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I am a female 74 yrs old..I have had the Aura and the zigzaging in my eyes for about 50 yrs..they have always lasted like 20 mins and then my vision clears up..not everytime do I get a Migraine headache, but I have at times.. I have it for 3 times that when the disturbances in my eyes goes away? that the blind spots and the aura comes back in about an hr..when it does go in twenty mins? I have noticed that I cannot speak...It is like the words just don't come out, and my mind cannot concetrate for a few mins..This does scare me and I have thought that I might have suffered a mini stroke...but have read that with some Migraines and with some people that this is normal..Has anyone here gotten something like this? Thanks..

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    Hello Margarita9535

    I usually get migraines that are just a severe pain in the right side of my head and nausea and diarrhoea, but the last one I had (in December) was as you described.  I had a flashing zig-zag in about one third of my vision in the right eye and also pins and needles and numbness in my right hand.  I didn't lose speech, but I did come out with some meaningless gabble and kept repeating myself.  I also couldn't recognise words that I'd written in my food diary.  I also kept smiling for no reason, I felt like I had no control over that at all.

    My GP sent me to a t.i.a. (mini stroke) clinic and they did some tests, but they agreed with me that it was just a migraine.  I've had migraines on and off since I was 16 (52 now), but never had that zig zag thing or confusion before.

    If you're in the UK you could ask your GP to refer you to a tia clinic for tests, if you're worried you've had a stroke.  Personally, I felt that tia was a red herring and I found all the clinic visits and tests a waste of time, but everyone is different.

    It might be worth having a chat with your GP.  At least get your blood pressure taken.  Mine was a bit high, but has since came back down to normal.

    I was prescribed Propanolol for migraines and anxiety and since then *touch wood* I haven't had another migraine.  I have had quite a few normal headaches, but I'll take them any day!

    I hope you don't worry yourself sick over this, stress can make any illness worse.  If it's stressing you out then see the doc and tell him.

    Best wishes.

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      Hi Qoth,  Ido feel that it is nothing more then a migraine headache, even tho not every time that I see them Zi  zagging do I get a g

      headache....when I am first going to get this disturbances in my eyes? I know it right away, cause I first see like blind spots, as if I cannot see your whole face. And right away I tell hubby " oh oh I an getting that thing in my eyes...I right away take 2 Anacins, and this does keep me from getting the horrible headache.It has given me such a terrible headache at times, that I have had to go to the ER. But no more, not if I take the Anacins right away...I tell you what, as I said I have been having this for 50 yrs, and it still scares me when I get it... It always lasts only 20 mins as I said. Nice talking to you...

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    Hello again

    I wondered if you were in the US.  Have you ever tried Magnesium?  It's worth doing some research on the internet first, don't just take it.  It's not for everybody (especially if you have other health issues or take medication), but it does help some people.  There are lots of different types but Magnesium Malate is best, other types are cheaper but they aren't the same thing.  Some are very hard for the body to absorb and some will give side effects like stomach upsets or diarrhoea.  Google Magnesium Malate for Migraines to start with and have a read if you are interested.  I'm glad you found the Anacin works for you.  Take care.

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      Woops, I should have perhaps said ask your doctor first, rather than just internet research, just to be on the safe side.  My bad ;0)
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      Thanks Qoth for this information....I do not get migraines that often..Imcango months without getting them, but I do have a friend that gets them everyday, so I am going to look this up and maybe tell her about it...I hope you do continue to do good..Yes I too will take a normal headache any day. LOL.
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