Mid Right Abdominal ache / pain

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Hi everyone, looking for some advice that has had or is having similar symptoms to me. I am a 33 year old male, 5 ft 11 and 21 stone. I am a big built man so don’t look 21 stone but just big all over. I have been on Osmesoprazole for around 4 years due to horrific Acid Reflux. I had an the Camera down about 18 months ago showing all healthy. However 12 months ago I started with what I can only describe as a dull sensation / ache (not really painful) in my mid right abdomen (to the right of my belly button) and like I say it’s not painful but causes me great worry and anxiety. The last 12 months I have not seen a doctor in the hope it will go away and have been taking Paracetamol, Ibrupofen and codine as this numbs the sensation.. The last 6 weeks have been somewhat different as well as having the constant sensation I have experienced bloating, nausea, having to eat smaller meals due to to the bloating and nausea, very slight weight loss. But also the sensation has got a little more stronger and more uncomfortable and now very slightly painful. Yesterday I also had 12 hours of the worste gas, diareah, I have ever had, it felt like I was burping poo, like sulphur burps and explosive foamy diareah but after 12 hours I’m completely back to normal. I do suffer with constipation due to constant doses of codine so also take 15 ml of lactalose before bed and first thing on a morning  to combat this.. my diet is very bad, I drink 2 litres of Coca Cola per day and eat lots of fatty greasy food. I do try and drink at least 1 pint of healthy organic juice per day made from all raw organic ingredients such as kale, spinach, garlic, celery, carrot, apple, orange, ginger, turmeric etc and also drink 250ml of the finest kefir per day. Exercise is pretty much 0.. anyone offer any advice suggestions what I should do or try going forward or anything that rases any alarm bells with anyone. Thank you 

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    Also I only drink distilled water
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    Hello. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having. I too suffer from digestive issues which cause me great worry. Actually I will be doing an ultrasound tomorrow in hopes of getting to the root cause of my issues. I can tell you that you need to change your diet immediately. Your diet needs to be more simple & bland. More grilled, steamed and baked foods instead of fried. Fried stuff is harder to digest. Lean meat, veggies, potatoes, soups, smoothies. I would say stay off coca cola & greasy food completely for a few weeks until you start to see some improvements. Then you can probably indulge slightly but make sure it's limited. You should also start some light exercise. These changes combined with appropriate medication should bring you significant improvements. You need to see a doctor for the pain in your abdomen. Don't try to treat it yourself with pain killers. Most likely there is a bigger underlying problem which needs specific treatment/medication. Good luck. 

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      Thank you for taking the time to reply, when you say most likely there is a bigger underlying problem that is causing my abdomen discomfort, do you have any suggestions what is could be? 
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    Alan - I am also a big girl, so I feel I can give you some advice.  As I have lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years.

    ?You are seriously overweight and need to take control.

    ?STOP drinking the coke, it is full of sugar, and do not start drinking the sugar free its even worse with chemicals that will kill you, when you have been drinking that much coke, you will probably get a headache when you stop, you do get over it.

    ?Go to the supermarket and buy some yoghurt with live cultures, more the better, ONE small pot a day only, will restore your normal bacteria to your bowel.

    ?STOP the fatty greasy food, the worst possible thing you can be eating bad for your upset stomach, all that grease UGHHHH.

    ?What to eat, bowl of plain cornflakes for breakfast, with skim milk and a banana, or even couple of small bananas, cup of tea, try to avoid coffee for a little while. 

    ?Lunch try for a SALAD, lots of mixed veges, and similar for dinner, with small piece of meat or fish, the size of your palm, NOT FRIED, steamed or even tinned in water, ie tinned tuna in water, NOT OIL.

    ?Try to stretch out your codeine, you are probably addicted, instead of every 4 hours, take every five hours, for a week, then change to every five hours for a week, then every six hours for a week, only way to get off such a strong dose of any medication, VERY VERY slowly, been there and done that as well, after surgery, found myself addicted to Morphine, hospital took me off and discharged, 5 hours later in agony with stomach cramps, shaking like a leaf, headache, and generally feeling terrible, back to the hospital as I thought somethin was really wrong with surgery, took them a few hours, but when they gave me a dose of morphine again, I came right, that was the proof that is was that, then I had to do the step down process, successfully, never had it happen again even with following surgery, on hospital records and they always mention it and question what happened, I don't think they will ever really know why only the once, may have been a combination of drugs.

    ?DO you have a heated swimming pool anywhere near you that you can get to, start exercising, treading water again VERY SLOWLY, and build up your strength with exercises, I go to a pool attached to a medical centre heated, lovely, and there are some people there who are just HUGE, and one lady in particular who could hardly walk, is back to slim hardly recognise her now, she would have lost in excess of 10 stone by my estimation.

    ?ALARM BELLS - plenty there as you are too well aware, to be blunt you are going to have a very short life, and not much of one if you keep going the way you are.


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      Hi Lynn thank you also for taking the time to reply, I will try why you have suggested. We do have a hot tub would that be if any benifit?
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      Hot tub, not a bad idea for a start, but you need to move more, get your circulation going, that is going to help lose the weight, movement, and at the same time get fit, that's why I suggested the hot swimming pool, get in and move, and the bonus it is non weight bearing, good for hips and knees, ankles, which all take a beating when we are overweight. 

      I mentioned surgery previously, arthritis, have had double hip replacement, two surgeries 15 months apart, knee replacement coming up, not looking forward to that, worse than hip replacements I am told, more painful, I have a family riddled with arthritis, so no real surprise, brother also had knee replacement last xmas.

      ?Diet, a huge improvement in what you eat is going to be the big change for you. 

      ?I have been trying to find my diet charts, they are here in the house, because I was BAD over Xmas and ate far too much junk food, time for me to go back to eating healthy food and lose the excess.

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    Hi alan ,  apple cider vinegar & honey, two apples a day, biotic   balance 20 billion supper strength tablets,  N-acetyl-glucosamine , fibre gel two satchels,takes few days for it to get through lol,some lemons in boiling water sliced up drink through out the day, start just walking for 1/2 hour ,pick foods that are easily digested , good luck Alan    

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    Cut down on cola, and cut out fatty foods.  Try cooking from fresh and eat more fruit and vegetables. Try light exercise like walking of swimming.  However, I would see your doctor to get a firm diagnosis of your symptoms.  Does your pain move about your stomach or stay in one place? If it moves about, it might be IBS.
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      It’s just in once certain spot, and likeninsaybhad it for 12 months but starting to get painful now x worried it’s colon cancer
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      Don’t worry about colon cancer; it is rare at your age.  You could ask for a colonoscopy to reassure you.  Red flags to look out for would be bleeding and unexplained, rapid weight loss.  If you don’t have these symptoms, that is good news for you. However, I think change of diet and exercise would be the first thing to try as well as seeing your doctor.
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    HI alan could be gallbladder ,get gallbladder checked out.
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      I was hoping it was gallbladder but isn’t my gallbladder more central abdomen?? This pain is a small area similar to a 2 pence coin in diameter and about 4/5 inches to the right of my belly button in line with it
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      Your gallbladder is on your right side of your abdomen.  I wouldn’t hope it is your gallbladder because if it is and you need it removed, being without it can cause complications with some people.

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