Might I have ME?

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Hi all!

Just found this discussion board thru Google, so apologies if this isn't the place but it's my first time here!

For some years now I've been suffering various symptoms which have as yet been unexplained. Briefly, I would list fatigue, aches and pains, poor concentration (described in places as brain fog?!), excessive sweating, frequently needing to pee, and generally feeling unwell. I seem to get a lot of cold-type infections. I would also put nausea and bowel/stomach issues on the list, but I fear I'm starting to sound like a hypocondriac!!

I've been to see doctors at various times and been tested for diabetes, thyroid function, anemia.. the usual suspects. I was prescribed anti-depressants for a while, guess I felt better but you would wouldn't you?! I've had the symptoms attributed to my asthma medication, amongst other things, in particular I've been told that I'm susceptible to infection by being immuno-surpressed on account of my asthma.

You can see where I'm going..

I've felt like this on and off since University, and I'm 32 in a couple of months and feel it's time to get some answers. As you get older you feel less comfortable with sitting around on your ar*e all day for lack of energy!!

Could I have ME? I have heard it described as post-viral fatigue... I had Shingles when I was younger, can't remember exactly when but I think it was not long before I finished school and went to uni. Could this be a factor?

Any advice would be appreciated. For info I have a [i:e168edb34d]very[/i:e168edb34d] healthy diet and exercise a fair bit, although it is an effort to make myself do it!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hi there knighty

    Firstly, you have posted at the right place smile

    CFS/ME is usually diagnosed on a number of symptoms that have been present for at least six months.

    Have you ever mentioned the possibility to your GP (hopefully he is one of those who accept the illness is real :roll: ) .... it might be worth consulting him and see what he has to say.

    You certainly have quite a few of the symptoms that we ME'ers suffer from but then they are present in a lot of other illnesses also.

    You say that you 'exercise quite a lot' ...... that is something that we definitely cannot do, as much as we all want to. You may find your symptoms improve if you cut down.

    It is possible that you have a mild form but you obviously need a proper diagnosis.

    Good luck. I hope for your sake you don't have it, but if you do you are most welcome to join us on this fun forum :D We are all very supportive to each other as well as as having bit of lively banter which cheers us up no end smile

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    hi there Rich

    Well none of us are doctors, although there are a few nurses, so we cannot diagnose you, just give you our experiences.

    Your symptoms match a lot of those that we have but could also be indicative of other stuff. You really need a much more comprehensive array of blood tests to rule out anything else it could possibly be. That is the only way to diagnose it at present unfortunately - by elimination of anythng else.

    I have a leaflet titled A Guide to ME for Non Sufferers and it describes very well, in non medical jargon, all the possible symptoms and struggles of a person with ME.

    Ifyou would like a copy then just PM me your e mail address and I will send it to you for reference.

    Alicia smile

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    Hi Rich

    I'm Dale (female) only telling you that cos for the first few weeks everyone thought I was a bloke! I take my name from my footy :football: team. Enough of the useless information..

    I can only re-iterate what Katie and Alicia say, but you are in the right place as far as a support system for ME goes. :ok:

    Is your sense of humour still intact? Read through the previous posts and you will get a lot of advice and info :lol:

    Hope it doesn't scare you off... :shock:

    Dale xxx

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    Hi Rich you have came to the right place. There is alot of useful information on this forum. I suggest you read so of the older posts. Have a look ar the following wed sites: Brame and the M.E association. If there is any other questions feel free to ask, one of us can possibilit answer. smile
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    Hi Rich,

    Sorry you feel the need to post on this forum. Your symptoms sound similar to ours but as Katie said it could be a number of things.

    Feel free to ask anything you wish and please do go to your G.P and discuss your symptoms. :?

    I'm assuming you are male, all of our male posters have disappeared so if you are thick skinned and like some banter then please stay. :lol:

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    Hello knighty, I have just been diagnosed with M E, which was a big shock to me, its the not knowing what is wrong thats the worst, like you are now, it does sound that you might have it so keep on at your G P, my GP has not been very supportive and all these caring people on this forum know about my G P and they have been very kind and supportive as they will be to you too, so keep in touch with us all :lol: take care.
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    not really much to add to all those very sensible posts, so: what they said. :D

    oh, and welcome to the forum. was diagnosed very recently and it has pretty much saved my sanity, so in the event that you do have CFS, you are in the right place.

    Trees x

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