Methods I use while in the Pit Stop.. (Crashed or relapse)

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Here are a few tips I use when resting or in “The Pit”

Meditation - i listen to numerous guided meditations on you tube or relaxing zen like music. I find this very useful to release stress & tension- allowing my body to ‘Land.’

Practice slow breathing:- This is the most important thing you CAN do. Feeling the air enter & leave your nose & the rise & fall of your tummy. (The Buteyko method is a very powerful breathing method) there is a book called “close your mouth” it teaches this breathing method & is a very good read. It’s very informative explaining the importance of breathing properly. I find it calms me helping me to relax & helps me through rest periods, a crash or relapse.

Mindfulness - being mindful of thoughts. While we have a mind we will never stop thoughts coming in but we can change how we react to them, view them & help them to pass on like floating clouds or passing traffic, rather than giving them too much attention, let them pass. Try to be the observer of your thoughts, see them for what they are (just a thought) & allow it to float on down the river. I often find when I am observing my mind watching & waiting for the next thought to come in it create’s a gap. These gaps are so important, the more gaps you have the better. So watch your thoughts like a cat watching a mouse hole...ask “what is my next thought” watch & wait for it to come.

Whether we have a negative or a positive thought our brains go to work collecting evidence to support be carful how much attention you give to the not so good ones.

Read books - (if you are up to it) ones that will nurture you. Ones you can learn from. Personally I like self help & spiritual books.

Make your pit stop a lovely, tranquil, private & comfortable place to be. Surround it with pictures of loved ones and/or pictures of nature. This is your very own special place... one where you won’t be disturbed... where you can take the time you need to rest, restore & recharge.

Be grateful! List all the things you are grateful for.

Overall be kind to yourself!

Pushing through & resistance is what will hold you back & keep you stuck. Dedicate this time for yourself- it will be worth it. You are worth it!

If you have any other ideas you use that you’d like to add I’d love to hear them.

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    I have an indoor water feature in my relaxation space as I find the sound of water really relaxing. I also use a singing bowl and yoga chimes to relax and have things like buddhas, elephants and pebbles and shells I collected from the beach nearby. I have a soft warm blanket I use to lie under handy too. I think your space should contain anything you find relaxing to look at, listen to or touch. I'm feeling a bit more positive today as I had acupuncture for the first time yesterday and had the best nights sleep I've had for ages last night and today I actually had some little surges of energy. They've gone now but they were there which has given me hope! I think getting the correct balance of activity and rest is definitely something that helps.

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      Oh I’m loving the idea of the indoor water feature in your rest room. I’m going to put that on my wish list. I love the sound of running water. It can certainly transport you to a different place. I have Buddhas & candles & sometimes burn white sage incense sticks. I have a lovely soft blanket too. When I’m cold I lay a heavy blanket on top with the soft one over with hands wrapped around it. It’s very comforting. We tend to have sensory issues so I need weight on me to sleep at night. I’m glad to hear you’re sleeping better & acupuncture is helping you. It makes a massive difference to how we feel & energy levels when we can get a good night’s sleep, or more so that the sleep is deeper! I’ve been experiencing some deeper sleeps recently & feel the difference with a little more energy the next day. I’ve been taking Restore mineral supplement & seems to be helping & also had a few more energy surges. I’m being careful how I use the energy when it comes in- trying not to race off - as tempting as it is. So I’m cruising along so as not to run out of charge too quick. It can make you a bit weary, but after not experiencing a crash or relapse it soon gives you a little more confidence.

      Your space sounds very tranquil & relaxing. I agree we need the right balance. It can take a while to find a base line, once we’ve found that we can try very slowly adding a little to see if we can tolerate it. It’s often a guessing game.

      If there one thing this illness has taught me it’s patience.

      Fingers crossed the energy surges continue!

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    It's great when you get an energy surge which for me have been rare lately. I was really good yesterday as although I still didn't feel too bad last night I didn't push myself to do more like I normally do and rested instead. Today amazingly I didn't feel too bad earlier on either but as soon as the exhaustion started to come on this afternoon I stopped what I was doing straight away and lay down to do a guided meditation. I'm definitely going to try and get back to pacing myself better and hopefully making any energy I have last longer. I also find keeping a diary helpful as you can take note of things that help or hinder you.

    Some things I find helpful to think about are;-

    • Listen to your body not your mind
    • Stop before you get tired
    • What do I need more of right now?
    • On a scale of 1-10 how stressful is this really?
    • Instead of 'all or nothing' do things 'little and often'
    • You can't give from an empty well - put yourself first!

    Crystals are good for relaxation too - I have a few in my relaxation space. Hope this year is a good one for you and you continue to gain some energy!

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      Oh you do sound very good at Pacing & feeling the warning signs at the moment. I need to be more strict. I was a silly girl yesterday & drive right past the red light. - it can be hard when feeling under pressure from others to carry on. I’m the 1st to admit I don’t always practice what I preach! I need to get back on track. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am going to write them down. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder. We often have the tools but forget to use them.

      I also hope this year is a good one for you too.

      Thank you!

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    I've not had a good weekend, it seems i went back a stage in my grief with lots of things bugging me and thinking how this time last year i was head admin at a construction site an now i do 2 days a week and keep having responsibilities taken away. So i wrote all my feelings down, Watched some feel good and funny films on the sofa and by the next day i was able to see things in a whole new light.

    I'm trying a new routine where I have penciled in activities to do. These what i have to do such as washing and tidying up and then things i enjoy like watching tv or cross stitch. After each activity i will have 10 minutes silence and breathing exercises. Today is day 1 and i've got to be strict but gentle to myself.

    I never thought of a relaxation area, its a great idea. ive got a spare room which is also my office. i might look at an area in there and if i can make a relaxation corner. Feel there's a lot of negative energy in my front room.

    Thanks for the ideas

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    I find Acceptance is key & being in the now, trying not to look back at the past, what I had or the person I used to be. Although I did go through a very long grieving stage coming to terms with things. Here is a quote I like- you may have heard before... “The past is history, the future is a mystery & now is a gift which is why it is called the present” 😃

    Yes laugh in the face of adversity as they say. I try to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones - when I catch them in time. It’s good to find a balance of things that ‘need’ to be done & finding something you enjoy. We all need a little feel good factor. I’m Glad to see you have a little humour in naming your aids. That made me smile 😁

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