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I am really struggling in the mornings :roll:

This has been since i started getting up and taking kids to school for past two-and-a-half weeks. :cry: I've also had a busy weekend, so don't know if i feel worse because of that. :roll:

I am really tired and my body aches. :monster: I also feel cold all of the time.

When i go to work i will have to get up earlier, showered, eat breakfast and get kids organised too. At the moment i just wash my face and get showered and breakfast when i come back from dropping kids off.

I'm totally fed up :cry:

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    morning's can be hell, can't they? i wake up feeling like ive run a marathon most mornings sad

    it sounds like you're doing a lot though. from what you've said you've been making progress so try not to over do it and make yourself unwell again. it's so hard when you're used to doing so much though, isn't it? And it's not as if you can put your kids on hold!

    i think that's where i went wrong when i had my good few weeks. even though i thought i was taking it easy in restrospect i really wasn't and now i feel atrocious. actually this is one of the worst days ive ever had. just typing this is an effort and i can barely stay awake although i cant really sleep either. horrid. :cry: oh, im really cold too. i hate that.

    really hoping your day gets better and im so impressed that you're doing everything you are doing.

    Trees x

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    Hi Teedie and Trees

    I hate mornings too :evil:

    I cant get going even when I have too! :cry:

    Been spoiled over August but Ally is back at school today. OMG :weird: Will I cope... :shock:

    The headache is worst when I wake up :cry: but if I am not too ill at least the painkillers numb it. When I was bad after the wedding it was like migraine and nothing touched it :weird:

    Thankfully that has settled and I am back at work :wink:

    Dale xxx

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    That's one thing i never really suffered was headaches smile

    I think i better slow down a bit as you say Trees, don't want to set myself back again.

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    Hi everyone

    Mornings are the worst times without a doubt sad

    It's so weird how some mornings we feel as if we've been put through a mangle for no apparent reason. Some times I just lie there trying to work out exactly how the hell I am going to move my limbs ........ :roll:

    I bet the same groans (of pain, that is :oops: ) are heard throughout all our households as we try to get going in the mornings sad

    I've got a mirror opposite my bed and it's not a pretty sight watching myself trying to get myself upright ...... once I've got there though I am generally okay :roll:

    It must be so difficult for those of you with young children ..... I can remember so well when I had ME for the first time and Anna was only four ....... it was nightmare and I wasn't even working in those days.

    I used to take her to school, go back home, ansaphone on and set the alarm for collecting her at the end of the day sad

    I'm sorry you have awful headaches Dale ..... I had those first time round and they nearly drove me demented :evil:

    Take care everyone

    Katie xx smile

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    mornings, yuk :evil: or more appropriately, mid-day, yuk, as this now seems to be my normal time to get out of bed.

    i've started getting bad headaches too sad urgh. today has been a particularly bad day and have never felt so wiped out in my life, BUT i am trying to put it in perspective. i've had a traumatic week, it's that 'time of month', plus i've started a low dose of anti-depressants and they always wipe you out at first, don't they?

    so fingers crossed this is a particularly bad patch and it can only improve. :roll:

    i still marvel at you all who have children. :shock: mind you, my housemates can be so useless i do feel like their mum, at times. i love them dearly but i don't know a person can get to 30 and still be completely incapable of paying a bill on time. :roll: :lol:

    dale, it's good you are back at work. i really hope that in time i will be able to, too.

    Trees x

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    Mornings are terrible. I have to sent my alarm about 30 minutes before I need to be up. I need time a get my body moving again. I lie for a while then half sit up, then sit on the edge of the bed before I could think about standing up. I am so dizzy on a morning, although they say at times my blood pressure is on the low side. :roll:

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