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Hello everyone. This is my first post.. I have a difficult decision for me but feel I need to do it. A little background. About 7 years ago I went in to my GP to have a prostate exam with the old glove and lube. When the nurse took my BP it was 210/118. She left the reading on a stickie on the office door for my GP to see when she came in to see me. When my GP cam in and saw it she took my reading again. It was still high. SHe immediately slapped me on Coversyl and a water pill and sent me on my way. No going home with a home monitor No hospital for tests. Just meds and home.

I read my BP at home and could always get it down to 120's / 80's after about 5 or 6 reading. one day I read it and it was 170 over 95 and I got fed up.. Havent read it since. 

Now in the 7 or so years over time. I have come down with Erectile Dysfunction....Vision Problems and Gout. All side effects of the drugs. WHen I asked her to switch my meds she said she liked the meds I was on and gave me a prescription for Viagra. When I used to come in with my readings 120's over 80's, she would tell me we could get them lower. Now I am going to be 60 this year. I am tired of worrying about my BP. She never explained that at my age 140's over 90's is ok... Gotta get it lower.. Im tired of worrying about my weight.. What I eat ... What I drink.. I want my life back.. and all the side effects... Im done.. She asked me to take 2 readings a day for one month before I come into see her... THat is 60 readings.. to see if we can lower the meds.. Who has the time for that.

So I have decided I think .. that in 2 weeks when I go into see her.. I am going to start over to see what my BP really is in a relaxed environment and then providing on what meds I need.. to switch the meds so dont get the bad side effects.. or I am switching doctors.. I dont like the way this whole situation has been handled.. and there have been other issues as well. I have lost some trust in her.. Any opinions.. 

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    It's hard to say if those problems are side effects of an ACE inhibitor and a diuretic, or just age and life.

    ?If your readings at home, with the pills, are all good, well, that's good news of course, but you should feel free to try skipping one or both and see how it goes, as long as you have your own meter and use it you can quickly see what's what and get right back on as needed.  Yeah, doctors seldom say that but that's why doctors are such a pain, I don't know what they're telling them in med school but it needs an update.

    ?As for that 140/90 bit for old folks, don't believe it.  That might be "OK" but that's different from "good", especially over a longer term.  I'd say if you can get under 132/88 or thereabouts without drugs, fine.  If you're in between, well, that's your decision.  I'm mostly better now but sometimes it jumps up and I take the ACE/ARB, and that knocks it back down.

    Hope that helps.

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    There was a direct correlation between starting and continuing the medication and these issues arising. I had no symptoms prior and my pharmacist said the symptoms come on slowly over time.
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      I know another thing that comes on slowly over time, and that's age.

      ?I think "the book" says that diuretics increase susceptibility to gout, but I think you want to see your uric acid numbers over time rather than guess at it.

      ?Any blood pressure med may contribute to ED, but again, age does every time!  Ditto with vision problems.

      ?Do you watch your diet, in regard to gout?  Have you taken gout meds?  Just wondering where you are on that ... had some myself, though not recently.

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      They also say that ED is a warning of heart disease five years down the line as it indicates the start of atherosclerosis with the accumulation of cholesterol-filled plaque inside arteries.
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    agreed.,,,, here is my thing.. I am not at a point in my life to take 3 new meds.. to fix the new problems that the prior 2 meds caused.. and so on and so on.. thatss why all the med companies are getting rich and why all the PD s keep recommending meds,, before BP meds.. I was in perfect health..


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    I hope they took your BP before the prostate exam, that sounds like a potential recipe for disaster. Its not uncommon for hypertension to be treated symptomatically, investigations without other symptoms rarely turn up anything useful though I hope she did some blood tests.

    What shouldn't be common is a Dr saying they like the drugs your on, its not her taking them, the important thing is whether you are prepared to tolerate the side effects. Its already well known that compliance with drug treatment is quite poor and with attitudes like this its not surprising. There is no need for you to agonize over the decisions, its your body, and if these are the only drugs you've tried, there are lots of ways your Dr could have helped you to manage the side effects. Your also right that at the BP levels you mention the benefits of taking the drugs are not huge.

    I do have some sympathy for the view that a new Dr might be a good idea, but you could simply try to be a bit more direct & see what happens. Tell her you are no longer prepared to take the Conversyl (the most likely culprit) and ask her for ideas about stopping or changing. Ignore any attempts to order you to continue, simply go back to talking about when you stop it. If she wants you to spend your life recording your BP, simply say no, you've more important things to do, perhaps offer to take it a few times to assess any changes if there are no changes why bother.

    If you do end up changing your Dr, there are websites around that want peoples feedback about the medical care they receive, use them, a Dr shouldn't be acting like this.

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      My reading of it was that he did not do the prostate exam after seeing his BP reading.

      I had my BP taken before a prostate biopsy and it was normal after it they got a reading of 182/95

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      Anxiety over medical treatment, pending treatment, treatment outcomes, going to doctor, etc may be impacting your bp readings.  I hate going to the doctor, period.  I have WCS and have a new doctor (I moved to a new state) who doesn't believe in white coat syndrome.  I sit in a puddle of sweat with my hair matted down and this pill of a doctor snips away.  CANNOT STAND her.  Thankfully I've had two major surgeries in 2017 which indicated NORMAL bp 102/59 - 111/69 (range) pre and post-anesthetic and an emergency room visit due to bruised ribs (painful) in Nov 2017.  Upon arrival to ER higher bp due to injury etc.  Final bp before discharge from ER 115/69.  Now does the dingbat general doctor acknowledge?  NOPE.  I won't go back to the dingbat.  She is nuts.  My point is doctors sometimes prey and push meds onto patients.  I am 55 and take nothing for anything at this point in my life.  The dingbat can't believe that I am 55 and healthy.  Wish I had my old doctors in the other state.  Anyhow....  stay calm and get second or third opinions when needed.  Don't freak yourself out.  Enjoy your life.  Good luck

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