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Menstrual Cycle and Disorders

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  • selphie85 3

    Heavy head, dizzy, nausea & vomit

    A day before my period come, I feel nausea and vomit for 7 times. Today is my first day period, I feel so sick, heavy head, dizzy, nausea.. After vomit, i feel better but still feel heavy head. Izzit my blood not enough? O i should go clinic or hospital for a blood check?

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  • shimrit13100 1

    period pain issues

    I have had my period for 3 days now and i suddenly started having a really sharp pain at the bottom right side of my stomach, what can i do to reduce the pain? natural or technologicwise? prefferable not medical pills! thanks for the answers!

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  • kaysie80717 2

    No Period After Stopping Birth Control

    I stopped taking birth control in January, due to some stomach issues I was having. I was previously on it for about three years. Since coming off it, I have not had a period. That's four months. I am not pregnant. Does anyone have any idea of what I should do, or is it just a waiting game? Thanks! 

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  • danielle67581 1

    What is going on with my periods?!

    Hi! Just a bit of background 'm 25 years old and started my periods when I was 12 and would get my period the 25th each month (give or take a day or 2). I never had a problem with my period until December 2016. I was about 2 weeks late which was VERY strange for me and the first thought

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  • Oddsoxrocks 1

    My Experience of PMDD (Yasmin, Prozac, Effexor)

    When I was struggling I turned to these forums for help and support (even though I never wrote anything). Now that I have found something to help me, I thought if I wrote them here then it might help someone out there! I am 32 now but have always different crippling period pains and always had

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  • samantha60605 1


    I am 15 years old,and i have had my period for 10 days now i was on birth control and i forgot to take some so i took them the day after each,i am on my tenth day today and i suddenly started having a really sharp pain at the bottom of my stomach,today my period is lighter than yesterday but it

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  • tanishrm 1

    I've been depressed for 2 weeks, what should I do

    I'm turning 18 in last month I had unprotected sex with my bf he said he were not relief his sperm into my vagina 7th may my periods has been started but today is 23rd of may but they not stoped 19 or 20 may I checked my pregnancy test n it was negative I consult to homeopathic doctor

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  • Noni T.1 2

    how to know ovary pain?

    How to know ovary pain between cycles?? And what is the cause? I'm having pelvic pain between periods.. sometimes in my right side.. lower abdomen.. sometimes sharp and lasts few sometimes dull and and sometimes lasts for days but comes and goes..

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  • Noni T.1 2

    please help.. what should I do? is what I have normal?

    Hello everyone, I'm going on 20 ... I'm not married.. and I'm not on medication. I'm having some problem with my period.. first of all, it comes late.. like ten days to 2 weeks late. Of course there's horrible cramping in my pelvic, lower back and hips. I'm also suffering from pain in my lower

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  • theme 1

    No CYCLE... I clearly need help

    Hi, I've just turned 20, and i still haven't got my periods ( sort of). When I was 14, i got my first period for 2 days sraight. Since then i haven't got new periods, but I still frequently have pain.  What's wrong with me, what should I do? Thanks

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  • shelbyygt500 1

    Extra Long Menstrual Cycle

    I am currently on day 17 of my period and looking for some advice/input. This isn't the first time I've had a really long period. Last time it lasted for almost 2 full months. I've had ultrasounds done and the doctors say everything looks normal but I am anemic now. Why is this happening?

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  • rania01 2

    Painful and irregular periods

    I am 25 years old, i am upset due to irregular periods with extreme pain. I feel pain too much pain in abdomen, waist and rightside leg. body temperature and BP decreased at start of periods. sometime i also feel nausea. Is there any way to get rid of that pain?

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  • adele15928 2

    Period pain

    I'm 20 years old and have psoriatic sero negative rheumatoid arthritis. I had my first baby 7 months ago ( very stressful labour ), during my pregnant towards the end I began getting belly aches almost every day. Since having her they carried on and got awful to the point I was passing blood in my

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  • kayleigh65219 2

    heavy bleeding

    Hi all my name is kayleigh let me tell u where my story began in February I missed my period and I march it came back with a vengeance I bled for the first week normally and the second week it was horrendous I bled so badly on the toilet I thought I was miscarrying went to a and e they said I wasn'

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  • lucy006 1

    Extra period!!

    Hi, I had my period from from about 23rd-26th April. My book were still tender for about a week after and then on about 3rd May, approx a week later a started to bleed again, but only very lightly, but now since Monday, 8th May I have been bleeding heavily again and am now on day 5 of this and it doesn'

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  • Highalnd2207 1

    Cerazette Advice

    i am new to taking Cerazette only on day 3 but have been nauseated since starting it.  My GP prescribed it as I am having heavy prolonged periods.  I have taken Norethisterone in the past without problems.  I am not sure I like the fact I may not have a period on cerazette.  Anyone got any advice

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  • Bb48 1


    long story had my fallopian tubes removed last year and in 2 months I'm due to have IVF. I've had internal scans and blood tests this year already. but A few weeks ago I noticed little cuts after sex that burn when I wipe. Then yesterday we had sex In the had a sharp

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  • TJ00 1


    So I'm on the depo shot and my window is in between may 9-23. And I never get a period unless I don't get the shot starting on the first day of my window. I got my period April 20th, it lasted a few days. Then up until now may 14th I've been bleeding brown, not heavy it's light. Along with sex. But I'

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  • showtunie 1

    Heavy Clots

    I used to literally never get my period, the last time before my most recent one was like 7 months ago. Well, I got my period about a month ago and it was super heavy and incredibly painful. Skipping classes to lay in bed and cry painful. I went on birth control and now I have it again with the

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  • chelsea84158 1

    first time having a two week period

    Hi! So late march I had my period it lasted for my normal three days. Then in Early April it came back again and it ended April 8th. I had it for two weeks. I don't know how to calculate this because well I am on the pill and I am fallowing my pill packet. And on April 29th I had my first time(yes

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  • hannah 10914 1
  • LoLo7 1

    No cycle for 13 months until today...what should l do?

    I'm 52 years old, and had a tubal ligation (burnt, clipped, and tied) after my 2nd child 22 years ago. Lately my nipples have been sore, then yesterday l noticed "spotting" then today, l have a light period and a little cramping. I was so thrilled about menopause that this threw this normal?...

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  • Shiv1986 1

    Flesh objects in period

    I suffer with chronic pid, diagnosed 2 years ago via laparoscopy. I usually have very heavy periods but for the past 5 months my periods have been very strange. It's gone from 5 days bright red to 2 days of brown then finished apart from these last 2 periods. They have contained large flesh like

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  • Emru1996 1

    Missed period really because of stress?

    Hi, So far this year I've had one period which was at the end of January but since then I've not even so much as had a cramp. I called my GP in March when I was 2 weeks late and she said it was probably due to the death of my grandfather a few weeks before. I spoke to her again today and informed

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  • alexandra 37168 1

    Im 24 and I had NEVER had my period

    Im 24 and I had never of ever got my period I went to the doctors but they can't find anything. I stop going because I didn't had insurance anymore but lately I been having pain down there. Im scared

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  • ayesha54283 1

    I didnt have period for one month

    I m 31 and I m regular in my periods but last month I didn't have my period. I consulted my doctor and see I m nt pregnant. My doctor gave me medication ND said to have for three days ND after that wait for 15 days I ll have my periods if I don't she said she might do scanning. But I saw tiny

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  • vicki82494 2

    Stopping Cerelle mini pill advice/help?

    I have been on Cerelle mini pill for a few years and i have either had no periods or periods that start and then seem to never stop! Last month i was taking my cerelle pill as normal and i had bleeding however was very light there wouldnt even be any on my period pad, it was more like spotting and it 

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  • jane50931 1

    My period won't stop

    I'm 17, almost 18, and I have been bleeding everyday since I was 14. I tried multiple birth control pills and patches. I have been to every doctor that has anything to do with this type of issue. They say that nothing is supposed to be wrong with me and that I will just have to live with it because

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  • jaque2311 1

    Late period. Negative pregnancy test

    My period is 5 days late, probably for the first time and I'm not very excited about it. I have only had intercourse after when my ovulation was supposed to happen and not during (I am assuming that because my cycle is quite regular). I have taken 2 pregnancy tests (first one yesterday and the

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  • colette 48871 1

    Pelvic pain,5+weeks heavy vaginal bleeding,weight loss,

    Not sure we're to start but can't go on much longer like this as it's affecting my life in so many ways. I'm 33 have 2 girls would say I am usually fit and healthy however have suffered heavy painful periods and ovarian cysts in the past. I have had the contraceptive patch for over a year and had

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  • LoveAlways 1

    Periods are getting shorter and lighter.

    Hi, I'm 21 years old and my periods usually last about 5 days. They are normally pretty consistent with a Semi-heavy flow. However, for the past two months they've become shorter (3 days) I'd have extreme cramps the first day accompanied by heavy bleeding, the second day it's lighter without any cramps,...

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  • Unicornfairy 1

    Will I ever get pregnant? irregular periods my whole life

    I am 33 years old and i have never been pregnant. I weigh 267. I have hormones are imbalance. I started hitting the gym hard the last few days.  I am currently on my period for 18 days with heavy clots.  Has anyone ever had this issue and finally gave birth to a healthy baby? aftter the age 33. My

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  • annalise 84210 2
  • aklong00 2

    Hip pain on period?

    Ever since I got my first period, I have been getting this weird pain in my right hip. At first, I thought I had pulled a muscle or hurt something in my hip during sports. We were on vacation once and the car ride was about 4 hours. I was complaining about my hip hurting the whole ride and my mom

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  • emma.kay179 1

    Please someone tell me I'm not alone!

    Some reassurance I'm not alone please! I'm new to this site, not a netmum yet but have been trying for 6 years! I'd love some reassurance that I'm not alone in what I'm experiencing. Never ever had regular periods and always had a long cycle, until age 26 my periods were pretty normal, lightish

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