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Menstrual Cycle and Disorders

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  • Deadlykitten78 2

    Very Heavy Period...HELP please

    So I need to know should I discuss this with my dr. ( I did years back but the issue has since gotten worse) I'm 38 (so probably pre-menapausal which I know can cause heavier periods).  I started shark week yesterday ( my menstral cycle) and I have already gone through 40 over night pads.  I am bleeding...

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  • lauren46699 2

    Major PMS/PMDD Cerazette destrogygel

    Hello. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it. I had severe post natal anxiety and depression 10 days after giving birth. Fast forward 4 years I have been on anti depressants and keep having 'relapses' so my anti depressants have been added to and added to so now I am on...

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  • rebecca75310 2

    Weird period

    Hello, My periods are ALWAYS heavy and lasted a week. I've been prescribed mefenamic acid to help with the pain and tranexamic acid to reduce the blood which I took once but didn't agree with it so haven't used it since... I came on my period on Wednesday (31st May) it came on day 27 and my cycle is...

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  • TravelGirl 2

    Norethisterone and late period

    Hi everyone I took the norethisterone tablet last month and started my period 3 days later on the 17th. My app tells me I should have started my period on the 19th this month but it is now the 22nd and I am worried. Should I be worried or has anyone else had the same issue after taking these tablets...

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  • jaylb 2

    no period for a year?

    im 17, assigned female at birth (male identifying), and haven't had a period for around a year. before that, they were never frequent (from the time I started at around age 13), I'd have a period every two or so months. for context, I also have non-alcoholic fatty liver, and 164cm and weigh around 95kg....

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  • newhopes123 2

    Edema during non period days

    I am having this issue since 2 years. I don't see much improvement. I have edema for 25 days a month but whenever I get periods or near period day my swelling and edema would go away. Does someone has any idea.?

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  • Memsy882305 1

    Menstrual problems

    It's now 9days since the last day l had my last period and yesterday l have started having my periods again. What could be the problem. Please help

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  • melania 1

    Shortened Menstrual Cycle??

    Since I started my birth control, my cycle has gone from 28 days to 24, I have a super regular schedule...but it has only been a little over a week since I ended my last period and I have started bleeding again. I have heard of implantation bleeding, it seems a little too heavy to be this, but still...

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  • Isa3166 1

    What to do???

    I've been on the nexplanon for about 9 months now... it's been weird the last few months... really tender and swollen breasts ... a lot of cramping and spotting... this last month I had my period at the beginning of the month... 10 days later I start it again and it's really heavy and with a lot of discomfort......

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  • kaysie80717 2

    No Period after stopping birth control

    I was on birth control for three years, but decided to stop taking it after I had some gallbladder problems and birth control was not helping the situation. I stopped taking it in February, and has a period right away. It is not June and I have not had a period since. Some months I feel like I am getting...

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  • AndPeggy 1
  • leanne.m1989 1
  • ChloeR 1

    Tampon stuck please help!!!

    Put in a tampon this morning. When it was in, felt extremely lightheaded and dizzy (about to faint), which subsided in a couple minutes. It hurt slightly going in, and I HATED the feeling. Now it's been 8 hours. The tampon is full and the string covered in blood, and I have tried to remove it but it...

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  • madison34623 2

    Weird cycle followed by queasiness??

    So two cycles ago I started at around May 10, which was a little late. And it lasted not very long but was otherwise pretty normal. I had sex (with a condom) a few days before that, then again on May 26 (again, with a condom). Fast forward to May 31. My period came a week early and started out brown...

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  • melissa44372 1
  • ythmsn 1

    2 months of bleeding

    I have long periods of time with no menstrual cycle but this last year it has been fairly regular,  however 2 months ago my period stared as normal and ended as norma but 2 days later i passsed a large clot and a rush of blood.  It happens every few days for a day or so and then i seem to have had nother...

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  • Tea541 1

    I've had discharge for 3 days. What?

    I'm 18, F and these past few days, I've had a light brown discharge instead of my period. (I'm 3 days late) Today would be my 3rd day with it. I'm really worried. Last cycle, I was late by one day. I've had my period for 5 years and this year was when it finally became regular, (8th of every month)....

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  • bri18 1

    Period irregular and extreme pain

    Hi I'm a 17 year old female. My period is so irregular that I can't even keep track of it. I was put on birth control due to this. But it still is a little irregular which I'm assuming is normal. My period is also extremely light, and only lay four 2 days. When my period is here I get extremely bad cramps...

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  • lauren2511 1

    Anyone suffer with headaches around their period ??

    Mine always last exactly two days. I'm not on the pill came off 6months ago hopes that would help, which I think It did for a while now they are back. All I take is ibuprofen which doesn't even work. Wondering if there's something else I can take even if it's more homeopathic side ?

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  • Jessie2432 2

    Spotting in-between periods.

    Hey I'm in my early 20s and for the past year or so I have been spotting in-between periods most months. Is this normal? Should I go to the docs or am I just worrying over nothing? Also, I'm definitely not pregnant so that can't be the cause. Thanks!

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  • Seless97 2
  • kat27687 1


    I havent had my period in a very long time. Two years probably. I recently have had a lot of clear thin discharge and now i have brown stringy discharge when i wipe after using the restroom. Im not sexually active. Is this just old period blood?

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  • lilly66646 1

    brown discharge instead of period, am i pregnant?

    i had unprotected sex at the start of may, but i am on the birth control pill. i had my period on my break week a few days later. However a week after i experienced some light spotting. It's my break week again this week and i'm still yet to come on, however i'm experiencing brown discharge again???...

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  • lacrimosa122 2

    Missed period - please help! Really scared!

    I had my last period start on April 21 and end on April 27, and my period is late by 9 days so far. The last time I had sex was 3 weeks ago and I had a lot of sex with my boyfriend throughout my period too and he came in my butt when we did anal. I am aware that it can leak through to the vagina but...

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  • Arieschild 2

    Constant problems whenever my period comes.

    I'll try to make this as short as possible. Every time I'm on my period I somehow seem to suddenly get tonsillitis and a bout of either sores on the lip of my vagina or I get swollen glands in my armpit area. I have never had an std, but I will continue to test myself for as long as this goes on....

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  • lexi02 1

    Ovulation and bleeding during (?)

    Hi, I have a question about my mentrual cycle. I am ovulating right now, I keep track of it on a calendar and it's fairly normal. Well I had produced a rubber glob of discharge with a small amount of blood with it, and then a couple days later I'm bleeding brown discharge/blood. And it's enough to soak...

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  • emma14227 1

    Sudden period change and possible related weight loss

    I want to start off by saying that normally I would go straight to the Gyno for this, but I'm currently living in a foreign country as an Au Pair and my language here is basic at best. So I'm inquiring around the internet first to see if I should roll the dice on going to a doctor that I will most definitely...

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  • kaysie80717 2

    No Period After Stopping Birth Control

    I stopped taking birth control in January, due to some stomach issues I was having. I was previously on it for about three years. Since coming off it, I have not had a period. That's four months. I am not pregnant. Does anyone have any idea of what I should do, or is it just a waiting game? Thanks! 

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  • HermioneG 1
  • MEll2010 1

    Abnormal Periods and Abdominal discomfort

    For months now i have experienced Heavy bleeding and clotting vaginal discomfort really bad abdominal pain. I went to the doctor and i told her my symptoms of having really bad stomach cramps constantly all month long for going on 6 months and discomfort she tells me maybe im having a stomach issue and...

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  • amanda69482 1

    FSH/LH levels high

    Hi, I've just been to the doctor and had blood tests done as i've missed my period for the last four months. My FSH came back at 54 and an LH 42 which the doctor has explained is higher than normal. I am booked in to see a specialist in two weeks but im really worried. I've done a google search and have...

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  • mireille49133 2

    tired of beeing tired

    hei again, I am so fed up of beeing so tired for 2 / 3 days when I have my period, next to neck , shoulder pain and migrene. I feel depressed that I can not funktion on those days and my kids have to tip toe around me , as my head explodes and I have no strength left on those days. Dr. says I just should...

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  • jessica 71098 1

    My period won't stop.

    I've been on my period for 2 years does anybody know what's wrong with me all the doctors I've been to don't know what's wrong.

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  • gemma57277 2

    Spotting 10 days before period. Every month. NOT pregnant.

    I've been searching for an answer for this but it always comes up with "Implantation bleeding" which is NOT the case here. Basically, for a few years (I'm 32 now) I've been spotting for 10 days before every period. It's not super heavy but enough that I need to wear a pantyliner. I get very mild cramping...

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  • sarah45875 1

    After period dark discharge

    Hi, Hoping for some advice as not sure if I need to be concerned and go to a medical professional for a examination. My period stared 12May 2017, it was very heavy and lasted 6 days, on the 23rd May I began having dark bloody discharge - this is still ongoing, I have had similar where it happened for...

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