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Menstrual Cycle and Disorders

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Heart rate lower when on period?

    So I usually have a low heart rate in the 50's but I've noticed for a few months that before my period and during my heart rate is even low 50's and high 40's resting. I've noticed when I'm off it will go back up some resting wise. I use a Fitbit so it will go from around average RHR of 54

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  • meggsy194 1

    Headaches AFTER period finishes

    Hello. So, for the past 3-4 months I have noticed I am getting tension-style headaches for about 5-7 days either during or after my period finishes. I don't think they are migraines because I seem to be able to function with them, even though they make me feel miserable. They stick with me

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  • ellie309 2

    Feeling petrified

    Having a major wobble today. So after my scan last week I had a message from my consultant to say that my lining was 36mm which still could be normal for me depending where I was in my cycle and was nothing to worry about. My bloods were OK apart from ca125 which was 50 but had come down from 86

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  • Mrsgilby569 2

    Can your periods change in your mid 30's?

    Hi I have always had regular heavy periods for years. Last year I had a lot of deaths in my family and stress,this is when I started to notice my periods had become very light on the first couple of I went to the doctors and had scans/Gyno came back I had mild polycystic on my

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  • callyline 2

    cycle pain?

    I am 43 years old and have been on the combined pill for over 20 years - I was advised to come it off as I now have increased blood pressure.  I stopped taking the pill on 26/3 and had the withdrawal bled - i then didnt start the new packet 7 days later, however for the last 48 hours I have had

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  • venusz 1
  • bananamilkshake 1

    I feel pregnant but have never had vaginal sex. Am I crazy?

    I feel like a crazy woman for thinking this but it's really getting to me.  Basically I feel like I'm pregnant even though I have never had vaginal sex.  About 3 months ago me and my boyfriend (both aged 18 and 19) engaged in dry sex/ dry humping as we both want to wait until marriage for the "

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  • keikohomura 1

    Is this normal?

    Hi, I'm 16, and I've been having some problems that I'm too afraid to ask the people around me about. One of them is that lately my periods have pretty late. It takes about a month and a week till the next one comes, and within the past year, I think it skipped two or three times Also, usually

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  • gemma 68984 1

    Periods! Arrggghhhhh

    This may be long winded!! I have been having trouble with my periods, they are usually regular but are heavy and sometime last up to 2 weeks even having slight bleeding after this. I have had scan that should one overy was enlarged but doctor did not take this any further as I had no other symptoms

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  • RHGSLK 1
  • amber0006 2

    Very Light Period for past 4 month

    27 years old, always had very regular heavier periods. For the past 4 months, starting in May of 2016 until recently in August 2016, I have been getting very light periods. And I was almost late to start AF in May. I can now pretty much go with using 1 pad all day (but don't for sanitary reasons),

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  • StaceyLouise91 2

    Pain up the bum.

    I have only recently been getting these sharp pains deep inside my anus when I push to poop when i'm on my period. These pains only started when i had the copper IUD, but i have had this removed and am now on the pill, i've had the same pains inside my anus when i went on my withdrawal bleed. I'm

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  • CharuNikhil 1

    Light period

    My marriage was in February. Since then my periods have become lighter. I usually have a 32 day long cycle and bleed for 5 days straight. It is heavy too. But last two months my periods were a lot lighter than usual. One cycle was 33 days long and bleeding lasted 3 days. Next cycle was 28 days long

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  • mira78034 1

    Late period, cramps and no pregnancy!

    My period is 15 days late. Did te home pregnancy out negative. I keep getting menstrual cramps, back pain every where (upper lower near buttocks), sometimes severe headaches, pain in knees, even thigh muscles. The weird thing is that my breasts are usually very very sore and

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  • anonchris 1

    Weird period every time

    Hello, I have very random periods, to the point where when me and my husband were trying to have children my doctor had me chart everything including basal temps and such. When he looked at my info he just told me that without a specialist I would not get pregnant. Anyways randomly got pregnant,

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  • victoria47312 1

    i've got my period for the second time and it's a mess

    i know i shouldn't be on here because i'm 14. but last year i got my first period in May when i was 13, and now almost a year later i got it a second time. but this time i've been bleeding so much and it's mostly all brown with some clots. but i have school the next day and i don't want to have

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  • rani21626 1

    Breast pain 2weeks, no period morning after pill

    I have irregular period. I had my period : 23/12/2016 24/1/2017 No period on february 3/3/2017 Had unprotected sex 12/3/2017 and i'm pretty sure i was ovulating i took "morning after pill" ellaona on 14/3/2017 which i've been told that it has effect up to 5days, it delays ovulation but it doesn'

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  • m75389 1

    Period for 2 weeks+?

    Took Primolot Nor for 3-5 days (different timings of the day). Period started off well, slight cramps but very light. Usually my period is 5-7 days long & I expected it to be over with on the 7th day. After the 7th day, my "period" just kept getting worse & worse. It's now the 12th day(?) and there

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  • Summer21 2


    Hi all can anyone help I'm struggling to understand I'm on a weight loss diet and u stick to my deit like it's my life I weigh myself last week when on my period and I weigh half stone lighter then work later I weigh my self and I'm half stone heaver it's getting me down iv manage to loose 1stone

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  • haf52426 1
  • laurenanne89 1

    Late period... negative test results!

    So I had my last period on the 15th Feb.. lasted the usual amount of days which is 4 days for me. I'm usually around a 33-34 day cycle. So it ended roughly on the 19th I had unprotected sex on the 21st. Technically I know it's unlikely I could get pregnant from this but not impossible. I

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  • kp1979 2

    Sertraline / Zoloft, irregular periods

    I started on sertraline in August last year. I had a pretty stressful year as was diagnosed with Ms in may amd had an abortion at 6 weeks in July, then had to get tested and have a biopsy for cervical irregularities. Luckily all clear. Since July my periods have been irregular and sometimes only 20

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  • Venividivici 1


    I'm 14 years old and I started my period a little over two years ago. The other day I went to the bathroom and the toilet was filled with blood, but I hadn't felt my usual symptoms. Thinking it was my period, I put on a pad and continued my day. After a couple of hours I went back to the bathroom

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  • Tristan22 2
  • Rani209 2
  • kiu27166 1

    Need advice. Scary to me

    Hi all, i m worried n dono wat to do. I am suppose to hv period on 22/3 due to last period 1st day was 22/2. However, i hv a very little of bleeding on 20/3. It is like 4-5 little dot of blood on my panty liner. Then it increase little bit next day. But nothing out on the following day. However,

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  • Rani209 2

    I had done vaginal intercourse with my bf he used a condom today ut

    My bf used a condom it was our first time but there was no pain and bleeding at all today is my periods were supposed to come i.e 24th march but it didint came now i am worried a lot thinking i am pregnant please help me as soon as possible we did the intercourse on 4th march but as soon the condom

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  • carole27374 3

    Worried someone help

    Had merina coil removed 4 months ago after having it for 5 years . Had couple of periods but were very light (one min bleeding then nothing till next day ) . For last week i have had bad muscular aches and pains everywhere , my breasts were really painful and just out of sorts . My period started

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  • kaitlyn90531 1

    One missed pill - Now heard bleeding

    Hey everyone! Last Thursday I missed my birthcontrol pill - took it on Friday in the morning (within 24 hours!) Because i noticed some red spotting. I thought this was just a breakthrough bleeding, especially as I was just in my second week - thus I also continued gradually taking my pill like

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  • Sweet76 3


    How common is it to be pregnant and have a period through the whole thing?

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  • Rani209 2
  • navin3915 1
  • Nicky84 1
  • ale13188 1

    first day of period sweaty shaky pale episodes

    hi everyone  every so often on the fist day of my period i get hit with about 20 to 30 mins of nasusea, cold sweats, shaking and low blood pressure. it usually causes me to throw up and then i feel normal again.  it hadnt happened to me in a while, and i had spoken to my obgyn in the past and she

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  • star 41734 1

    Period only lasted for two days and stopped on the third day?

    I haven't had sex since January 1st even then it didn't last long because I didn't want to have sex so took an emergency pill that day in case even though he did not ejaculate. I bled a week early and lasted like a normal period. I also had a period in February and tested negative many times. This

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