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Major PMS/PMDD Cerazette destrogygel


If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I had severe post natal anxiety and depression 10 days after giving birth. Fast forward 4 years I have been on anti depressants and keep having 'relapses' so my anti depressants have been added to and added to so now I am on 2 of the maximum dosages which is very scary for me.

My relapses used to happen every 2-3 months 10 days before my period was due they get so bad I can't sleep, eat, leave the house, and I have suicidal thoughts.

I have been to see a psychiatrist as my GP didn't know what to do with me and they agreed it is hormonal.

I am 7 days before my period and in the middle of a relapse and have had to increase anti depressants again.

My GP has also just given me a prescription for cerazette mini pill that he wants me to take when my period finishes and I am feeling normal again. The idea is to stop my period completely so I don't get the hormonal fluctuations.

This sounds like it could be a miracle for me IF it works however I have tried microgynon which sent me so bad I wanted to hospitalise myself and also loestrin which did the same so I am PETRIFIED to try this pill.

Does anyone else have severe PMS and has this pill helped you or made you worse? Trying to understand my hormones is so difficult I don't know which one I need and I don't need.

I am terrified that if I take this pill and it makes me worse I am not in a position to increase my anti depressants.

Advice pleaseeeee xx

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  • vanessa45115 lauren46699

    Lauren, did you try the pill? I didn't comment because I haven't had any experience with it. I find it very difficult to get opinions on this forum, seems nobody ever answers.

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  • goldenvirginia lauren46699

    Hi Lauren. I've been taking this for a week now. Not had a melt down. Usually have 1 during the week. Feel a lot calmer and more in control. So far so good. I've researched this medication as I had 2 weeks before my period was due so did quite a bit. Seen a lot of negativity and ppl warning off taking it. I'm the same nothing has worked for me in the past apart from when I was pregnant. That was so good.. ..relaxed and no mood swings. Sure enough when I started my periods again after having my baby...the mood swings Reared their ugly heads again. Hit hard as wasn't expecting it at all. Turned into bitch from hell ruined days out.. ..crying and moaning, over sensitive the lot. I've been taking the pill at pretty much the same time every far so good. I know it might sound wired but the time u take ure meds....any meds that is will regulate the release of it into ure body. I mean if u take it at 8 am everyday, it will have a much better reaction in ure system than if u took it 8am one day then 10am the next and 12 the day after that etc. I swear by taking my sertraline at the same time everyday. Regulates the levels of the drug. For the moment I rate it highly....but who knows with me ...that could be totally the opposite by the morning 😔😔 just hope it helps and gives u some confidence with ure experience xxxx let me know how u get on xxx

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