, back pain, brain fog and dizziness when I stand up I also get breathless when walking up a small flight of stairs I am over weight but still quite fit I am 29 btw. I also feel weak really easily. A lot of that could just be stress related and aniexty I know (I hope) I am waiting for the results of my gluten blood test and my stool sample I'm hoping it's a bad case of IBS and gluten intolerance and nothing a lot more serious ;( I know this is a lot to read and I thank anyone who has bothered but please reply with advice, and maybe similar symptoms? 

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    Hi jo95306

    It sounds as if you may have anal fissures or hemmorroids and they bleed on passing a bowel movement. Go to your doctor and have him/her check your rear wishes.....

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      Hi Mary thank you for your reply. My doctor has examiners my back passage and couldn't feel and think which makes me worry more x

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    I think every thing u discussed above is stress related..stress causing hyper accidity(Gastritis )that explains indigestion(bloatness,pain)associated with meals & stress causing hormonal imbalance reason your doctor stating ur body being confused.Lastly if you have been passing hard stool you could have anal fissures bt they're

    pain related.

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      Hi Bernard, thank you for your reply I hope you're right but I don't get upper abdominal pain, I get a sharp trapped gas feeling which literally cripples me in my middle/lower stomach for about 10 second and I always pass a lot of blood when I have that pain I literally had it about 30 mins ago and not doubt when I go to the loo there will be blood clots it's as if something is stuck and bursting inside me x

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      Sorry for the pain you're going through..

      Ok,for doudenitis usually you experience pain/colics slightly above the umbilicus &bleeding in most cases is common though its usually occult(digested)$its dark , I highly recommend endoscopy both upper and lower to locate bleeding site..reason being bleeding fresh bright red indicate its lower GIT and site of pain especially when u say its middle of the stomach recommend upper GIT endoscopy.

      Hope u get well soon..

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