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HI I have suffered with migraine for as long as i can remember and have been taken propranolol for years but just latley my migraines are getting worse and i am having one every weekend lasting for 2 days usually with sickness as i am nearlly 52 it could be something to do with the menopause but the dr not sure she has upped my propranolol from 1 daily to 3 a day. Last week i had the worse one ever my zolatiptan never touched it and i was sick for 36 hours leaving me drained. I am working full time at the moment instead of my usuall part time and for some reason i am fine through the week but when it comes to Sunday it starts, usually between 8 and 9 in the morning last week i took a triptan with me when i went dog walking just in case a migraine came on because if i dont take my melt straight away they dont work, half way round my walk i started with a migraine as i caught it early i just ended up with a dull headache for the day but no sickness.I have also started with rocking boat syndrome  which until the other day i did not know it was anything to do with my migraine it is not severe but has been going on for4 months  i just want to be normal again, the person who got a migraine occasionally. I am going to discuss my meds with the Dr next week because if the 3 propranolol dont make any difference i need to try something else. Has anyone got any advice for me please i have been reading about topiramate and wonder if i should suggest that to Dr 


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    The menopause can affect them - either for better or worse. May be worth trying toperimate and there is a leaflet on here about its use as a preventative https://patient.info/medicine/topiramate-to-prevent-migraine-topamax
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    My migraines got infinitely worse when I hit menopause 2 yes ago. I'm now 48 and started HRT at Christmas.

    I tracked my triggers down to BP spikes which were also linked to the hot flushes and horrid insomnia. I was averaging 2-3 hrs sleep last year.

    Started on Candasarten 2mg which has smoothed the BP spikes but my baseline is too low to increase it. HRT has almost eradicated the hot flushes.

    Also try the B2 , CoQ10 and magnesium combo all vvv high strenghth, not much help for me but v limited side effects.

    I could not tolerate topimirate, way too many nasty side effects.

    Also try some of the mindfulness training apps , I'm on Headspace, sounds like stress and anxiety are not helping if not a trigger.

    Good luck!

    Start with a menopause blood test and full blood count and go from there.

    Helen xx

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    Hi kitten, bless you miserable isn't it. I am beginning to realise that multiple factors can come together to make the very worst migraines. Not long ago I had a three day migraine with two days of sickness,and it was when I was very tired, quite stressed and had just started a horrible period - I am 45 and having hormone troubles! When I was working full time my migraines would come on a Saturday or Sunday without fail, when I let my body switch off as it were. My recent med from doc is amitriptaline,

    seems to be helping butane still getting some heads - I do fine the stematil under the lip works brilliantly at getting rid of sickness. My friend gets lot of relief from Sumatriptan, but best to get from g.p as the over the counter version is a weaker dose, and the g.p has several kinds to prescribe. My g.p has said that if I have a marina cool fitted that would solve a lot of the problems, 

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      Hi Sarahjane thanks for your reply. I have a mirena coil fitted but dr is talking about hrt patch too. Its the weekend tomorrow and i am trying not to think about it but its very hard i am not a stressed type of person but makes no difference. i have been on my 3 propranolol this week so i will see if it makes a difference. i do know one thing i won't be going dog walking on sunday without my triptan ha ha. Thanks for all your comments x
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    Sadly hormones are often to blame for migraines - if I were you I would investigate this with your GP before looking at Topiramate. I tried Topiramate but found the side effects too bad to continue with it, but everyone is different.

    You mention working more hours recently - could tiredness or stress be having an impact on you? I know both of those are triggers for me and am aware that a bad phase of many migraines just makes me more stressed, resulting in more migraines! A vicoues cycle!  If you are not alreday keeping a migraine diary it might help to start one so you can identify possible causes.

    I hope you find a good treatment quickly. smile

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    Hi kitten i get you totally.ive dealt with all four class of headaches for 43yrs im 50 am mid way thru meno atleast the menstral headache went away thank god nothing u can do but wait it out sadly. So i have the other three cluster, tension and migraine with auras. Plus colitis and pad in my legs so meno really rocked my world. Whole new animal of depression ive learned these are the cards ur dealt. Meno is kill me mood swing ,rage ,happy ,crying im just a cluster****. But as long as i know that other woman are doing the same as me helps alot. Hang in there amitripline ive been on it for yrs only one ever worked and no side effect. I take 175mg but that took about yr to two to get to that level.have hope it helps a sleep and with pain. I feel ya honey hang in there see a good neuorolgist they can do wonders.
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