Mild Gastritis

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After a year of pain, nausea, burning, intergestion I finally had my endoscopy and have been diagnosed with mild gastritis. I'm still waiting on the biopsies to come back. I've had scans and blood tests etc. I'm on Lansoprazole 40mg 2 x twice daily and Famotidine 40mg 1 x once a day. also have to take gaviscon. I am having constant burning and intergestion now . I don't get how there is still acid . I'm stressing as naturally I'm scared about it being something bad. I just feel at a loss. I cannot continue like this. I'm in bed so much. bloods were all normal, although I've since read the H pylori can come back as false negative when on antiacids. Any insight or anyone with similar? I am living on porridge as I can't eat anything else without making it worse. thank you.

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    i’ve had gastritis off and on for a few years now. I know exactly what it feels like and how painful it can be. sorry you are going through this. Keep in mind that there is a very strong connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal system. So when we are stressed out or anxious it affects the stomach and intestines. that’s why we hear of people who are highly stressed end up getting ulcers. I took omeprazole which really didn’t work that well.

    So it’s really important to try and keep the stress level down. When I get it really bad I can barely eat anything at all. When you are able to eat a little more make sure that you stay away from all acidic foods and eat a very alkaline diet. Stay away from sugar, soda pop , Red meats, dairy, etc. you can find a complete list of acidic and alkaline foods online.make sure you are drinking lots of water because hydration is very important. some foods that don’t bother me are egg whites which are very alkaline, fresh broccoli, brussels sprouts.

    relax your mind as much as you can by doing things like taking a nice soothing bath, listening to relaxing music, there are great soothing meditations on YouTube for anxiety, etc.

    hope you feel better soon! Take one day at a time. ❤

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply. hopefully once I get the biopsy results, they will shed some light on it all. My stress levels seem to be fine, even now with worrying, I'm still very relaxed . I had started an alkaline diet, but since this latest flare I've not been able to manage anything other than porridge. x

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    Ask your doctor if your symptoms could be due to low stomach acid. Some studies are suggesting a link between low stomach acid and stomach issues.

    Make big lifestyle changes.

    Manage weight, no nicotine in any form, no alcohol, exercise daily and eat small meals.

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      I will ask, thank you.

      I exercise daily even when in pain. I don't smoke, don't drink. healthy weight and I am very careful with what I eat. I don't have caffeine in my diet. I have stripped everything back in September last year. I was saying the other day , how can I still have acid in my body . so thank you. can low acid cause integestion and heartburn ?

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      Yes low stomach acid can mimic all the symptoms associated with high stomach acid. But it should be diagnosed in the first place. Many doctors and nutritionists on youtube suggest trying Apple Cider Vinegar ( 1 teaspoon with half glass of water after meals) to increase the acidity of stomach.

      Many people have benefited from the same esp for their reflux issue. You may give it a try. It didn't work for me though.

      One advanced treatment known as the LINX procedure is also very promising. Do talk to your doctor about it as well.

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    Hi Katy, please let me know how you feel now.

    I have been having bloating, continuous burping, fullness upper abdomen and burning chest sometimes. I did endoscopy a month ago and doctor diagnosed Mild Gastritis. He said it could be because of health anxiety and stress related. I do have sedentary lifestyle as I am working from home and I do have health anxiety, but I did not know I would end up messing up my stomach. I am on combination of DOMPERIDONE-30MG + ESOMEPRAZOLE-40MG twice a day and I have changed my diet to completely blan and boil. Eating veggies and fruits. However symptoms are pretty much the same

    So, I visited Gastro last week and he put me on triple therapy for H Pylori. I have finished the treatment and I can say my appetite have come back but the heaviness, lack of intestinal motility, burping still exists. My burping is so bad that even small quantity of water or food makes me burp multiple times, even changing positions makes me burp. I cannot lay on my left side because of the dull pain under my ribs. The pain pops up when I lay on my left, bend or cough.

    I don’t know what to do, I am totally lost and really need advice from people who have gone through this horrible disease

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      I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. I am currently going through a bout atm. my gastritis causes NUTCRACKER ESOPHAGUS . I'm under a consultant who believesit was caused by infectionfrom when I contracted covid back in March 2020. I take 40mg 2 tablets twice a day of pantoprazole and amitriptyline 20mg in the evening to help manage pain. I am nothing like I was though. I manage with my diet . one thing the dietician wants me to do is when I am having episode, to get full bloods checked . haven't had chance yet as covid is causing delays.

      I hope you start to feel better soon. just know that although painful etc that you can't die from it. I know that sounds mad saying that, but anxiety triggers mine and I worry worst will happen. since realising that I am much more calm about it and think that has played part in helping. they have done endoscopy and bloods etc so you know you have had full checks . x

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