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I found out I had prostrate problems from a blood test which was diagnosed as Prostatitis after a course of antibotics i was given Tramuslosin & Finasteride after 7months I started to get swollen breasts and very painful nipples which I still am experiencing today ( 02/08/2017) no meds for it, my doctor immediately took me off the Finasteride as it is a Hormonal tablet, as anyone else experienced this. ?

Also now after the Turp op I'm into my 3rd week after my cath was removed 2 days ago I find I have to get up in the night several times to wee something I have'nt done before the op I awake very tired  Its ok at the moment as I am off work but when I return to work I am going to be very tired as I start work at 6-30am.

There are some very interesting comments on here some good some not  I came on  to find some answers for the recovery time as I was told it would be around 6 weeks before normal service, but some people mention on here that it could take longer suppose I will have to be patient, any comments would be appreciated.

I am in resonable good health ( aged 69 ) if only under the weather because of the Turp op and aim to get myself fit any ideas please.

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    Hi, Ken! We heal and recover from prostate surgery at our won paces. Some guys notice great results in a very short period of time and others take months. I suspect the size of the prostate has a lot to do with this. Mine was very much enlarged and it is now about 3 1/2 months since my plasma button vaporization. I have been making slow but steady progress, but have noticed that in the past two weeks I'm improving at a much faster rate, that being that my urine stream is finally getting to where I have been hoping it to be. My urologist told me during consultation that recovery was going to take some time so I didn't expect instant gratification. The one thing to remember is be patient. Your prostate problem didn't happen overnight. It will take time for your body to mend.

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      Hi dalebf, thanks for your imput into recovery times you did'nt say how old you are ? I know that guys can have prostrate problems starting in their 50's my dad had his op when he was 75 in hospital one day two days later released with no extra catheter.

      And please explain what is  plasma button vaporization ?

      I have to be patient i know but I hate sitting and think I should be busy doing chores, how did you manage what did you do first what about driving when did you start presuming you do drive of course. I did a little walking yesterday only slowly but last night payed for it with pain in my hip.

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      I'm 68. My prostate issues began when I was in my middle 50s and slowly worsened over time. I never took any oral medications because of the side effects. Finally my urologist told me that unless I do something I could end up requiring a catheter to empty my bladder. THAT got my attention. We discussed in detail numerous options and I decided that plasma button vaporization was the route I wanted to go. You can Google the procedure and see actual videos of it being done. I have to admit that the procedure looks awful and it will probably make you squirm when you see it, but I would do it again tomorrow if it became necessary.

      The procedure is done in hospital under general anesthesia and it was for me painless. There was discomfort from the catheter that I wore for five days and I did feel some brief pain at the start and end of urination, but it subsided quickly and was gone completely after about 8 weeks.

      There was blood and occasional particles in my urine for about 6 weeks and the urge to not run to the toilet in a hurry gradually went away in about 8 weeks.. Sex was not effected at all other than retro ejaculations and that has been improving as the swelling from the surgery is subsiding.

      The only restriction I had was to not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for the first month. I could drive the day after surgery and pretty much returned to normal activity as soon as the catheter came out.

      Maybe I was more fortunate than other men because I never needed anything for pain other than the one time I took a couple of Tylenol for spasms.

      I'd recommend this procedure to anyone who wants a reliable repair.

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    Hi Ken,

    Same here. After a few weeks on Finasteride I began to experience breast development. Having no particular interest in competing wiyh Dolly P I discontinued the Finasteride.

    I think you did the right thing!



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      Thanks Alan I am glad that I was'nt the only person to experience one of the side effects of the drug Finasteride, do you know if there are any medication to help with the reduction of swelling as my nipples are awfully sore as its embarrassing and as you say your not competeing with any celebrity  ha ha.

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    Hi, Ken, I had my TURP on 07/24/17. The cath came out on the

    26th but early in the morning of the 27th I could go at all so I went to the ER where I received a second cath.  This one came out two days ago (07/31/17) and I have "gone" almost profusely ever since. From what I gathered from prior discussion forums healing does take time. Right now it seems as if I have to "go" almost every 30-40 Minutes. That kind of frequency only happened in the past with a bladder infection. I'm in seeing my doc to find out if this is my "new temporary normal" or if it is indeed an infection. I didn't use finasteride, but I did and do use dutasteride. I have not experienced the side effects you struggle with. Perhaps you would react differently to this med.  Surely hope you're feeling better soon. 


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      Hi John. we both seem to have gone through the same problems with using a catheter my biggest problem was I was urinating out the cath which at first shocked me as I was'nt expecting that to happen I did get in touch with our community nurses who did say that was the norm and was nothing to worry about, although the night time was my big problem too as I could'nt sleep and was always worried about the blockages and no urine passing through to the night time bag I was worried about the urine backing up and causing an infection look back now and realise that did'nt happen and everything was part of the course, My doctor as given me a sick note for another 4 weeks so i guess he must know how long it does take to recover.

      But John how do you pass the time ? there's only so much reading and tv time, I started walking yesterday only slow short steps and payed for it lastnight with sharp pain in my hips as I am not use to walking slow.

      So as I have learnt from reading on here that I have to be a patient patient and let my body tell me when I can move on to other kinds tasks.


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    I'm researching this for my father. I've been looking into something called PAE - prostate artery embolisation , but my father wasn't recommended it and I'm not sure why...? It says there's only one day recovery...


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