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New to the forum and migraines. I have been having crazy symptoms for a while. Head pain/pressure, anxiety, depression (out of nowwhere)dizziness, blurry vision, floaters, neck and shoulder pain, tinnitus, pain when chewing, and worst of all crippling fatigue.

I saw a neurologist and she wasn't very much help she was kinda rude and said its just migraines. I'm over here like.. "Just migraines, aren't those kinda a big deal." So she handed me a pre printed packet on migraines. So before I went hulk on her I just grabbed it and left. She didn't really provide any treatment options just that I need to get back with my regular doctor.

Point is, I have been having these symptoms but I'm new to.migraines could you all please share your stories of you don't mind it will help a lot.

I will be going through the forums for research. Thank you.

Happy Coconuts! -Tropic

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    Hi, I first started getting migraines when I was 17, I would get visual disturbance (zigzag lines )in one eye and then get the pain over the other eye about 20 mins later. If I took painkillers when I had the disturbance, the pain would be bearable. I would get these about 3/4 times a year.

    When I reached 40, the pain became worse and didn't respond to over the counter meds and became more frequent. Since then I have tried nearly every preventative medication, seen a neurologist and had MRI scan. I am lucky if I go a week without without the migraine. I am currently not taking any preventative medication but I am careful about what I eat. The best pain relief for me is Sumatriptan. I had hoped that as I got older I would get fewer but I am 62 now and they've just got worse. I don't know if this helps but it's just my experience. Good luck.

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    i have chronic daily headaches and migraines, my first when i was 12 and now i am on propranalol.
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    HappyCoconuts back at you. Sorr you suffer from migraines. Wonder why the dr didn't give you medication.  Have you triedtriptan? 

    I had them for many years and the only med that worked if I caught it early

    My story is very similar to yours. I would go see another doctor ask for medications.

    hope it's sorted out soon. Feel better👍


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    It doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. I would see if they can test you for autoimmune, have them give you a ANA test. I also het pain after eating been like that for the past 3 months. Also maybe go to a dentist see if there is any underlying thing going on with your teeth or jaw.

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    I started getting migraines in my early 20's and would have about 1 per month.  It would generally go away after a good nights rest.  The severity and duration increased after a few years and a migraine would last for about 3 days.  They would start above my right eye with a sharp stabbing pain and radiate through the top of my head down to my neck.  Aside from the intense head pain, it would feel like I had cavities in the right side of my mouth and jaw pain.  I tried a lot of home remedies and over the counter meds because I didn't want to get a prescription.  Nothing really helped me.  I did start going to a neurologist and have been seeing one for the past 15 years.  She's part of a group at a "headache center" where there are a group of about six doctors.  I was diagnosed with chronic migraines about 10 years ago.  The migraine periods started getting longer and I was having more headache days than not.  I've been through at least 15 different preventative meds.  Only one seemed to work well and it gave me some pretty nasty side effects.  I am not currently on a preventative because the last one made me really ill and I've decided that I'm done trying different medications for a while.  So I take sumatriptan and naproxen together at the onset of a migraine.  This isn't the best med for me, zomig nasal spray actually works best, but unfortunately it's really expensive ($400 for 6 doses) so I only get it once I hit my insurance deductible.

    I am currently working with an acupuncturist and also using chinese herbs that he's makes for me.  I've been getting treatments for a little over 3 months now and have seen a good bit of improvement.  I've actually only had to take meds 3 times since I've started.  I've also added supplements that my doctor recommended:  B2, CoQ10 and Magnesium.

    I would definitely follow up with your doctor and then if they aren't able to help, see a different neurologist.  I have heard of people having success using excedrin migraine for an OTC option.  It seems to be those that just get the occasional migraine.  There are a lot of prescription options out there and it's disappointing that your doctor just dismissed you.  

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    So sorry to hear that the neurologist did not help you with your migraines and did not prescribe you any meds.  I would not return to her...please look into a different doctor.  I too suffer from migraines but what works very well with me is Rizatriptan at the ONSET of a headache.  When you just start to feel a headache coming on....take one right away....do not wait as if you do the meds will not help you.  Rizatriptan ODT 10mg has given me quality of life.  It will stop the migraine from happening.  Some have Sumatriptan.  The Triptans are what seems to be the best for migraine sufferers. I use to use the OTC Excedrine Migraine and worked well but when migraines were worse I went to neurologist and he prescribed the Rizatriptan ODT.  The ODT tablets you put on or under tongue and it melts quick and you swallow.....works quicker into your body. If headache is not gone you can take another one Two hours after first one but not more than 2 tablets in a 24 hour.   I hope this will help....we are all here for each other.  Please find a new doctor that will care for you.



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    Thank you to all who replied I have an appointment tomorrow to see about getting some medication. My routine Doctor is actually pretty good and sincere when it comes to my care so I literally just have to show him all these recommended medications and see what he will prescribe.

    So I noticed most of you don't get the actual migraine as often as I do or I think I do. I don't mean to criticize at all I'm just still trying to understand it. It seems like I am in some sort of severe pain all the time and my.migraines usually don't affect my head its more of back shoulder and neck pain. Also I get really fatigued and just depressed almost. Like I don't want to do anything. Is this the "aura" or the actual migraine? This is an everyday occurrence honestly. But from what I read and some of your responses it isn't as chronic as mine.

    Its all just a confusing process thank you for sharing your stories.

    Happy Coconuts! smile

    P.S I love the ocean and warm weather and I got a "DM" asking why I say "Happy Coconuts". Its because the holes dimples on coconuts look like an eye and a mouth and it makes me happy lol. Random but though I'd share. Hopefully everyone has a good weekend!

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      Hello CapnTropical

      when you take the triptans on the onset of headache/migraine.....most do not get the migraine.  That is why the triptans are so good as it gets rid of what might have been.  Before the Rizatriptan I would feel the neck pain as well and my neck would be pain when I moved my head back and forth.  Stress can cause a lot of these pains you are explaining, however share all your pains with your doctor so he can rule things out.  So glad you have a soon appointment.  Please let us know what your doctor recommends.

      thanks for sharing about "happy coconuts". 🌴 I hope you have a nice day!!


      P.S. if you are able.....I try to lay down for a bit after I take the Rizatripta. I close my eyes and rest....that is if you are able....It still works if you cannot.

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