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Hello. I became a heroin addict at the age of 14 up until the age of 29. I'm now 37 now and have been illegal opiate free for the last 8 years.

I started of on over 100ml/day of methadone and now this is down to just 15ml/day. I have given clean water samples and swab tests for over 8 years.

The problem that I have is the service I'm being provided by the local drug team.

I'm agoraphobic so do not leave the house so it makes it very hard for me to fetch my prescription.

The big problem is I never get a stable worker and I'm having to chase down my prescription. I've had the local mental health team involved and they can not get any answer from "lifeline "

What I need to know is can much gp prescribe much methadone? He is not in a "shared care program"?

This is truly pitiful service that should be their to help people. I think my best option is to drop the script and buy from the streets. This is a option I do not want to take but I'm being forced down that route.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Kind regards


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    First, look at the progress you have made over 8 years: a long time but the end progress is good.

    i cannot answer your 'access prescription' question, and suspect it depends on your local area's policy.

    Strongly I urge you not to go back to scoring on the streets. You will pick up rubbish and increase using. So ask around your local services; or ask recovering addicts.

    could you use this as an opportunity to take the small final step and get clean? Consider asking how to do the de-tox: Subutex?

    Finally, your handle 'Skunkmad'. I hope this does not mean you smoke dope: it is horrible stuff; if yes, again consider taking the final step. You will feel so much better.

    To help you - as we all need - think about going to a local NA meeting. You will get tremendous support.

    I wish you well.


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      My handle Skunkmad does mean I use cannabis but making the assumption that I smoke cannabis is a big leap. If you know the cannabis plant and the medical values of of the plant then you would know that smoking cannabis is the least effective way to use cannabis and very few medical cannabis users actually smoke it.

      Yes I agree that high thc strains can be harmful bit do you actually know anything about the medical effects?

      You can Google me I'm quite well versed in the subject and been published worldwide on the subject.

      Right back to the problem I am facing. I'm in touch with my local drug team but as mentioned I'm getting passed around month after month with no support and it is not only emotionally draining but financially draining also.

      I know some Dr's are in a "shared care program" which allows them to prescribe to their patients. Sadly my dr is not in the "shared care scheme" . Even mental healthy are discussed with the service as I just don't know where my next script is coming from.

      If you ring they say it is at the chemist. You go the chemist "nothing here" you ring back the service to be told "oh sorry it is here come collect". You get there to be told it is in the mail? I think the streets would be a better choice?. I'll try source the methadone via the streets and heroin will be the very last resort.

      I'm not letting a incompetent service derail my 8 years clean and this may give me the kick I need to say enough is enough and just detox.

      I did try last year but lofexidine dropped my blood pressure to low so the treatment was stopped and told to reduce myself. No help and definitely no support.

      Enjoy your drink mate


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      I don't recall reading a request for an opinion on smoking cannabis in 'skunkmads' original posting.

      Cannabis has tremendous medicinal properties if used correctly and as far as illicit drugs go it right down the lower end of the spectrum.

      Cannabis helped me tremendously through detox.

      Why do you suppose they prescribe it to cancer patients? Maybe research it a little you might be surprised.

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      You have done exceptionally well and should be proud of your achievements. Opiates are one of the hardest drugs to overcome and you've done amazingly.

      I'm sorry to hear you're not receiving much support and assistance I'm not sure where you're located but I'm in Australia and as far as help goes regarding opiate addiction it's the luck of the draw. A lot of GP's will throw you in the "no hope" basket but there are a handful of doctors that are very helpful.

      If it were me, I wouldnt go back down the road of sourcing drugs illegally but nobody should look down on you if this is the route you choose.

      In regards to detoxing have you ever tried "pregabelin"? I had my doctor prescribe it when I went through detox and it helped so much. Best of all it was the only thing that eliminated my torturous restless legs. There's also subuxone which like methadone must be tappered down. I chose not to go with subs but I've read a lot of stories from people that have found great success with this programme.

      Keep your head high you've done so well. If you need someone to talk to or some support don't hesitate to contact me.

      Take care

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      Thank you very much nikki. I'm in the uk and I think only some gps can prescribe methadone. My gp is a great Dr buy his hand are tied.

      All I want is to be given my script and left alone to drop it 1ml/month. I know 1ml is not much but from 10ml it 10%. 1ml from 100ml you won't feel but maybe 1ml from 10ml I will?

      I don't know if the meth could be swapped out for morphine? That my dr could give.

      The dts (drug treatment service) since it was taken over is really poor and my gp need to get in the game.

      I've not touched any illegal drugs for years bar cannabis. I don't drink and my prescriber is fine with cannabis use. As she knows I use high cbd and not high thc extracts/tinctures

      Actually a mate from Oz taught me smile

      I have a telephone call with my mental health worker this Wednesday and script runs out that day also. I have an appointment for the 4th but no worker will be there. I'll have to wait on mental health buy I do have a safe supply of meth sourced just in case.

      Thanks for the support nikki

      Kind regards


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      You're welcome mark smile the most vital part of dealing with addiction is support I never could have gone through detox without it and i almost definately would still be abusing opiates.

      What a shame they've made it so complicated for you. The last thing you need is to be screwed around. Unfortunately unless a person has gone through it and knows the hold opiates have on you they cannot relate. They think it's as simple as not taking them and that within one to two weeks you'll be back on top of the world. This is so far fetched it infuriates me. I've been clean for about eight months now and I'm still carrying the psychological symptoms with me.

      Methadone could be replaced by morphine but I'd be very hesitant to do so. Methadone has an extended half life in comparison to morphine. Mororphine has a half life of about 2-3 hours where as methadone is about 24 hours. So if you did switch you'd not only find morphine considerably more addictive (giving you the buzz) but you'd also be taking a lot more of it. Morphine is also much more expensive. I'm not sure about the UK but here it is generally not meant to be approved for previous opiate addicts and has a stricter regulation than methadone.

      I truly hope you can find some assistance and support. Have you mentioned to your drug and alcohol worker and GP that you are considering going back to heroin because you've been screwed around so much?

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    I am currently 22 days methadone free.

    I stopped at 14mls daily, it is a nightmare getting scripts.

    I changed chemist and they saw that I was not a smack head and trusted me to take home and collect every Monday which was better than going everyday!

    Anyway I stopped the meth at 14mls, and they put me on Lofexidine / Britlofex,

    I won't lie, it's been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life,

    Still not right now three week later.

    So if you are considering a detox, please get as much info/ support as possible before hand.

    I rushed into it.

    Lifeline programme , doctor made out like it was going to b a breeze.

    Take these tablets for 10 days and your cured!

    That is not the case.

    Yes I'm drug free after ten days but it's the after effects I wasn't prepared for.

    I got severely dehydrated

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      Hello Sara.

      Lifeline did the same thing to me last year. Arranged a home detox, basically came once, dropped og a blood pressure machine and some britlofex/lofexidine. Sadly my heart rate got to low and they stopped the treatment and put me back on the 14ml/day. Now it is getting so hard to get the scripts even with 8 years of back2back clean samples and no desire to use illegal heroin but what am I supposed to do when I can not get a answer from "Lifeline" or mental health can not either? . They are forcing me down a route I don't want to go but have very little option..

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      God I understand what your going through.

      The fact that lifeline just left u at home is disgusting.

      I had to go back and forth everyday for two weeks as my blood pressure dropped dramatically also.

      Luckily I have family support so my mum has been driving me there and back everyday.

      Now that I'm drug free lifeline don't want to know.

      No support whatsoever!

      I'm seeking professional help elsewhere NHS r sh*te! Physically I'm back to normal now so it must all be mental.

      I have an appointment with a therapist soon.

      If I had to go back and do it all again I would try and drop the meth as low as possible and go into a rehab facility.

      I struggled so much as I had no one to talk to had no idea what to expect and had no support for anyone!

      At least in a rehab facility there are professionals there to re assure u that everything your experiencing is totally normal.

      I didn't have a clue so ended up hallucinating going insane and now it's the after effects of that trauma I'm having to deal with trying to get my life back together.

      I only told my work I'd b off for 10 days but there is no way I can go back like this!

      I have another two weeks off.

      Sorry for rambling!

      Just wondered about the cannabis. You said u don't smoke it? How do u take it then?

      I have some joints ready for emergencies but as I'm so paranoid and anxious right now I'm too scared to smoke it! In the past it has sent me paranoid to the point I think I'm dying, that's just drone smoking a little skink joint! X

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      Hello Sara

      On my script side. "Lifeline " we have contacted again today and I do have a worker and I'm still being seen in the community. I plant to drop my dose 1ml/2 weeks then in 6 months I'm done.

      I've chatted with a few friends and they have had similar experience as you. They were being mad3 to go up to the office mid detox which no one wants and as soon as they look there last dose they did not want to know. No after care and no support. All our branch seams to do is "training " I've also been told that by law you should be seen by the prescriber of your script every 3 months for a review. I've not been seen by my nip (nurse in practitioner) for over 5 months and it was 9 months before that.

      What a truly pitiful service sad

      Keep your head up Sara if you ever need a chat I'm not far away smile you sound like a nice lady who is trying her best to get her life together with no help from the system. Been there mate so just shout if you need a chat smile

      Kind regards

      Mark m

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed specific details regarding cannabis. If users wish to exchange these details please use the Private Message service.

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