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 May be of interest to some ladies, i am post menopausal and seems alot of my symptoms i just excuse as menopause but maybe with me personally it isnt all menopause -  it has gone further than this.. I thought i would share my info incase other ladies are feeling the same .. 

my last TSH results showed possible under active thyroid.

to be confirmed ... 

so have had TSH ( thyroid re tested ) all of meaning TSH, T4 and T3 

and also Adrenals, and many more tests, as lately i have feelings of constant hunger pains, even after eating .. This is a new one for me, i am not an over eater, and have a good weight, and diet ( not over weight) so lucky that way having had a long 10 year natural peri menopause and now being 19 months post menopause .( and aged almost 51) also my body is so fatigued, and i ache and need to sit down far more these days. I have to push myself lets say. And i do, then i sit and i am stiff and ache when i get up again, its crazy.

How Adrenals Can Wreak Havoc » Symptoms of low cortisol

Symptoms of low cortisol

Although adrenal issues may also point to high cortisol, low cortisol, or often a combination of both.

These can also be found or exacerbated while raising natural desiccated thyroid or T3 and can occur at low doses of desiccated thyroid or T3, or waited until the patient got as high as 3 grains and more. They are in no particular order, and you can have some and not others:

Symtoms are ...

continuing hypothyroid symptoms with a high free T3

shaky hands; shakiness


bad palps

higher heart rate

pounding heart

feeling of panic


inability to handle stress

inability to handle interactions with others

inability to focus

rage or sudden angry outbursts

emotionally hyper sensitive


highly defensive

feeling paranoid about people or things

exacerbated reactions to daily stress

no patience

easily irritated

mild to severe hypoglycemic episodes

nausea in the face of stress

taking days to recover from even minor stress

taking days to recover from a dental visit

flu-like symptoms


all over body ache

super-sensitive skin

extreme fatigue

scalp ache

hyper feeling


clumsy (drop things, bump into things)


suddenly feel extremely hungry

low back pain


cloud-filled head (happens when this patient is due for a next cortisol dose)


muscle weakness

“air hunger”


light headedness

motion sickness

coffee putting patient to sleep

vomiting even running up the slightest incline

almost passing out every time patient gets up

dark circles under my eyes

waking up in the middle of the night for several hours

difficulty falling asleep

frequent urination

IBS symptoms

worsening allergies

If you have any of the above, it is highly recommended that you confirm sluggish adrenals with an adrenal saliva test or adrenal blood test, which may be good to detect if you have a pituitary problem, It’s also recommended that you try to find a doctor who will be open minded about adrenal treatment.

i am waiting all my blood tests results, and have been asked to have the Adrenal Blood test again next week, as the lab said my blood was too thick and the test could not be analysed ..

( apparently this can happen from time to time) 

jay x


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    wow, good luck hun and let us no how you get on


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    Hi Jayneejay.

    Gawd i have loads of those.  I had some bloodwork when i went into Drs recently and they took my bp and it was high.  The blood tests came back clear although i dont know if they tested for Thyroid.  My sister and my dad have underactive thyroid i was tested in 2013 but came back clear.  I have a lot of the symptoms you mentioned but have put it down to Peri which dr confirmed last week that my hormone levels where in a state of flux.  Do you have to specifically ask for an adrenal test, when im stressed i have always felt presure in the glands on each side of neck near my ears, so sure.

    I also thought it was quite heard to test for thyroid function.   I have two lots of blood tests and they havnt found it, so im fairly certain dont have it, although not completely 100%.

    I hope they reach a conclusion for you.


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      Hi nik

      i dont live in Uk .. 

      I can get what blood test i want as i pay.. Its not alot either.

      so this time we having the lot plus done to see whats going on ..

      even B12 again, as mine was high in feb but maybe due to doctor giving me inzitan injections every night due to pain of 3 slipped back disks and shingles i had then, also having and Vit D checked and many more ..

      i havent taken any supplements or vitamins or any meds for 3 weeks so all the results are as i am in a more natural state .

      jay x

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    Hi Jayneejay

    This sounds like me nobody will check my adrenals and I have asked my thyroid doctor to do it. She just checks the TSH i don't know what to do or who to turn to. 

    I have been having stools all day i have been having urination all day. I have a high heart rate and IBS really bad. I also get a lot of palpitations. I just want to cry and sleep all day today. My throat has been hurting just feel really bad and weak. 

    Don't know who to turn to to have my adrenals checked out. Feeling bad like I want to go to the E.R. cry

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      DHEA, VitB5, Vit C and seasonig  daily with raw sea salt ("fleur de sel") or  himalayan pik salt is reputed to provide adrenal  support. 
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      I can I do need my adrenal checked besides my thyroid I have to put up with palpitations can't even take metformin anymore because of the stool problems how am I suppose to keep my sugar under control today it was a 217 had to take insulin 4 units and a metformin to bring it down had stools all day today. 

      Should never have taken the metformin my medical doctors nurse and the GI doctor told me to stop it my thyroid doctor wants me on it, I told her what my why my doctor medical doctor and the GI doctor wants me off it, then she thought of another diabetic pill that cause pancratic stuff and I told her no I am not going on that. I'm in a bind here my sugar went down to a 66 then tonight it was an 87 

      I don't want anything that causes to much stomach problems and I am not doing insulin was on lantis made me gain weight so that is out of the question 

      I'm in a bind what to docry

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      exclaim  Too many doctors... if you could it would be better to have an appointment with an Internal Medicine consultant. Can't your GP refer you to one? At least they (IM doctors) are supposed to check everything, all “comorbidities”.  If I were you I would write everything down, put the date, sign and give them a copy, a record of symptoms and issues, to make them responsible. I am sorry what you’re going through.... Be tough on them. Take care. XX. 
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    Oh wow Jay, I'm sorry to hear you've been going through so much. Let us know how things go. I can relate to a few of those symptoms I guess I can I have them to test my Adrenals as wel. Take care of yourself. Thanks for this info.
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    Hi Jay

    Thank you for the above. Very useful as usual...I must say I appreciate that you take time to right up these posts. Its a great help..



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    Wow, Jay, that's quite a list of symptoms! So sorry to hear you're feeling rough for reasons other than the menopause. If it's not one thing it's another with us ladies, right? Happy to hear you have a doctor that sympathises and is investigating for you. Hope you will soon have a treatment plan and can then look forward to feeling better. Stay strong x
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    Good god jayneejay I have most of those symptoms

    At the minute the sluggishness no motivation head feels heavy, no pacience, snappy, can not be bothered to eat even to make a meal is a TASK, the standing up side if things has increased now but few weeks ago I couldn't even walk from my lounge to kitchen without needing to sit downfeel sickly n feel and gave been sick at slightest thing feel tired all the time

    I started on low dose of HRT 3 weeks ago

    Feel slightly better my pain in my legs feel slightly improved although I'm having an arthoroscopy next week on my left knee as the pain in the maniscus area is dreadfully painful, right now I feel sick as though I have trapped wind or food stuck in my gullet sad just wish I cud get back to my bubbly self nothing was to much trouble n I worked full time ran the house looked after grandchildren not worked since December due to becoming unwell with bad back which then lead to excruitiating knee pain and immobility n fatigue sad

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    Blimey Jay!

    As ever, you have provided us with some food for thought!

    As far as I'm concerned, looking at that list of symptoms, I've had 90% of those symptoms all my fact both my mum and at least two of my sisters have too!  We're all a bunch of OTT, high-strung, argumentative, reactionaries, but we've never really put this down to a medical condition!

    But I'm assuming that your 'personality'-related issues are relatively new to you??

    My only new, 'physical' symptoms are definitely the glycemic issues: feeling shaky, light headed, feeling a bit spaced out if I haven't eaten much/overdone the carbs etc.  i've always been a bit of a 'wake-in-the-night-can't-get-back-to-sleep'-type anyway:  last night being a prime example.

    But, and its a bit but in my case (easy!), I'm very rarely tired during the day, even when I've had a cr*p night's sleep. In fact I hate napping during the day (unless I'm ill) as I wake feeling terrible.  Amazingly, since the start of this year, I've had big bursts of energy, especially building up to a bleed. 

    I do have lots of the symptoms you list - some I've had for years, some new - but I think for me I'm feeling pretting good all said and done at this stage in the race.  I know things will get worse some day pretty soon, so I should make the most of how good I feel at the mo.

    Its just me, my ol' mate Menopace Original and a dab of Progesterone Cream, and I'm doing OK. 

    I'm joining Slimming World tomorrow as I've got to get a grip on my binge eating:  I've now put on nearly a stone in the past 2yrs, but also carry a bit of blubber most of the time. A 2st loss would be brilliant, but I'll take getting rid of that extra stone for now!  I'm no oil painting,never been vain,  am not particularly bothered about being 54, but I really don't like the jowls, and the gut, and the broader back, and the.........!! 

    I'm hoping the embarrassment of sharing my weight with others,  and a bit of commaradarie will get me back on track.  I've done it before so know it works. 

    I hope you get some positive results from your blood tests, and start to feel a bit better soon.

    Thanks as ever for sharing with ussmile


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      hi shaznay 

      nice to hear from you... glad your doing okay ..

      cant say my personality has been changed in any way .. the issues i have are others, if anything i have mellowed as i have got older, use to be a hot head when alot younger but not any more ..

      oh blood sugars ... well heres one, in 2011 when i was in peri .. ( thats when i used progesterone cream and it caused havic with me, and got a severe telling off by Gyno for even mentioning the word ) but i was stupid and used it as it said, no doctor or gyno advise and bought off internet, it restarted my periods, that had naturally stopped in peri, caused weight gain back then and a painful breast lump... it overloaded me and drove hormones crazy Gyno went mad, said he sees more women who use this and puts them right, after messing their bodies up than normal Gyne issues .. said it stores up in body fat and over time overloads and converts into a disaster .. he then said ' big No No ' it messes women up ' its commercial rubbish.. oooo errr. 

      also in 2011, i was told i was borderline type 2 diabetes, and advised to buy a tester, which i did and monitor it, and look at diet, thing is i eat well, and dont even have sugar in drinks etc, and don't drink alcohol ..

      apparently peri amd meno and hormones may affect blood sugar and cholesterol it did with me.. ( i had 3 faints in early peri) low BP too.

      anyway .. for last 3 weeks i had no vits or supplements nothing so blood tests are more accurate ..  had glucose bloods done too ( fasting) 

      waiting results as had job lot checked.

      i checked my blood sugar 2 mornings ago with my accu check and they were high again. i am the opposite Shaz, i lose weight ..

      only thing that made me gain was progesterone cream .. i only used it for about 9 months i think, and it just caused mayhem for me..

      3 months after stopping it the breast lump subsided and went. scary times.

      good luck with weight watchers ... 😊

      jay x


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      Hi JJ

      Sorry. Read this 2wks ago, then my eyes started playing up. Stayed away from computer screens until recently....and have just had to re-read yr post. Oops!

      Re:Prog Cream - I took heed of your words, and stopped applying as I had a breakthrough bleed mid-cycle this mth (no pain, no clots, but not welcome. Had the same in Jan).

      Within a day I was aching like no one's business. So much so I reintroduced it.......and again felt fine.

      Could it be that, like more conventional HRT, its a case that some have issues with it - others benefit from it??

      To be honest my biggest 'deal' with this whole pantomime is the aching joints. Prior to taking anything I felt terrible, like I had a major illness.

      For me, a complete meds-phobe, if I can feel this good on so little, I'm fine with that. I'm no 'tree hugging/veggie/Earth Mother'-I've led as debaunched a life as i'd like to admit to(!), have until recently had an unhealthy infatuation with takeaways, so can't believe at 54 I've never had a major illness/ had to take any L/T meds for any ailments (aside from some tranexamic acid in my 40s).

      No doubt someone, somewhere recognised I was an absolute Saint (yeah right :-) !!)working life a Trojan, employing and caring for others for 22, long, hard years, enough to cut me some slack! I honestly thought when we sold our Business 2yrs ago that I would probably have a massive, delayed health 'breakdown'......but aside from this cr*p, I've been very well.

      Could it all be down to my inherited 'just get on with it'-attitude, and ability to find humour in most any situation, thats been my saviour??

      No doubt some day soon all this will change for the worse, so I'll just kick back and enjoy this time while it lasts.

      We've got to make some life-changing decisions soon, and our stress levels will skyrocket. Scary times. Just wish I could 'bottle' this rational 'Me', to avoid going back to the sweaty, hyperventilating 'Me' that had to negotiate a house/ business sale 3yrs ago.:l!!

      (Blimey, I'm in a self-indulgent, chilled mood this morning! Hope you're still awake after reading what, on reading back, reads like a teenager's self-indulgent, personal diary entry:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) !!!! Sorry)

      Morning Ladies. Hope you all have a good day x


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