Mercury Toxicity (CFS/ME)

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My good friend is challenged with ME and does so MUCH to help herself...she strongly believes Mercury is a major culprit in her health story.  Right now she is doing a homeopathic mercury remedy, slowly, as she heavily detoxes with almost everything she tried...   I just received the below from a health healer in Australia and thought I'd put it out here... 

The safe way to remove to remove mercury fillings is to never have them.  If you already have them, this article tells you how to remove them.  Even if you insist on maintaining mercury amalgams, when you need them replaced, they need to be removed the same way.  Yes, it is a cost issue but now days it is not much of one with only slightly higher prices for ceramics.  My health got much better and was worth it a long time ago to get the mercury amalgams removed and replaced with gold inlays which were very expensive.


Mercury fillings are euphemistically called “silver amalgam” or “silver fillings” since they are composed of about 50% mercury that is not molecularly bonded to anything.  “Amalgam” means a mixture of materials that are not chemically bonded together.   With the pressure of each bite, some scientists suspect that a tiny squirt of mercury vapor or tiny wear particle is added to your food and goes into the digestive system.


From personal experience a long time ago, mercury amalgams may cause chronic fatigue.  It can also cause allergies, immune system problems, bouts of sickness, insomnia and more.


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    Many years ago l started with severe allergic rhinitus following moving house from a hillside village to suburbs on side of main road, also developed allergic reaction to penicillian at same time, later came interstitial cystitus symptoms for 12yrs without a diagnosis, l,d frequent thrush along with it, and other allergy immune probs. l started to read about causes remedies, learnt about being born with t cells passed on, and b cells, and have different levels of immunity to things that are toxic to our bodies. when l moved back up the hillisde my symptoms improved but years later returned generally. For me many of the things l,m allergic to have formalin in them, diesel fumes being the worst or most common, but in many other household items also and known to have levels of toxins, near impossible to avoid completely, l,m sure there are many chemicals that are toxic and affecting most people in different degree,s, much tougher if your an allergic person or with poorer immune system. There are very good air purifiers that remove some of the toxins and chemicals in the air, and vits and minerals to boost immunity, but where possible removing toxins preferable.  
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      I don't deal with CFS/ME but my main issues are OA and FM and mess from hip replacement...

      But prior to 1995, I was a slave to anti histime drugs for allergies and sinus issues....did a couple years with allergist and NEVER improving...

      Then I went to a lecture on Pycnogenol in 1995 and it was just coming into the U.S. from France and it was the "big hot" supplement in the U.S. the lecture we were told it "may" prevent cancer and for that reason I bought into a couple weeks the lifelong allergy issues were gone.....and I have NOT purchased a drug in 19 yrs...

      I now mostly take grape seed extract which is very similar in power to Pycnogenol but less's from grape seeds:  pycnogenol from maritime pine bark.  

      I know my friend with ME takes grape seed ex too for a lot of years....

      So you may want to do some research for yourselves on these antioxidants....may not be a "cure" for the CFS or ME, but could lessen your issues....


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    Great article Joy :-) xx
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      Here is my friend's Latest Endeavor:   Branched-Chain Amino Acids  (BCCA)....the 3 amino acids in this group are known to help restore energy, here is a message from my friend's note to me today:

      (((Then I read some more recently and found that BCAAs are supposed to help people with CFS with how they produce energy - ATP.  Healthy people recycle ATP every 10 seconds.  People with CFS don't.  Our metabolic pathway is screwed up, and it has to do with the immune system also, anyways, it takes us days - not seconds - to replenish ATP, which is what happens when we crash - we are literally out of energy.  And the BCAAs are supposed to help get this straightened out!))))

      Check out BCCA's.....could be a part of the puzzle...maybe a big part.  

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      Also do a search on BCAA and Chronic Fatigue

      There are a l of links and I've read some and they all talk about the BCAA's

      Correction on above:  should be BCAA

      Even the CFS foundation has listings...

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    I agree there was a lot of evidence a few years ago regarding murcury amalgum fillings.

    Even dental workers r not protected until reciently wearing a mask for protection.

    Despite the claims that amalgam fillings are safe by the FDA,   I have read that some consumers are choosing to have theirs removed or are seeking alternatives for new fillings.

    I guess when deciding on a material for a filling, factors include where the filling is placed, and budget should not be the defining factor .

    Alternatives include composite fillings.  Composite fillings as my dentist of 22 yrs. explained they use resins & are a combination of glass or quartz filler and resin. They are durable and generally have a moderate cost. Also some are made from acrylic acids and fine glass powders. They aren't as durable as composite fillings and amalgams.

    I have no murcury fillings. So at least that's one less thing I have to be concerned with at this point, my bones r enough or err THR...biggrin OA, PSA. RA.. THINGS like auto immune diseases.. Bummer!  Ah one day at a time.

    speaking of days there getting shorter. Hope u have a good  evening.

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    Over many years of undiagnosed intersticial cystitus and other related allergy probs l read quite a lot about immune system and how it works, very complex, and tried quite a lot of supplaments, diets, re yeast free, less sugar, with varying results.  With ic diagnosis and conventional meds for that some symptoms did improve, but general immune allergy probs remained, seems most who have one allergy or immune prob are likely to have others, envoiramental allergens have increased affecting some more than others, but generally less energy stamina.

    Energy is a great buzz you take for granted till it decreases which is a big downer.

    Will check out the grape seed extract, will try whatever it takes to energise a bit more, thanks for info.


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    Just looked in emails and got item below from a friend with health probs, l realise there are many supplaments suggested for cfs, but its worth a read and thought

    Magnesium is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, which accounts in part for the wide range of deficiency symptoms. Magnesium deficiency has also been linked to some conditions that have mysteriously shown up in recent years, such as:

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) confounds the medical community. It tends to follow a viral infection, and involves aching joints and muscles, fever, depression, and extreme fatigue.

    In a clinical trial involving 32 participants, 15 were given magnesium injections and 17 were given a placebo. “Patients treated with magnesium claimed to have improved energy levels, better emotional state, and less pain,” 6 the study reports.

    Fibromyalgia is a painful inflammatory condition that also baffles the Medical Establishment. It causes tenderness in joints, muscles, and other soft tissues, and it can also contribute to depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. (It’s interesting to consider that those conditions are also associated with magnesium deficiency.)

    When 24 people with fibromyalgia were given a supplement containing malic acid and magnesium, “…significant reductions in the severity of all 3 primary pain/tenderness measures were obtained without limiting risks.” 4

    Another study published in the Journal of Nutritional Medicine showed similar results – study participants experienced pain relief just 48 hours after taking a malic acid/magnesium supplement. After 4 to 8 weeks, tenderness was greatly reduced. 5

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      I deal with Fibro, and take 500mg mag citrate or glycinate 3 times per day and many take to bowel tolerance.....I do good on this high dose and much less calcium as I've read so much about over loading on calcium....we have a good discussion going on the Alternative Group here on the mag to calcium ratio issues....too many I believe take too much calciums and ending up with deposits, stones, and nodules, etc....

      Check us out on the Alternative Group..if you have not....J

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      It is interesting, the old lady who sent me the info has pagetts, heamo, ceolicac, hiatus h, she,s near to chair bound due to her spine problems,  and she developed an intolerance of some sort to calcium so now reduced.

      Think she gets a lot of info and supplaments from jan de friese, who,s a hi profile supplament advicer  with media work.   Also odd that my son on visiting this week told me he,d been into a and e at weekend with pain, exam sample tkaen and was told its probably kidney stones, xray now done, not a year since he went in with pain and it was gallstones, now taken out, l was asking him what his diet was. but judging by posts seems stones are getting commoner, and think most have a lot of dairy products now, l also love yogurts, cheese, cheesecake, choc, etc, a rare luxury when l was growing up, main calcium intake milk alone. . Moderation in everything l guess. l will try the magnesium and grape seed, and check any new info in group, think the colder weather here is adding to tiredness, can hardly keep my eyes open now. 



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