Mild gout - is it a real thing?

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I've had a relatively mild burning pain in my knees and other joints that has become gradually more noticeable over the last few years. I went to the doctor recently, and was initially told that because I wasn't experiencing excruciating pain it couldn't possibly be gout. Then after a blood test a different doctor told me that I had hightened levels of uric acid in my blood, so it probably is gout.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else's experience has been the same as mine. I hear a lot about gout 'attacks' that happen every few weeks, but mine is too mild to be called an attack (but still very uncomfortable) and happens most days. I have trouble sleeping because of the burning sensation in my knees. If I drink heavily I get the same sensation in all my joints, including my spine.

It's very, very uncomfortable, but I feel bad for complaining becuase clearly there are people who are suffering much more than I am. Does this sound like gout? Could it be sommething else? Is it likely to get worse? If it is gout, why am I experiencing low levels almost constantly, inctead of occassional 'attacks' which seem to be the norm?

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    Hi Jimble,

    Sounds just like Gout to me, my first attacks were  like yours, then after drinking too much, my attacks became much worse my foot turned black and swollen.

    Now I am on Allopurinol 300 per day, I watch my diet and my alcohol intake.

    I sometimes still get low level attcks such as tingling sensations, especially at night, I then increase my water intake for a day or two untill it's gone.

    I hope this helps.

    Best of Luck

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    Hi Jimble, I can assure you it is real. You are getting older as are your kidneys. They remove the acidic foods and drinks taken in by you. When there is more acid than your kidneys can remove the acid crystalises in your joints, causing the pain. Don't wait until this condition gets so bad you experience severe pain. I did and I didn't know what it was I had. So my pain was so bad I could hardly move.

    So I started checking into it, but not really practising the gout diet. Which is basically eating & drinking more alkaline than acidic. 

    What I did is Cut back on Beef, Pork, Sausage, and all fatty meats. Went many days meat free to get my body neutral Vs acidic or Alkaline. My acidic level was a little under tripple the norm. So I had my work cut out for me ( and I was in pain every time I moved at all ).  It took 2 months to get my levels back to normal. And the pain gradually started to go away. I'd say it took 6 months to get back to normal again. 

       So now I eat way more vegetables and fruits. And eat beef and pork twice a month ( only 8oz of steak ). I quit drinking soda 10 months now. I avoid HFCS in foods and drinks. Cut back on my alcohol. I drink an occational glass of wine though.  I drinks approx 1 gal of water in the winter time and 2 gal when it is hot out. I try to eat 3 different fruits/day, more if in a smoothie with 1% milk fat. I'm eating salmon now instead of steak everytime I go out. And more fish and chicken are my diet staple now. Look up gout diet, gout foods which are more alkaline are the best for you. But you'll see there are some conflicting results for the same foods on different charts, don't let that throw you for a loop. Just do the best you can as a whole and you will suceede. Save the pages you find in a folder so you can go back to refresh. Good luck, get better before it's worse. 

    PS. This I what I do without any meds. Check with your doctor first. And exercise if only for 20 min/day. I'm down 15 pounds in 9 months. You can do it.


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    Having suffered gout for over 50 years I know quite a bit about this awful very painful and debilitating condition. Let me just reply to your letter firstly you can have very high elevated levels of uric acid and not experience ant symtoms of gout now there's food for thought.
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    I had mild pain for 1 year before positive identification of Gout via joint fluid test. If I had listened to docs I would still be in pain. All Docs said it is not possible for someone young, fit and vegetarian to have Gout lol

    I knew better via research and made sure to get my joint fluid tested. Havebeen on 300mg Allopurinol for last 5 or so years. ZERO pain and I do LOT of sports.

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    Hi Guys, I had my first proper and very painflul gout attack (swollen right red toe joint) 5 months ago. Since then, I have had on and off burning sensation and occasional mild pain in my toe joint that causes little pressure and limping (sometimes left and then right toe at other times) and this burning sensation and mild pain comes and goes. My doctor said its not an attack so wont yet put me on uric lowering meds and wait for a real 2nd attack. Personally i feel these are mild gout attacks even if the doctor says otherwise (i just feel there is not enough research around this). I have had no alcohol, no soda and no meat and am very watchful of purine rich diets, I walk a lot each day. All i have learnt is uric acid takes time to go down and its not like glucose that fluctuates all the time.
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