Menopause and fsh level low?

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I may sound stupid but don't know who to ask on this.

I am 50 years old and when I was 48 my periods started going all over the place. Firstly I would be every couple of weeks and then now I can go 3 months .

Of course I thought menopause as I had night sweats although never any daytimes flushes. My gp tested my fsh and it was only 5. Apparently she said it needed to be over 20 for years to be perimenopause usually so it was ruled out.

I was sent for ovarian scans which said I had a dermoid cyst but only small. I was told they would rescan which they did a year later and still only small. I continued to get no periods only every two or 3 months. They redid my fsh which again was 5 or less so again they have said I am not anywhere near the menopause.

I have now gone almost 3 months without any period and my moods are swinging and although still not got any daytime hot flushes, I do have some night sweats. I have dry skin, my hair is changing texture and I have numerous other niggling symptoms.

Would anyone say I am approaching the menopause although my docs say not as my fsh is that of a very young person. Can you have a low fsh but be in the menopause.

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    Hi Karen

    yes you can, I went to my doctors last year after been all over with my periods and lots of strange symptoms, after speaking with me she said I was definitely peri menopause she sent me for bloods, but did say it's not very accurate, so even if it came back normal that didn't mean I wasn't in peri, she said mist of them come back normal, so she and the others in the practice go on your symptoms, from what you gave said I would say you are 

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    Omg the Drs and there bloodwork is soooo annoying you have all the symptoms and just because your bloodwork isn't a certain number in my opinion doesn't mean your not in Peri hormones fluctuate and so maybe the day it's drawn it's normal and two weeks later your running on fumes!!!! It's sooo irritating to me how these Drs have to be so clinical instead of listening to your symptoms and saying you sound like your in Peri but bloodwork isn't always an accurate test!!!! I would say your in Peri!!!! I looked up the symptoms of perimenpause and I have twenty nine out of the 35 symptoms I found you should google it to see if you have other symptoms as well

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    Hi Karen,

    You sound peri to me, also you are the right age. I'm not sure about other ladies but when I started skipping periods I was only a couple of years away from none at all. Before that they were lighter than before but always on time.

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    Blood tests are not very reliable, you have to go more on how you feel, however, your cycsts could be causing some of your symptoms, i have fibroids, and when i started witht them, all my cycle symtpms flared up badly  then when they settled so did my cycle symptoms,  however again, given your age, i would say you were in peri, but without a blood saying your in menopause, your never gonna get that confirmation from your gp that your on it, very arrogant nowadays im afraid, i was told by my gp, i cant be on the menopause aged 47, as wasnt 51, like everyone wakes up on their 51 birthday saying, im on the menopause,and my dr is female, you will read lots of threads saying  similar to me, its the not knowing that makes you feel worse, so, just go off your symptoms, even if they setttle which peri does, and comes back worse each time, until your periods stop completely, and after one year of no periods then you consider yourself post, during which itme, your symptoms should decline, and all you will be left with will be heat, and hot flushes this is a sign of post and it can last up to 5 years in some women after finishing their periods, ive been finished 1 year, so im now post, my symptoms have declined back to mild, but i still have the heat,  that. did stop but has returned since being post.. 
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    Thanks for all the replies ladies. I feel that maybe my cysts are to do with this and if I don't have any period in the forth month maybe it's best to get another check. I have suffered ovarian cysts a few times but this latest one is a dermoid so they said they needed to keep an eye on it. I certainly feel something is not right but I have not had any daytime flushes as yet but do get night sweats and with my doctor definitely dismissing it I am a little niggled by this.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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    Well it's been 5 months now without a period and I have not had one hot flush during the daytime but sweating lots at night.I am taking menopace plus and my mind is better but I have had such sore breasts and extreme pain it's becoming to take over my life. Is it normal to have this pain for this long? Does it ever go? Is it fluid or perhaps related to my menopace?

    When do you go tge doctors to ask for help/hrt?. Although my gp was adamant I was not on the change when I went as my posts above.

    Could it all be related to my dermoid cyst and not the menopause at all. I know no one can answer that but as I have not had periods for over 5 months now and my fsh was only 5 and I have had no hot flushes would it be wise to go and see them maybe?


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