March19th 2016 sufferd heart attack age 26

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I am 26 years of age and one night after a long day at work I was getting into bed and started getting intense chest pains the type of pain you get when food is stuck but it was 100 times more Intense and unbearable. I was getting hot and cold with this pain for about 5mins then started to vomit and shoulders and arms was very weak. I woke up my mum and called a amberlance they arrived quickly.

Performed a ecg and told me I was having a (heart attack) and rushed me to hospital where I had two (cardiac arrest)

I was informed this happend because the fat in my artrie that runs down the front of the heart had broken of from the wall and formed a blood clot to repair the wall of the artrie with formed a blockige with was also very high up the artrie and another part of the atrie had collapsed. I have no family history of heart conditions

I now have two stents fitted and a thombos I think it's called in my heart with I believe is a very little blood clot I now take these medications daily

Aspirin 75mg

Rivaroxaban 20mg

Clopidogrel 75mg

Bisoprolol 2.5mg

Ramipril 5mg

Atorvastatin 80mg

Lansoprazole 30mg

The doctors and the hospital tell me that I'm ok and the risk of something like this happening again is very very low

My reason for starting this discussion is because I am struggling very bad to cope and come to terms with this mentally and phiscly

It plays on my mind 24hours of the day i worry so much I fell like at any point I could just die. I can't sleep I stay awake till early hours of the morning because I am scared untill I can't keep my eyes open any more i sometimes find myself crying at nothing and also stressing over the financial position this has put me in. I fill shortness of breath sensations in my chest,back,arms/armpits that my not even be there mybe they are it's got to the point where I don't know anymore if I'm felling it or if it's just in my head.

When I take my concerns to my doctor he tells me everything will be fine go home rest and stop worrying this will all pass with time. But I can't seem to do it i fell so drained and don't know what to do. I don't want to live like this I just want to fill like myself again to be normal and fell free from what I can only decribe as torture

I put on a brave face and tell people I'm ok but I'm not ok

Will this every go away and will I return to the strong confident character I once was ?

If anybody has any advice that mybe helpfully to me I would be very grateful.

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    Hi sorry foryour probkems. I know how you feel I had a 4 way by pass last year. But still feel frightened . You need to be able to talk to a counsellor . Ask your doctor to help you find some one . Best if luck and know that what you are feeling is normal .
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    Husband ws 59 when he was diagnosed with heart failure, possible infection by virus, never really found out what caused his condition.

    He had big problems coming to terms with the changes in his life, we, both of us went together for counselling, it was great, found out why we had these feelings, and then how to deal with the fear, and the changes all of this had brought about. 5 nearly 6 years on he/we are doing very well, yes we have had various mountains to climb, but have reached the summit, and it has ended up just being another bump on the road of life.

    Your local Dr should be able to reccomend somebody who can help you get through this, if not the hospital you were in may have a asistance scheme for their heart attack patients.

    The hospital we were in had and I believe still has a 8 week re-habilitation scheme, focasing on diet, exercises, what you should and what you also should not be doing.

    We were enrolled by our specialist its was very re-assuring to discover more about his condition, the education helped us understand better what was happening and also be able to recognise if husband was developing further complications.

    Where are you, we are in australia.

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    Oh Bradley that's awfull. You have gone through an absolutely dreadful experience, it's no wonder you feel frightened. I think everyone would feel exactly the same. It's almost like post traumatic stress disorder, you need to have some profession help.

    One of the hardest things is believing the Drs when they say you are ok and

    don't worry, they don't have to get through those awful, lonely, frightening nights that seem to last forever. It looks like you are on all the appropriate drugs that will help your heart recover, and hearts do recover. There are some remarkable stories on this site of people going thr similar events that lead a normal life, it just takes time for your mind and heart to get better. My GP says that damage to the heart causes a chemical release that has a direct effect on the brain that causes depression. Nearly everyone who suffers trauma of the heart for whatever reason experiences anxiety and depression. 

    Please go back to your GP or contact the cardiology nurse and ask for help. Cardiac rehabilitation classes would also be good as you can exe under supervision and talk to other sufferers. Talking to others who know what you are going thro will help enormously.

    please know that everyone on this forum will be supporting you, you are not alone and I hope your fear lessens over the next few weeks. Keep posting and letting us know how you are.

    with heart felt blessings, Glynis


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    Did the doctors give you advice on any lifestyle changes you need to make in order to prevent further problems? Counselling to help you come to terms with an event that is usually experienced by much older people might be a good idea. It is possible that the cocktail of drugs you are on could be contributing to you feeling unwell. I don't know about the others but I felt sluggish and depressed on Bisoprolol and others in this forum have complained about breathlessness on this. Statins can cause muscle pain in some people.

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    Ask your doctor if your cholesterol is high if not ask him to take you off the stations as there is no need for them if you don't suffer from high cholesterol. Talk to him / her about how your feeling again and if they say it will pass tell them they said that last time and it hasn't so now you would like to talk to a counsellor to help you through it. It's a well known fact that anxiety and depression can develop after having heart attacks or heart failure and that's something that can be avoided if your doctor was any good. Ring the hospital and ask to be put through to the cardiac rehab and find out how to get an appointment it's very good and helps with the does and dont's in everyday life. Hope everything goes ok and never ever stop asking the doctor for help as that's what their there for and if your doctor doesn't help change to a different one. Good luck.

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    I understand completely! I spent my 26th birthday in a Cardiac ICU after what proved to be my second Infarct (also called Heart Attack). The best advice I had at that time was to get on with my life and in effect "forget" about it. That was in 1968! The effects don't go away but there were no stents in those days or indeed much treatment. I had Bypass surgery in 1989, Heart Failure in 2009, CRT-D's in 2010 and 2015. Still enjoying life as it is the only one I will ever have!! Enjoy and keep up with the meds.

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    Hi Bradley, I understand ur feelings of fear n unsleepingness,But I agree w the others....GO to get therapy, n ask ur Dr about setting to explain what each pill is for n why r u getting them? I was told 3 wks ago I have Atherscoliosis n Stage 2 COPD N I'm like ok Ty for your diagnosis n I appreciate ur time,I will go back for tests n checkup now,But I really won't worry about my heart that much,Because when it's time I'm going, like it or not? All we can do is take care of ourselves the best we can n live for today! Eat healthy as u can n don't worry so much..... CAUSE that will cause stress n make ur heart weak....LIVE FOR TODAY,N DONT WORK ABOUT TOMORROW! GOD BLESS U! 💓 💜 💚 ITS SCARY BUT U CAN GET THROUGH THIS! B.T.Y.ITS IN MY GENES!

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    Aw bradley i feel for you i was told i had a leeky valve just the other day it had been on my mind all the time am i goin to die and leev all my family behind but u know what i was making myself ill witch i think you are doing yes everyone say ohhh u will b fine but in our heads we dont think this way have you thought about counceling as u have had a big shock to your system or have you thought about acupunctur for ansyity i have been told this is a great help you mite want to look into it and i hope you come to terms with whats happend to you keep posting and let us know how you are getting on god bless
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