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Hey everyone, so after a month of being diagnosed with MC and having read many peoples stories here I thought it was time to share my experience and successes/failures.

I first noticed the bumps as I said 4 weeks ago, about 8 or so white pearly papules up the shaft of my penis. I have Fordyce spots on my penis also, which I have had forever, but I think this is why I didn't spot the Molluscum earlier. The early stage MC looks very similar to fordyce spots.

I also had thrush at the same time I was diagnosed with MC, which makes me wonder if this may have influenced the ferocity of the initial break out? My immune system has definitely been run down recently, which I think is a contributing factor to the spread.

I booked in with a dermatologist right away and she told me not to worry as its very common in adults nowadays due to sexual transmission. She then went on and curetted (removed the cores with a tool) the ones that were visible.  

I must mention that my anxiety was really peaked by my MC diagnosis and I noticed very faint bumps all over my body. I wasn't sure if they were normal or early molluscum. 

I showed the derma and she said it just looked like general skin irritation... so I felt reassured.

Fast forward a week and 6 more came up in my pubic region and the ones up my torso were looking more and more like MC. So I decided to go to a new derma. He told me they were still too early to call but then froze the new ones that had come up on my penis and pubis.

I went back the following week and he positively ID'd the ones on my torso as MC... my worst nightmare! not only that but my skin was giving me real trouble pretty much all over my body. Dry and irritated, sometimes flakey. I've always had sensitive skin but not full blown eczema, but it looks like the MC infection has made my skin react and in turn that reaction has contributed to the widespread of my infection.

I have some acne on my body normally but now I just freak out at every blemish or bump that comes up! My anxiety is through the roof and I feel extremely depressed. I just want this nightmare to be over...

The derma gave me Hydrogen Peroxide 1% cream to apply to new lesions as the come up and ordered me to come back in 4 weeks. I don't think I will leave it that long though.

Lesions in my pubic area seem to mature a lot quicker than the ones anywhere else on my body. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'll keep you all up to date with my progress. I'd love to speak to any other MC sufferers. Feeling very alone right now.  

I change my bedding every night, new clothes every day and every night when I go to bed. I use dermol 500 instead of soap in the shower. I even wear latex gloves when I clean the affected areas in the shower.. then I use paper towels and a hair dryer to dry my body.

I haven't had sex or even masturbated since this all began in fear of spreading it. 

Yet it STILL spreads! 

I've removed all things in my diet that may affect my immune systems function i.e. Caffeine, added sugar etc, and I've been taking Vit C, Zinc, B6 & D3. 

I'm not going to let MC win though. We'll all be free of this awful thing someday, and I hope that day is just around the corner. We can do this! 

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    I had 2 bumps appear around February, its May now. And now I have around 9ish. They are in my groin (pubic) area. It takes each one 2-3 months to disappear, but new ones appear after. This is not a disease that will win. Eventually it will go away. Most articles online say between 6-18 months. And by the way, your percussion are unnecessary. They virus will continue to spread until your immune system realizes its there. That's why it may take up to 18 months.

    Keep me updated with your fight! All the best!

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      Hey Allen thanks for taking the time to reply to my thread.

      Ah man, I'm sorry to hear you've had these for a number of months. What are you doing treatment wise? Are you actively treating them or seeing a doctor to get them removed regularly?

      Yeah it does feel like fighting a losing battle when you go to get a bunch frozen off and only 2 days later new ones are cropping up... I think the best thing we can do is to give our immune systems the ammunition it needs. Well rested with a healthy diet. Thats realistically the only thing we have in our control.

      I do rate the Molludab treatment also though. Might be worth trying if you havent already. 

      Its Potassium Hyrdoxide 5%, which breaks down the skin and irritates the lesions forcing an immune response. So that could help to kick start the recession of the virus.

      The day I don't have to search my body for a molluscum is going to be a beautiful one!


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      Hi Lugaluga,

      I feel your pain. I once was in your shoe.  You're not alone in this.  I had MC on my genital area for like 5 months.  It took me two to fight this horrible warts.  I'm MC free for like two months now and still monitor the area.  So far so good.  Think of it as a pimple but extremely contagious one.  I used apple cider vinegar to treat them.  After many different tries, I found a very effective way to treat it.  

      I used 3M medical tape, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Q-tips, and magnifying glass with LED lights.  I taped the MC bumps with cotton soaked apple cider vinegar 18 hours.  Make sure the cotton covers entire bump.  I usually taped it at night before go to bed and repeated it the following night.  you can see the MC reacts to apple cider vinegar after 2 or 3 nights.  Once the MC scabs, you are on the right track.

      By the way, how would you treat Fordyce Spots?  I think I start having those.  Not as bad as MC but I rather not having it down there.


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      Hey Anrique. Nice to know your not alone with something like this! Its an alienating affliction! So interaction on these forums helps a lot for that. 

      I have Fordyce spots too, which makes the ID'ing of Molluscum lesions very difficult! They are harmless and non contagious though so I don't think many people tend to treat them. I'd assume pulse dye laser treatment would work for that though. I wouldn't recommend any home treatments for Fordyce spots. When I was younger I tried to pop one of them and it left a big mark.. even visible 10 years later. 

      I still find it so hard identifying the Molluscum. non of mine have ever had the trademark look with the doughnut shape and dimpled centre. I'm beginning to think the ones on my chest are something other than molluscum. 

      Great to hear you are 2 months free of Molluscum! sounds like you've seen the end of it! Enjoy the freedom

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      Hi Luga

      The donut/dimple thing doesnt become visible until the lesion is quite mature. And sometimes not at all. But you dont see it with small ones anyway.

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      Hey Lugaluga, 

      How are you doing?  I tried to pop the FS bump the other day.  I noticed these bumps don't bleed a lot like MC.  They don't have the white pearly was looking.  I think you should give Apple Cider Vinegar a try and let me know!

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      I really encourage you to try Mario Badescu Drying Mask. It dried up all of my bumps and scabbed them over within days. You can put it on 24/7. Seriously worth a shot. 
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    I really encourage you to try Mario Badescu Drying Mask. It dried up all of my bumps and scabbed them over within days. You can put it on 24/7. Seriously worth a shot. 
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