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Hi, hope you do not mind me asking a direct question, as you may know I have posted recently about my symptoms and you were kind enough to respond with indepth knowledge of all this, I also have diverticular which makes it hard to work out what pain comes from where. I have been to GP today to get results of abdomonal ultrasound due to constant pain in sternum area which moves left under breast across the ribs and the same into right side, then after a couple of hours wears off. I am 56 and female and have suffered with GERD and IBS for many years. I take esomeprazole and ranitidine and have just started taking aloe vera juice, probiotics and milk thistle. The pain in this area is really sharp and like a burning stingy pain, but not the usual acid reflux pain and my ribs are really sore to touch. GP said today that as I had a endoscope in 2009 she will not be able to refer me again as nothing can possibly has developed in that short time !! Also said that H pylori would have been checked 6 years ago and if it was not there then I won't have it now. She reluctantly, after I said I would go private ioffered to refer me to gastro but said she doubts they will order any tests and if I do go private after this it will be the same people. I am in UK. I then asked how I was meant to live with the pain and she shrugged her shoulders. I also said shall I increase my PPI she said no. I am at a total loss to what could be causing this pain, I thought maybe pancreatitis but apparently I do not fit the bill apart from getting worse after eating Could gerd really cause these pains, basically from armpits to top of waist.

Any one else have any answers I would really appreciate your input as I am now getting desperate and sick of being in pain and not being able to enjoy my life worrying all the date. I explained this to the GP and she said I do not feel your anxiety ? Thanks

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    Hello, the post below is from a participant on this forum.  Hopefully, this will help you.  I understand what you are going through.  Just hang in there and know that I am praying for you. Look for 50 Billion Live Cultures that are refrigerated.  If you get the ones that are not regrigerated, make sure they are organic and high quality. 

    "My entire issue started with going to an ENT doctor. I was having ear aches, pains in my jaw, burning ears and other "sinus" symptoms. I ended up on antibiotics which caused bladder infection, then MORE antibiotics for the bladder infection, I was on antibiotics for a constant 3 months. THEN the back pain started, which led me here to this forum. My back hurt when I burped of all things! Crazy! My daughter finally suggested probiotics and I am completely cured of all my previous problems. I hope that probiotics can help people on here! Like I've said before on here I take 50 Billion live cultures a day in one capsule, it's SO easy! Mine is a "critical care" dose with 10 active strains of cultures. I will continue to take it. Thank you all for letting me vent on here!"


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      Thanks for replying, much appreciated. I started with 10 billion at weekend along with aloe Vera juice, but will look at 50. Have had loads of antibiotics this year which I know much your system up.  If I could get rid of sharp stabbing pains by ribs life would be great. Have a good day


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    You need to go back to your GP as some of the advice you have been given doesn't sound right.

    If you have been getting these pains and are concerned it's from acid reflux, you need another scope. A lot can happen in 6 years. You can easily have contracted H-Pylori for a start. I am scoped every 2 years under NHS because of my Barrett's Oesophagus. And they test for H-Pylori each time. My most recent scope just a couple of weeks ago, the initial immediate test whilst the camera was in the stomach, was borderline possibility and they had to await lab results that showed it negative. (I asked how I would have contracted it and was told it could be through unusual food preparateion whilst I was cycling over the Andes last year.)

    But H-pylori is easily tested for and treated with an antibiotic mix.

    Your GP may be applying the latest NICE guidelines too rigidly which, despite represenattion of Action Against Heartburn (cahrities working together to promote earlier diagnosis of oesophageal cancer), still carries the wording not to routinely scope for acid reflux except for white males over 55.

    Do you have another GP in your practice you could see who would be prepared to refer you for another scope?

    All the best


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      Hi Chris thanks for your reply, much appreciated. The same GP has told me twice now that I cannot have another scope. She also said that I was tested in 2009 for h pylori as they do this a matter of course when doing a scope, I do not remember coming off my PPI for 2 weeks as you need to with a HP test. She also said if I did not have it 6 years ago, I will not have it now. To be honest I insisted on a gastro referral and I will ask there for another scope. I can ask to see another GP but worry that if one say's no the others will follow her lead. To me to make such a statement that cancerous conditions will not have grown in 6 years is a bit foolish as people are diagnosed all the time and sick within months. Regarding the NICE ruling is that because it is rare for women to get cancer from reflux or just a way of saving money? Take care
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      It's not necessary to come off all acid suppressants for H-Pylori test.

      There are different ways of testing for it: breath test is the easiest but least reliable. Blood test can be used as can a stool test. The most accurate is biopsy taken during an endoscopy.

      If you have a referral to a gastroenterologist, you should get better advice. GPs do not know enough about acid reflux. They have to know aout so many things they cannot be expert about everything. Acid reflux problems are so common, they usually just prescribe a PPI and send you away. If you don't return they assume they've solved the problem - which in the majority of cases they have. If there's something wrong, they rely on you constantly returning and nagging to make them think perhaps they should investigate further and send you to a specialist.

      The NICE ruling is based entirely on statistics. Statistically it's been white males over 55 who have historically been the most at risk of harmful effects of reluxing acid. But increasingly we see women, and at a younger age presenting with prolems.


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