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Ok so excuse the rambling.. I was on Celexa 5mg then 10mg a few months ago. I stopped in June when I found out I was pregnant.. I ended up having a d&c for miscarriage July 26th and my hormones seemed to have even out.. For a week I didn't even think about anxiety. It was amazing.. Now fast forward to last night. I got a chest pain which was most likely gas and pain in my lung. That went into today so I stopped at my doctor.. She said being that i had a procedure done, I was automatically high risk for a blood clot in my lung. She sent me to the ER. I went there, I was on a heart monitor for 3 hours, 2 EKGs, chest xray, cat scan, and Bloodwork.. All they found wrong was a UTI.. Ok, great.. Here's my issue.. My pulse ox machine kept saying "poor signal" and blinking question marks and 100.. But when I looked, it said 89 and then went back up to 100.. 94, 92, 100, just kept going up and down.. My boyfriend tried it on and it also kept going from 89, 97, 100, question Mark.. Finally I had a panic attack because I thought something was seriously wrong and the doctor said "you came in with ur level being 99, the monitor is on wrong".. She fixed it and it went back up to 99/100... Now my mind is fixated on that 89.. Does that happen to anyone where a poor signal caused it to drop low? She fixed it and it went up to normal, but this anxiet mind will not let me let it go.. I keep telling myself that it was being very touchy, and I even saw it myself saying poor signal.. It does sound like I'm ok right????? This brings my next question.. I clearly thought i could handle being off meds.. I did good for a few months, but I'm just not ready.. I'm realizing my heart rate on anxiety meds was 72.. Without I'm in the low 90s.. After my doctors rude words today which I'm not even mentioning, I was literally trembling with a panic attack in the hospital.. I need meds again. I was not a can of celexa. Had daily heart palps. What meds is everyone else on? How do they feel? What are the side effects? Do they make a Xanax type of pill that is meant to be taken everyday? Xanax works great for me but I obviously don't want to chance an addiction beginning since I was slightly addicted to pills in the past. (I'm not now at all, but I do not want any habit forming pills in my system). Thank you guys for once again taking time to read this and calm me down.. You're pretty much the only ones who understand what a daily struggle this is.

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    You know you have been through a lot lately. Give yourself a break. Im sorry about your miscarriage and all the stuff you had to endure since. It makes sense your numbers would go up your are anxious. Who Wouldnt be anyway. You go thru all this then they tell you they need to be sure notharsd. Scary. The uti can also raise everything, infections do that. Hopefully that well taken care of at this time. Im useless to help with the medicine aspect but i take the emergency xanax myself. I did use busoar a long time ago i liked it. I know since they have so many new ines. Busoar is light takes a few weeks to work but subdues GAD so its nice, very easy to wean from as well. Benzos arent a good idea daily, many use them short term to alleviate start up symptoms to other meds but in its own it does get addictive? If you are planning on starting a family in the near forture maybe look into alternative stuff. Some do love it. I think if you choose that route rather then trial and error which can get overwhelming you go and see a holistic or alternative doctor to organize you. They are extremly familar with anxiety disorders.
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    I am on Citalopram as well which is Celexa, I started on 10mg then went to 20mg now on 30 after 3 months.

    I was initially given Ativan to help with anxiety that can get worse until you are on the Celexa for a while. What I learned is,that ativan and Xanax are just for an anxiety attack, they work fast and then leave your system quick and that is why they are so addicting because if you have anxiety most of the day you will take a lot.

    Ativan didn't work well for me. I am now on Clonaxepam, but take only one a day and feel I could half the pill or start skipping days.

    Everyone is different and meds react so different.

    I am also in therapy learning CBT.

    there are other things you can do to help lower anxiety.

    No caffeine and limit sugar


    Good diet

    Lots of water

    Best of luck

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    It sounds like you have been through the ringer . . . I bet your anxiety is through the roof. I had an insensitive doctor that made me feel that I was crazy. I got a second opinion.

    ?I'm currenty taking a variety of medications: hydroxyzine, lamictal , trazadone and klonopin (I take 2x a day). The klonopin is working as well as I would like it.

    ?You are aware of your previous drug problem. Sometimes taking meds can be a good thing as long as you are talking with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Are you seeing anyone for talk therapy?

    ?Life events can put all of us with anxiety into a tailspin of worry and doubt.

    ?You are doing great and keep posting. We are here for you!!


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      I actually stopped at my doctor today again after the hospital and got an updated referral to a psychatrist.. I cannot wait to start going, I really hope I start seeing results and that whoever I get matched with at the office is a good fit.. What is the difference between counseling and psychiatrist?? My doctor told me a counselor wouldn't do the job I needed but a psychiatrist could??

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      you can ask your doctor what he thinks is a good idea to wait or not. Ill guess he will  say maybe best to wait.. They see so many people and give out meds all the time so maybe they do know which has the best working rate in regards to which disorder you have, if any. Meaning some x med might work great with HA but not with GAD who knows. But they do know that much and are more familair with side effects and such.
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      Like lisalisa said, psychiatrists can go deeper and prescribe meds. A psychologist, which I'm starting to see now, helps talk me through the anxiety. Give me strategies to use such as breathing techniques, journaling, etc.

      If you are referring to your GP (General Practioner), they typically leave the meds up to the psychs.

      Talk therapy works too. Might want to consider that as well.

      ?I wish luck and keep posting. We are all here for you!!

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