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Dear Friends,

A brief note (well, certainly shorter) this time. (I wrote a massive one the other day.)

I went this morning to see one of those expensive private ENT surgeons. I did this largely so I could get a laryngscope done - and not have to (a) convince my GP Surgery that it was necessary (which seems progressively more difficult) and (b) not have to wait for the beloved NHS systems to take there (ever progressively longer) sweet time.

Anxiety was, I fear, getting the better of me. A month ago I was fine. I felt I had my LPR under control - and that naturally too. Then I had a bout exposed to Dettol fumes and my mind and stomach went into overdrive without any authoritative advise to hold in its nagging fold. I hadn't been sleeping. Last night I did go to bed - but then got up and convinced myself I had nose cancer. Turns out I didn't. 'Nothing suspicious' was the verdict. For me THAT was WORTH the expense.

The surgeon - a most kind man - said that my nose was inflamed. (I wasn't surprised. I had been toying with it anxiously but hours before and pouring generic decongestant down it. 'Could I breathe?' 'Yes, I could.' He also said that my vocal cords were red. They certainly looked so to me as well. That said I do not have a cough ... or indeed hoarseness (well, certainly undue) as far as I know.

I think what I REALLY need to do is just take care of myself now. Lie down. Panic OVER. Calm down. Go back to getting some sleep and turn off the 'worry button'. 'NO CANCER' ... I'll keep saying that to myself. 'NO CANCER'. That's what was making me SEE red ... and I'm - believe it or not - a cancer survivor ... of a number of decades now. The world has moved on ...


The surgeon gave me a prescription. They have to do something, right? As he - not in these exact words - himself suggested: 'it's a one stop shop'. In the kit prescribed was (a) A nasal spray (which I will get) which he said 'would help me breathe'; (b) a PPI - Omeprazole, 20 mg 2xday for 2 weeks, then 1xday for two more; and (c) a antibiotic for THREE DAYS because - and I quote - I 'MAY' have a cold.

(i) I will get the nasal spray certainly - but wanted to ask about the others. (ii) I am - genuinely - uncertain that I DO 'have a cold'. I am not congested. He did say I was dehydrated ... but are you surprised with ALL that decongestant I was stupidly pouring. I do not - nor have recently - had any kind of temperature and am running a pretty full schedule. It's only a lack of sleep that's really telling IMHO. Thus I think I will wait on the antibiotic until there is more clinical proof that I have an infection. Also my first round of LPR (well, the first I knew of) came about after a series of antibiotic treatments in 2014. Don't think I want to open that door again - certainly without clear justification. At that time I had a round with Nexum. It did precious little for me - indeed made me worse off if I recall. I managed to get all my symptoms under control after I stopped it. I was fine - as I say - until recently when Panic City came to call. I really think that it was the influx of anxiety led to my spike in reflux. I would like to think that I could - possibly - try a natural route (pun intended) - if only for a short while - to see if I couldn't beat this thing with rest and appropriate care.

Has anyone had any luck dealing with the waves of the white foamy stuff? Grateful to hear if you might.

Much thanks - as ever - for your patience and kind consideration. I am ever so grateful.

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    We do share a common thread and that is "anxiety and LPR" and it seems that many do. I have been to both the ENT and Gastroenterologist, had the scopes and endoscopes the PPI's and H2 Blocker meds and still have that annoying wad in the back of my throat. By mid day my voice has become a raspy whisper. There are a couple of books that are devoted to this malady and suggest major dietary adjustments for relief. I don't have the self discipline for it, to many things to avoid.

    Good Luck

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      My story is similar to yours.

      I genuinely have lost count of the number of scopes from an ENT, I'll see him in a month again.

      I have had cameras down into my stomach from a Gastroenterologist asking with a Bravo chip fitted to monitor reflux.

      I have had a Restech chip fitted in my larynx to monitor reflux.

      CT stomach scan etc etc.

      Underpinning all of this, which my Gastroenterologist knows, is pretty bad anxiety and depression.

      The Gastroenterologist had labelled me with Functional reflux. He does not label me with LPR, even tho my ENT noted that.

      I am now using Nortriptyline to help with reflux.

      I am pretty much convinced of the relationship with reflux and anxiety.

      The gut and diet also plays a role, imo.

      Best of luck to all.

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    Maybe try the Acid Watcher Diet I use steroid spray for post nasal drip and ear pain. Also steam and sinus rinse. Yes let the anxiety go as much as you can. Maybe do some exercise - walking in the fresh air does wonders - that's if the weather is suitable where you are - some crazy weather happening around the world!

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      hi can i ask what steriod spray you use for post nasel drip does it help you and i have sore dry throat and cough up foamy white stuff all the time its very annoying constantly clearing and spitting up the stuff does the spray help that also?thank you

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    Thanks much, Jamie and Norma. Your responses on much appreciated.

    Actually started the Antibiotic (only three days) because the nose spray has seemingly given me a yeast infection. My tonsils are not happy campers.

    Strangely - less mucus today. Maybe there had been a bacterial infection that was contributing ... and that was playing into my panic threshold - which I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED is tied in with the actual LRP reflux itself. When you are calm - your system works much more smoothly as well. It does make sense ... but, my word, it is oft easier to type than to action. 😃

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    hi I to suffer from panic attacks and genalized anxiety have done since I'm teens I'm now 34

    a month before i developed what feels like reflux after eating i was suffering terrible anxiety and having a fear in my head that i could choke .

    then I woke up a month ago with reflux

    do yous really believe anxiety could bring on reflux

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      My Gastroenterologist has named my type of reflux as functional.

      After having cameras, restech and bravo chips fitted to monitor reflux, ct scans and the ENT specialist looking with a scope, many times, I'm left with that diagnosis.

      Over sensitivity and pretty bad anxiety have combined to my reflux issue.

      I am now using nortriptyline to try and help that situation.

      For me I very much believe that anxiety, as well as gut health, plays a pretty big role in my reflux issues.

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      hi wow you have had tons of tests

      did you have a barium swallow test ?

      I've had two and it showed nothing other then a birth defect that wouldmt cause symptoms which I'm very super happy about .

      however still suffering my anxiety is not under control and funny enough before my symptoms started 5 weeks ago my anxiety started up really bad a bout a month before and I was obsessed about chocking on food then bam food regurgitation and a lump in my throat ...

      sorry bombarding your post lol OCD is crazy bad atm

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      I didn't make note of all the tests that I have had over the last few months. But trust me when I say that my insides have been inspected by more cameras, scans, etc whilst going through this diagnosis, the colonoscopy one was fun, lol.!

      The restech chip fitted in my larynx and the bravo chip fitted in my food pipe did not show anything that wouldn't be considered in the normal range.

      I dare not start thinking about a lump sensation in my throat, or that will start again, I think that you know what that can be like.!

      Nortriptyline can help both with anxiety, neuropathic pain (I have a chronic back issue) and my Gastroenterologist believes can be very helpful with functional reflux. He even mentioned CBT, which I have just done a 12 session course, can be helpful.

      It is easy to say, stop being anxious, my wife never is. But for me is has always been a very big part of my life. Doesn't mean that can't be improved tho.

      Best wishes.

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      what is CBT what is it used for and does it help ? im sorry for asking all these questions im just tired of all the suffering with the health anxiety about my acid reflux i had a endoscopy that said i had mild gastritis and some kind of swelling by pancreas and liver she did a biopsy for both things i havent heard anything for over two weeks im so worried i have cancer there cause i keep getting pains in my left side under my left rib cage after i eat anything it hurts so bad they give me pantoprazole and carafate it was helping but now i feel like its not anymore im so scared now.

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      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a form of counselling that has helped me to manage anxiety. I also did a Mindfulness course, that also is very helpful. Both arranged through the doctor.

      They have helped very much but it is something that you need to constantly work at.

      Nortriptyline for me is being helpful with the feeling of the need to burp and the sensitivity of my oesophagus. In turn that should be beneficial worth reflux.

      I think that this reflux issue doesn't have one cause or cure but anxiety, gut health and diet play a big part in that for me.

      Best wishes to you.

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    Just to complete the strand. I am back to being fine. I never did take the medication and am pleased that I didn't. The situation with the nose was a Dettol allergy and is now all cleared up with a follow up scan clearly showed that everything with that and the larynx was perfectly normal. This had the necessary calming effect. The nerves being resolved all is back on an equal keel.

    I am MORE convinced than ever that the alert madness hastened by the reflux has much to do with anxiety/stress. I also suspect that much of the medication ever more handed out like it seems sweets is - in its construct - making things worse if not perhaps being part of the continuing problem itself.

    I wish everyone much success in achieving their desired goal of good health. You deserve it.

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