Messed around unintentionally with propranolol!

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Hi all

I am looking for advice/reassurance after what I believe now to have been misuse of propranolol 

I was diagnosed with GAD at the beginning of June and along with an AD I was prescribed Propanolol 10mg to be taken x2 twice a day

I did this but felt awful....which on reflection was prob the stopped taking them after a couple of days but remained on my ADs

Since then I have been back on them at my Docs assurance that they would help with my shaking for around 6 weeks at the above dose with no success for the shakes so Doc upped them last Wednesday to 80mg slow release

I took the 80mg Wed Thurs Fri evening but had upset stomache and no sleep and generally felt awful so Sat decided ....probably foolishly .....but lack of sleep clouded my judgement stop taking them full stop!

its now Monday and today I have woken with heightened anxiety and very weak and shakes legs!

I am aware I have brought this on myself but am now worried what I have done is dangerous??

My bp has always been normal as has my heart rate so that's a good point....yes?

Do you think my uncomfortable self induced withdrawal side effects will subside soon......surely it's best just to continue now with the WD?

Sorry for the long post....and for my stupidity but I am very green as far as meds are concerned ....never had anything like this before!

Thank you for reading 

any advice would be gratefully received 

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    Hello Pamela,

     I think you are experiencing anxiety coupled with over analyzing the situation. I have done the same thing myself. However, mine was usually that I had forgotten which day I had taken it and then I was afraid of over dosing or doubling the meds. I took 60mg extended release for almost 4 years. So I have been where you are now a time or two. 

    Thing is, is once you start taking these you can't just stop. You have to come off of them gradually. I know that one of the worst side effects are that it makes you anxious and can possibly elevate your heart rate. If you haven't already taken your dose, then I would take it.(if it were me) I know how scary it can be, but I survived the same things you are experiencing several times..

    If it would ease your mind, you should call a pharmacy and ask them or simply go to the ER and tell them what happened. I know it sounds extreme, but being comfortable about these meds is a very big deal when you first start them. I would for sure call my Dr tomorrow and ask to be seen. 

    I have recently went from the 60mg extended release to 10mg twice daily and it is working much better for me. Just remember that any new meds will take some getting used to. Also, if this is coupled with anxiety it's going to be difficult to not think about it 24/7 until you get used to the meds.

    I hope this has helped or at least eased your mind somewhat.. Just try not to over analyze and I think you will be fine. 

    Also, normal heart rate is a good thing, just don't focus on it or it will go up. Only because you will have done it to yourself...

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      Hiya Kjon

      thanks for your reply it's much appreciated!

      i haven't taken any propranolol since Sat morning now when I took 2x10mg

      Although today has been my worst anxiety wise for a while I have managed to function ok ....gone out for a walk done my usual housework etc with no other effects than that and shakiness I'm just wondering really if I stick it out now will the propranolol soon be out of my system?

      I really would like to quit them and just stick to the Citalopram that I've been taking for the last ten weeks .......I will endure the withdrawal symptoms as long as I know it's safe to do so?!

      im not over anxious about it just cross at myself for not being more savvy and coming off them gradually!

      I just reckoned ....and I don't know if I'm right...that starting up again would just further complicate things?

      oh dear I am one silly dizzy woman .....I really am so new to meds I'm clueless!

      thanks again x

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      I honestly have no definitive answer on how safe it is. They worked so well for me at the time that I didn't want to come off them. However, now it just seems like it gets in the way of my quality of life. You should probably consult your physician before stopping cold turkey. I do know that you can use the 10mg if you get over anxious. As long as you haven't taken the 80mg. It probably also makes a difference as to what you were taking them for. They are used for a wide variety of afflictions, so you should factor that in as well.

      I used them to keep my hr down. Anxiety would drive it up to around 150 or so. So coming off them would be much harder for me as I would tent to focus on my hr and then drive it up some more. 

      I wish I knew more and I'm sry I'm not much help, but I only have my personal experiences..

      Let me know how it turns out!

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      Thanks so much for your replies and help ......I really appreciate them!

      I really feel so naive and foolish!

      I will see how I am throughout the day tomorrow ......hopefully if I soldier through things will get easier?

      I'll keep you up to date with my hopefully progress 


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    Hi pamela.  

    I don't think that its dangerous i mean realistically the last time you took them was saturday and that was 2 days ago and nothing has happened really except you feel a little panicky etc but thats normal because if you come off a drug that soon your body has gotten used to the drugs and you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  It depends how long you have been taking the pills and every person is different in terms of the length of your withdrawal.  Chances are though that the first few days off them are the worse and it probably will get better.  I am no medical proffesional but pop into any chemist and the pharmacist will be able to tell you all about the drug and also book an appointment with your GP.  Also you mentioned you were taking anti depressants these can also cause anxiety so are you sure it isn't a side effect of this medication too? 

    I also think as long as you are healthy stopping the beta blocker suddenly won't neccersarily be dangerous but just be uncomfortable anxiety wise! as you are aware you have stopped taking the pill so conciously and subconciously you go into panic mode.

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      Hi Olivia

      thank you for taking the time to reply to my mixed up question?!

      I have been on Citalopram 20mg now for just ten weeks and in that time I had....after the initial start up of two weeks....had 4 brilliant weeks before having some recent blips where the anxiety returned....I was so dissapointed!

      One of my very worst symptoms has been shakiness and weak feeling arms and legs....that's why the Doc prescribed Propranolol but I honestly felt it didn't help and just added to my other problems...hence why I just want to try without them....right decision? I'm not sure?? 

      I have just asked about increasing my dose of a Citalopram to 30mg to see if I can get back on track again.....oh I don't know's all so confusing!

      I've never experienced anything like this before in my's all very scary!

      thanks again your advice is very much appreciated x

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      Gosh I wish we had a decent health care system in the US! Saw your post about "popping into the chemist and they would book an appointment with your GP". Wow, that would never happen in the US. We would have to call the doctor, go through the automated phone system, book the appt with insurance info, and then hope the insurance would cover the visit. 
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    It is really scary as for me it came out of the blue i was just sat at home and suddenly i had a huge panic attack and there ensued the worst 2 weeks of my life after that and at present im left with an ongoing mild anxiety (it has got better though)   I think with anxiety the important thing to remember is that it is an ongoing process and every set back makes the recovery harder for you (every anxious person has experienced setbacks) but you can recover from anxiety.  FInd your own individual way of coping and don't fight your anxiety when it comes try and 'relax into it'.  WIth GAD like i have i just try and dissect all my fears scientifically and factually so the fears dont have a leg to stand on, ive also had hypnosis too!  
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      Same for me Olivia, but no GAD. However OCD mixed with anxiety is unsettling. There have been set backs and will always be, but like you I use deductive reasoning and can usually keep it at bay. Also a good scream out on the middle of nowhere seems to work too... Lol..  finding things to occupy my time and never setting idle help tremendously. Hobbies are a must and sleepless nights are awful.. It does get better, but it takes time and good friends or family..

      How did the hypnosis work out? Only ask because I have thought about it myself...

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      the hypnosis worked out really well for me and i was told by the the woman doing the hypnosis that she heelped a woman fully recover from ocd who had the obsessive thinking that fires were starting in her house and the woman felt couldnt go out of her house.  It worked for me personally really well.  I have intrusive thoughts with my anxiety which is like the obessive part of OCD without the compulsion which used to set me back for example i used to obsessively think i was possessed even though i knew this wasn't true and then my mind would make up voices inside my head which were my own voice which i tricked myself into thinking were evil voices as i was scared of all kinds of things like phschosis and schitzophrenia and demons but eventually i realised that non of it was real! the imagination is the most powerful thing with anxiety and unfortunatly the most creative people have the most vivid imaginations like me! 
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      I think that's what's so hard to accept...when you can't put a reason for it happening.....and by trying to analyse it just makes it's a vicious circle rolleyes

      I have had some private therapy sessions which helped but I couldn't afford to keep up forever ....I'm just waiting for NHS ones now so will see how they go?!

      My lovely private lady Therapist said it can be from things that have happened way way back and likened it after we had identified some of my life's events to a bullet richotcheting .......and sometimes our natural balance of how we have dealt with things just tips slightly the wrong way and results in our anxiety!cry

      Are you on medication?

      Ive not been on Citalopram before but have been told by so many people how wonderful it is?.....I hope I find it so!!

      Its the physical symptoms especially the shaky jelly ones that I feel hardest to cope with and scare me

      Its all just pants isn't it frown

      Oh well .....just have to get through it all somehow....I luckily have so much wonderful love and support from my family...they have all been amazing especially my husband .....I just want them to have the real 'me' back again!

      Wishing you all the best on conquering your anxieties ...let's show it whose boss! x


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      Great, so I am assuming you are an artist of sorts like myself. Writer, musician with a vivid imagination. I know all about voices and demons and fears of detached reality. I think it would be great to lose the OCD for sure..
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      i am on 40mg of propanalol and i take it once a day at night.  I am fine without it really as i have always tryed to steer away from relying on it and over the past 6 weeks it hasnt been the best as its been like a roller coaster but i am getting better.  The 40mg helps me because i just used to hate my heart racing it was horrible!

      Yeah my boyfriend has been the most supportive with me too! and friends.  SImply amazing. 

      THe real you is still there.  Every day is going to be like this it is only temporary.   

      wish you all the best too. x

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      Well.....after a chat with a pharmacist this morning he suggested taking my 2x10mg twice a day here goes!! This time I will be more careful and conscientious about taking them and not beggar around with my system again??!! 

      Wish me luck to sort myself out this time!rolleyes

      Thanks to you both for your help last night x

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    Olivia, Sorry about my last reply. It was a little short and didn't sound so friendly.. I was simply saying (great) as in, how something so wonderful can sometimes aid in such misery.. I am assuming that you are a creative, artistic person like myself. I hope you didn't take offense..

    Family helps a lot, but finding people you can relate to is much better. For myself anyway. My wife has been so understanding and supportive, but in reality without the anxiety experience, she truly has no clue as to what people like us go thru. I also had a therapist, but all I did was talk. Really didn't find any resolve in our sessions.

    I am really going to seek out a hypnotist and see what that has to offer.. 

    Thanks for the info..

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      Your tone was absolutley fine! I am more of a writer myself! i have got such a sharp imagination!  I agree,  3 of friends have anxiety and speaking to them helps me to help myself.    Yeah my boyfriend is the same but he is wonderful and always there for me.  Anxiety is something that you can only really understand the true measure of if you have lived through it! you are right there.    I had a counsellor who was good but it was all self guided and i would rather that he explained my behaviour in terms of phschological principles as i am a very analytical person and also scientific so i want clarification/ proof for most things.    Try hyponosis for sure! it might take more than one session but you never know it might work for you!  make sure they are a registered hypnotherapist though!

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