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So after four weeks of using pads (and changing them 4/5 times a day) I have come to the conclusion that men and pads just don't go - and vice versa!

As we go through life we gain knowledge on various things but I never thought sanitary towels would be one of those things for me lol. Anyway hope this helps.

I had a Perianal abscess drained and a seton drain fitted for a fistula that was found during the process hence having the need to use pads everyday.

The first ones I used were Kotex night ones as they were the first ones I grabbed after my first dressing change at the GP's. These did the job but I found they were a bit too bulky for day use.

My partner then picked up some Always Ultra with wings for me and these were no good as I tend to wear trunks as opposed to Y-fronts so the wings did little to help. I looked at some Always ones without wings but thinking about the long term cost it put me off.

I then tried Teco/Sainsburys own branded Maxi towels. These were cost effective but I found that they kept moving. Also as they got a bit wet they would stick like a wedgy inbetween my cheeks and this actually put more pressure on my fistula as I walked and sat. To the point where they became extremely uncomfortable. Especially the chafing!

A few days back I picked up Asda brand which were labelled as 'for bladder weakness'. These are so much better. They are longer and wider without being too padded. A few days in and I actually feel so much more comfortable when sitting and walking.

There you go I just thought this may help some struggling guys like me. Seeing as I'm going to be wearing these for a few months until my next hospital visit I need to be as comforatble as possible.

Feel free to offer your own suggestions or comment (ladies too!)

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    Hi Danyall,

    looks like we are in a similar situation (post op and seton, etc.)

    After trying unsuccessfully to get a regular supply of gauze pads through my GP/practice nurse I resorted to using Tena men's incontinence pads but worn backwards if that makes sense. I found the size made for "leaks and surges" was most suitable! They provided the absorption without being too bulky. Also being adhesive they didn't slide about when walking around.

    Six weeks in I have now found that Sainsbury's basic panty liners don the job- they are thin, slim and don't cost a fortune.

    What a wonderful forum this is!

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      Yes I did try incontinence pads but found the design at the front a bit awkward. Never thought to turn it around the other way lol.

      Hopefully a few weeks down the road liners will be a better option.

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    Guys this is miserable i can't even mention to my friends that im using pads n its 3 months now. What's worse i developed another fistula after going to toilet I'm having terrible pains i can't even walk n my partner is no more supportive

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      Initially I was trhe same but then thought 'sod it' it is what it is and people need to know, especially at work. Yes I had (and still get) the ribbing but it's all okay, in one ear out the other.

      Sorry to hear about your second fistula, hasn't the original one gotten any better yet? and did you have an op or a seton put in?

      It is hard especially when the problem is really close to the anal passage. Shame you don't have more support from your partner.

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    Personally I agree. My butt is big enough without sticking a sanitary pad to the back of it. smile

    The nurse gave me square gauze/cotton pads and some low rack tape. I would use the shower head on the affected area and then gingerly pat the area dry then put small bits of tape at the edge of the gauze and tape it on. The other thing I did, as I explained to Zolani on another post on this forum topic, was to buy big pants smile not to tight but tight enough to stop the gauze from being moved and enough to give me confidence it wasn't going to fall out on the floor when I walked. I had to replace frequently but I think this maybe helped too because the would was covered but could still breathe. I also bought one of these rubber rings to sit on but it didn't work where my wound was. Really I just either lay down or spent the rest of my time standing for a longtime. Sorry it that doesn't help much but it was the only way I could do it as I have an extremely low threshold to pain but couldn't take painkillers. Hopefully this isn't the case for you.

    I will try to find a site that lets you see the square gauze I used. I tried other things but two of these together did the trick for me.

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    Sorry about my spelling in the previous my phone keeps changing what I type.

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    I moaned the face off my nurse until she gave me the square pads. Not maybe the best way to do something but it worked.
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      I put a link above to the square pads but it is being quite rightly moderated before showing it. Hopefully they will let it through. Can pm you if not. Good luck with what you are using.
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    I use pads and paper towels. I fold the paper towel in my butt crack and just change those. Leave the pad for backup. Wear boxers briefs to hold it in. Hope that helps.

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