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Is there any reason why we cannot take bisoprolol at night before bed,

that may be better for the lethargic symptom instead of walking around in a dream all day,as if taken in the morning the worst of the effects are worn off about 6pm.

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    I take my bisoprolol at night for the last 18 months, and it does not elevate the lethargic symptoms, but does ease them.  The tiredness for me also has something to do with my sleep apnea
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      I also suffered from sleep apnea but my consultant put me on a 24hour monitor and because the "pauses" lasted more than 5 seconds he recommended a pace maker which resolved the problem 100%

      I should state that I too used to take bisop before sleep but consultant advised me to stop taking it at that time until the pacemaker was in place. The problem he said was that the "pauses" should not be longer than ?? seconds as it can be very dangerous

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    Like Jenny35762 I also have taken Bisoprolol/HCTZ 10/6.25 mg at bedtime for several years. I started doing that because taking it in the morning left me with the lowest level by next a.m., leading to swollen hands that could not open a milkbottle in the morning, and I generally felt worse.

    Also BP tends to be highest at about 5 a.m. in most folks, as we found out in a hospital study, at which time the left-over level of Biso... would be at it's LOWEST in  one's body system, {that is if you take the medication only once daily}...

    I felt an immediate improvement when I changed to talking it @ h.s [hour of sleep]

    There may be one drawback... If one's fluid intake is up @ + after supper in the evening, your bladder will wake you in the middle of the night, due to the action of the Hydrochlorothiazide 6.25 mg which is a diuretic,,, + most diuretics work better + faster if you recline fairly flat, after taking the HCTZ... which one usually does at bedtime. If your HCTZ mg dose is 6.25 - you should however make sure to get about 2000cc fluid-intake/day or the HCTZ effect on the kidneys may cause you to be dehydrated... You can tell dehydration when your fingertips get wrinkly.

    Some folks take 5mg in the a.m. and 5 mg Biso @ h.s. to distribute the effect... yet I never have, so have no idea how that affects patients... I used to work in hospitals, so forgive the abbreviations.

    One more aspect is the strenght of the Biso-dose and how high the mg dosage of your HCTZ part is, of the tablet.  If you have the side effects you described above, they seem too bothersome... you should re-evaluate these effects WITH  YOUR  DOCTOR.... BP meds are a very individual component of BP regulation and have to be tried out till you find the right one you can live with... yet I would definitely try using the medication @ h.s. first and keep a journal of your experience, then go see Doc. and tell him how the 2 different approaches worked for you. It depends how long you've been taking this medication also.

    If you recently started on it, I hope you have read all the side effects that might come your way.  In my case I often have a low heart-rate in the morning, which is a side effect, but if I can live with the tiredness that causes, it is actually good for your heart not to work overtime....just takes me forever to get going in the morning. .......The other side effect I experience now after being on the medication for 10+ years, is tinnitus...those persistent Cicadas buzzing in my ears, and dizziness, which causes me to carry my cell-phone in my pocket at all times, in case a fall occurs.

    Well - that's life of a 78 year old....I wish you the best possible outcome !!!

    Wishing you well !


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    Many people with side effects take their dosage at night. I tended to do that when taking it. I did wonder if the benefit of the drug covered 24 hours or if it did me more good if taken in the morning when active during the day.
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     Queried this with the doc recently and was told there is no reason why it cannot be taken at night. I therefore take the whole dose at night and feel much better for it. It's no fun being a zombie all day. 
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    Hi Charles, I take 5mg Bisoprolol around 8pm but cannot get a full nights sleep. I have tried various other times but unfortunately cannot find a time that suits me. I have nightmares and have had a problem with sleep-walking. I started taking Bisoprolol last September following my Atrial Flutter episode and have never been without some kind of side effects. I have tried to get my GP to put me on some other medication but he wont. Three weeks ago I started reducing my dosage by cutting the tablets in half  and so far I have not seen much of a difference. I am still not getting a full nights sleep although my nightmares have eased. My head is still buzzing and I develope a very stiff neck in the morning which eases later in the day. I also take varying doses of Warfarin and Simvastatin. I am also 78 years old Charles awaiting an Ablation and somtimes wonder if I will ever get back to normal before I reach 100. Best regards Derek (Joiner)
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      Hi- I am dh29599 - I am the 78 year old - and I am sorry you have such SE {short for Side Effects} ... I would not be surprized if Simvastatin and Warfarin have a big hand in making your SEs worse...   Hope you can go online and Google: " Simvastatin-Drug interactions & Side Effects"...  and do the same research with Warfarin and Bisoprolol. ....Print it out and highlight all the side effects in each medication that you experience...

      Then compare the SEs.... if any of the same SEs appear in all three medications... you can bet you'll experience more or less strong symptoms.

      Years back my mother visited and looked skinny... in short - I checked her meds as I told you above, and found that 4 of her meds had the SE of diarrhea.... no wonder she complained about that problem and had lost weight.... 

      Unfortunately Bisoprolol is a Beta-blocker so putting you on another betablocker still brings with it similar SEs, which is most likely why Doc did not get you another one.  Also Biso is the least expensive and the most well tolerated...   If you have cut your dose in half, I hope it is with your Doc's consent... You could try taking 2.5mg @ 8:00 a.m. and the other 2.5mg in the pm.... That would certainly decrease the high onslaught of dosage  every evening interfering with your sleep-time..

      If you are having ablation for management of atrial fibrillation or other... decreasing your Bisoprolol should definitely be discussed with your Doc. ... You can call his office and tell the nurse... then ask her to call you back with his answer.... that would spare you an Office call.... and if Doc is alarmed about your action - you should get a call back within days....if not rattle his cage again....  I wish you well, and one more thing.......

      Sleep problems can be somewhat alleviated with pouring 1/2 cup of milk into a small sausepan, add 2-3 Tablespoons of honey and bring to a boil... pour into a cup, not a glass {it might bust} and add enough cold milk to make it drinkable, then drink the whole thing WARM and FAST....  This works because it increases the calcium level in the blood which is the perfect sleeping pill..... {unless you are diabbetic} 

      I fed that to my babies when they were fussy, and still use it if I cannot sleep.... works for me everytime.  {It's important to HEAT the honey to kill any unlikely but possible bacteria.}

      I hope you feel better... and again wish you well


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      Bacteria in honey? Honey is often used on dressings for leg ulcers and wounds because of its antibacterial qualities. There is now a lot of research going on in that field. Science Daily on your side of the Atlantic have had articles on it. 

      This is UK Health you may have noticed that it can take weeks to get an appointment with a GP and in the main practice nurses are greatly overworked and not easily contacted. Questions have to be passed on by non medical reception staff.

      Obama care may drag you down to our standards!  

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      Wow... New Zealand is really pushing the value of their Manuka honey for ulcer healing, as I just saw in Google...but there is a difference between slapping it onto an exterior wound and eating it...

      In the US raw honey is not supposed to be given to babies and young children, it's just safer to bring it to a boil first, as in the case of a sleeping potion, it is the particular type of sugar content with the warmth of the milk that one is after not antibacterial components... and yes, the process of retrieving honey from the comb can introduce bacteria. 

      The very fact of spooning it out of the jar can do that. 

       Besides that, concentrating on the Bisoprolol SE problem I forgot that the "uk" in "" does not stand for University of Kentucky, I attended + near which I live, and therefore had the US Doctor-contact availability in mind,   but this "uk" stands for England. Thanks for reminding me. I spent 2 years there in the late 50s.

      I am sorry to hear that Physician contact has slowed to a crawl since then, across the pond. Even if Obamacare causes slower service, I still think every Human should be insured.  And cutting one's BP-medicine dose in half should be approved by the phycisian--  eventually...!!

      If one can monitor one's own BP on a daily basis, and no increase is seen, then I guess it can be safe to reduce ??

      However, even if BP taken in a resting state is ok....Work ,walking, etc. may shoot those numbers up higher on 1/2 the mg dose, than they would go with the prescribed mg dose. 

      Again, I wish you all the best possible outcome !

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      Manuka honey is big business for New Zealand we passed through hundreds of miles of boring manuka trees but did not spot any bees. I guess it was too cold for them in Autumn.

      I tried Manuka for acid reflux. You take two tablespoonful’s before meals and it coats your esophagus. It was a bit sickly to take but effective. One day I went for some blood tests and my GP later said “Your diabetic” as my UK reading was 14.3. I told him that I’d been eating a lot of honeyJ

      Physician contact was even worse in the 50's when in the main they worked on their own. No appointments you just turned up and sat or stood waiting your turn. If you phoned he or usually his wife answered.

      Let me quote you the difference between US and UK health care.

      A friend in Baltimore was last week diagnosed with aortic stenosis and referred for aortic valve replacement. He has been told that he will be admitted for surgery on June 16th or 18th.

      I was diagnosed in early March 2011. Long time between all my tests and my referral to the other hospital for surgery in the October not sent as the cardiologis had gone on holiday for a month. I eventually had my surgery on May 22nd 2012.  

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      Thank you for your quick reply... So your friend's surgery in Baltimore is happening within a week or 2, whereas you had to wait 14 months...?!

      Is it a matter of not enough medical staff and hospitals in UK...?  

      I have lived in Germany, England, Canada and USA, and have seen a Dr. shortage only in Canada, yet my father's aneurysm was triaged there from the 1st surgery-date given for late August, back to April in 1998 {?} as surgery schedules are apt to change frequently and are adjusted to triage the worst first !!!.  I am hoping that your long wait was due to the Doctor's opinion , that you were not that urgently ill  yet !!! and that you are doing well now, despite the long wait  !!!

      But a month's vacation...??? ...You sure this Doc did not have to go on a sebatical ?  Doctors often here combine Vacations and Educational dates.   I hope your surgeon learned a lot on his vacation !

      You are right I also remember, that on Mo +Tues.+ Thurs+ Fri.  one could just walk into a Doc's office, sit and wait... forever... Wed. his office was closed. Docs also made housecalls then.  Gosh- I'm old, my daughter would not know what I am talking about...

      Manuka Honey... getting curious ...we have a store here that has food

      from all over the world... will have to search for that there.

      We are so off the track here... Bisoprolol was the point of contention...

      If you are on that medication I do so hope you do not have to deal with the page and a half of side effects that medications seems to cause.

      I wish you well and hope your friend's surgery is also sucessful !


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      Hi, I seemed to have missed replying to your post.

      Yes, 14 months we have too many people for our health services to cope with. Some years ago my sister in law waited three years for a bypass operation.

      The one on the months holiday was not my surgeon but a cardiology registrar who was to refer me to another hospital for the surgery.

      So many of our doctors and consultants are from abroad that when they go home on holiday they they use their years allocation at once.

      I did see him again a year or so later at the same time of year and he was seeing three times his usual ammount of patients that week as he was again going home. 

      I no longer take bisoprolol and my records now say that i'm intolerant to it.

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