Meibomian glands blepharitis, is there any cure or tips please!!!

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I am from Belgium and I have MGD almost for 4 years. Have tried Wet ones but I don't think it worked for me.Things I tried:every eye drop-hot flanel-Blephasteam and goggles-all sorts off eye lotions-tea tree oil-coconut-Manuka honey etc...can you please give me some advice?

I am starting to blink often and I have even more problems when I watch tv-sit in the car or train. My life is getting very difficult!

Any tips-thank you!!!

?Thanks for any info!!!

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    I also think that alcohol-coffee makes it worse. Also tried ALL antibiotics and nothing helped me!

    Can I put something on my eyelids so that those little white bumps go away?

    What I can not understand is that my eye-doctor and dermatologist can't help any off us!!!

    We think it's a yeast problem...maybe we should all go on a diet, because I don't know what to do anymore...if anyone can help...that would be great!


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    Do you shower every day? this is important, I can tell you what greatly helps my blepharitis and has prevented any meibomian gland problems.
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      Showering every day...good tip, will try it! Thanks a lot, any ideas are welcome.

      I sometimes steam my face also...only with steam toothpaste oil comes out of the corner of my eyes, if you know what I mean...

      Please if you have any tips...THANKS A LOT!

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    I have only recently been diagnosed but have already tried lots of things. The only one different from you is an allergy tablet. It sometimes feels as if the condition is triggered by an allergy. I don't know what! I often get really bad when I have been in a supermarket for a while so who knows??!!

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      You have problems in the supermarket because of the airco.When things are really bad for me (MGD) then supermarket-train-cars are horrible because of the airco or heating.

      Also I can not use a hair blow dryer or sit in the sun because of this condition.

      It really changed my life forever in a negative way but I always think that there are people that are more sick then us...that keeps me going on...

      I had to stop working because of this,I working at home now...

      What I just can not understand is that NOBODY can help us...docters do not know what to do???

      It is just a hair follicle problem and nobody knows what to do....there must be a solution.

      What helps me a lot is:drinking lots of water, sunglasses,omega 3 fish oil, take walks outside a lot, steaming of the face or showering a lot-punctal eye plugs-wet wipes etc...

      Sometimes wash your eyelids with babyshampoo or tea tree shampoo...

      Heat pads makes it worse for me-and massage of the eyelids is a NO for me also.

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      Gosh, this sounds awful! Yes it is so frustrating and affects everything. We just have to hope that something Tues up that makes a difference! Thanks for getting back to me.
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    Hello, my sympathies its a really annoying condition.

    I was diagnosed about seven months ago after nearly two years of ocular issues and like you am still working my way through to find out what helps/what doesn't. Manuka honey has helped me as do hot compresses. I think I have an allergy to tea tree oil so thats a no no for me but in fact I have blocked glands not mites or crusty lashes so I don't need the tea tree oil so much.

    In my case my condition is clearly related to eyelid eczema which was the first symptom I had. I can semi tolerate contact lenses but eye make up continues to be a big no no.  Sometimes I seem to get the condition under control and then when I try to wear (the most gentle) eye make I get a flare up. You don't mention if eczema is a factor in your case so what I am going to say may not be very relevant but in case it is I'll continue smile

    Anyhow I have just started to see a very respected acupuncturist who has  successfully helped a friend and his son who both suffer from allergies. I have just had my first session and he said he was very optimistic he could solve the problem. He felt very strongly that in my case the eyelid eczema was the source of the blepharitis and so that was what needed to be addressed.  Apparently I will need four/five sessions (I have had just one so far) and also need to follow two months of chinese medicine. He also said I had to use exclusively bio eye make up and that this would make a big difference .

    After my first session I have definitely seen an improvement. Right now I have no symptoms, no itching and no need to use the hot compress (before I was using it twice a day). So certainly this is progress. 

    In all honesty I am not sure how I feel about acupuncture and for sure it is a big investment both financially and in terms of time. However I am so fed up with too much of my attention being given to this condition and as this man is supposed to be really good I am willing to try.

    I will only really believe this is sorted once I can successfully go back to wearing contacts (I can tolerate them reasonably well) AND (bio) eye make (this is much more challenging for me) and still be symptom free for several months.

    Anyway, its a slightly unusual approach but I share it with you in case you think it might help. BTW I live in France and the acupuncturist I am visiting is in Paris in case thats of any interest.


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      Thanks for the info. I went to several eye docters and they said it was MGD-I only have above my eyes a thick white line that is filled with...I don't know what it is called...fluid-debri-but no crusts...if you know what I mean...

      The doctors can not help me. I tried all eye drops, they don't help because the problem is ABOVE the eye:inflammation of the eyelid above.

      If it would be eczema, how can I cure this? Any tips?

      How did you apply the Manuka honey?

      As I said before this is making my life miserable because it is difficult to watch tv-ride a car-trains or busses are also a no for me etc...

      I do use Blephaclean and gel and also Blephasteam but it is only helping a bit...

      What I also tried is changing pillow cases a lot and cleaning every day but I still have inflammation of the eyelids...grrrrrr....

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      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply Victoria. It sounds as though you are trying everything though I don’t think I am ready to go down the road of accuapuncture. I hope it works for you. I have little to offer as I have only been diagnosed recently though I have been struggling for a long time with different eye treatments. Only once did I feel it was spreading down my face and antibiotics dealt with that. I have recently bought eye make up online from butterflies Healthcare. The mascara is good and at least my eyes don’t sting when they start to water. Not sure yet about the eyeliner! Today I had my eyes tested and the optician recommended one of those masks that you heat. Usually I just use cotton wool pads which I keep heating with very hot water. They seem to work. Good luck fellow sufferers,
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