Mild pinching pain in upper abdomen pain that come and goes with similar chest pains.

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I'm 19 years old (soon 20 in a month). So the past 6-7 months have been complete hell for me. It all started with pressure in chest and high blood pressure. I went through serveral blood works and heart echography, 24hr holter and liver test. Nothing was found. In fact, still to this day, doctors can't explain my high blood pressure because there is no family history and they can't find an underlying issue. 

Anyways, all those tests were back in august. Then september and october passed and I was feeling much better. However, at the end of october, I started feeling chest pains again and occasional pains with deep breaths. I went to ER again and they conducted new tests for Lupus and other immune disorders and nothing was found. November went by and my symptoms got worst and worst so I went back to ER again and, once again, they found nothing. I even had an ultrasound of my thyroid and it worked perfectly fine. 

And now, for the past few weeks, I've been having those abdominal pains that feel like something is pinching me inside. The pain usually lasts a few seconds and goes away and comes back without any consistency. It can be to the left or to the right just like my chest pains. There's no real pattern to the pain, similarly to my chest pains. In fact, my chest pains are similar to my abdominal pains where they lasts usually for a few seconds and feel like something is pinching me and then goes away.

I saw countless of doctors and specialists over the past 6 months and none of them seem to be able to find the reason why I have those pains. I was recently diagnosed with a very low calcium and vitamin D levels. However, my internist told me that they don't usually cause such pains.

Of course, I'm getting more and more worried that it might be cancer as that's pretty much the only thing that is left in terms of a reason and because it seems the pain is spreading. (First started in my chest and is now in my upper abdomen too).

I  would really appreciate if anyone maybe lived through something similar or if anyone could give me an idea of what it could be. Thanks!

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    Chest pain can be caused by acid reflux; anxiety will make this worse.  Do you have change of bowel habit along with your shifting stomach pain?
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      I did realise I get more frequent diarrhea. But It happened like 4 times in the past 3 weeks. I haven't noticed any blood in my stool though.

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      Have you kept a food diary to see if any foods are causing the diarrhoea?  Have you told your doctor about your change of bowel habit and stomach pain?
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      Hi Pippa,

      Not really. I find that it comes pretty randomly. However, I will try to pay a closer attention to which foods that may cause this. Also, I'm seeing my internist later this week so I will mention my changes in my bowel habits and stomach pains. 

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      The high blood pressure, dizziness and having difficulty catching your breath may be anxiety symptoms related to not getting a diagnosis.  Your other digestive problems could be IBS.  Anxiety and IBS are linked.  Ask your doctor about the possibility of IBS.
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    Also, does anyone know what I should do. At this point, my doctors seemingly can't find what I have. Their basically using a trial and error approach with my calcium and vitamin D which means I only see them every 2 months even though we know that those 2 deficiencies can't really cause the symptoms I have. In the meantime, I feel like it's getting worse and worse...

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    Ben, did you take any medication upon onset of chest pain?

    (Just saying when I had an allergic (but not anaphylactic) reaction to betablockers, I couldn't breath well, was heavy and tight in chest, only lying was good, sitting a nightmare. It took months until a rash appeared that I noticed: hello, it's the medication against tachycardia.)

    Could it be that a medication is giving you side effects?

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      Hi Sanya,

      I haven't really noticed. I will mention this possibility to my doctor when I see him later this week though! Thanks smile

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    Hi ben

    Have you found out whats causing the stomach pain? I know this post is six months old. I have the same symptoms 


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    Hi guys, so after a ct scan done last may of the chest and the abdomen that came back negative, I am STILL feeling chest pains on a regular basis. I also did a stress test recently which was also negative. The pains seem to sometimes be painful to touch, but not all the time. It sometimes gives me a weird "chills" sensation in head when I get the pain.

    But most of all, this has been going on for over a year now and doctors can't diagnose me if their life depended on it! It's getting frustrating!!

    Anyone perhaps could help me?! Thanks!!!

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      Hi Ben, I created an account just to reply to you. I won't be checking back on this probably but I wanted to share my 2 cents. From Dec. 2016 to Aug. 2017 I had random sharp attacks that lasted 1-2 seconds that happened randomly... scared the s**t out of me and caused more anxiety. It would pressure my breathing and cause a very heightened fear. My blood tests showed Low white blood cell count but I lost health insurance to further investigate. I paid for a second blood test with cash and they said it's normal. What helped me is trying to be calm and try not thinking about the anxiety the pain gave. Obviously very hard to do because it's very concerning.

      So it did go away... but now i'm getting bubbles in my urine (supposedly symptom for kidney damage). No health insurance to confirm but I don't feel any other symptoms. Praying to god I get insurance soon.

      What also helped me is doing push-ups and exercise like jumping jacks... it could be bone/muscular pain? but exercise also reduces stress. Maybe there's inflammation and muscle weakness.

      Try taking Turmeric and multi vitamins or some natural herbs idk... also I know you're rightfully concerned but keep in mind some of those tests are pretty invasive and bad for your health (like MRI/CT).

      Really though I'm not too far from your concern level for my own health. God bless.

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      Oh and.. before the doctor told me it's from anxiety, I thought it was unstable angina... because the pain was So random. 

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      Hey Ben! Have you ever heard of precordial catch syndrome?  I've had it most my life and it sucks cause of pain and all but it's overall harmless... google it! Hope it helps and I hope you're feeling better!

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    Ben, I don't know what is causing your pains, but I have a similar recurring experience that I'd like to compare. I've tried to find the cause sporadically over the last ten+ years, scouring the internet. There are plenty people who experience, but I have found zero understanding of its cause, zero diagnoses. 

    I'm 31, and I first experienced this when I was 18, maybe younger. I'll call it "mysterious torso pains" or "mtp". When an "mtp" attack sets in, I get seemingly random sharp pains in my lower chest and throughout my stomach, down to just below the belly button. It'll be in one spot for a few seconds, then it subsides, then it's in a totally different spot. It's a very random, moving pain. I'd also describe it as a feeling of tightness. Sometimes it'll be in multiple places at once. And the intensity is constantly varying. Sometimes it gets really bad for a few seconds. It usually lasts at least an hour, sometimes several hours. 

    I've not identified anything that causes it to subside; it also seems totally random how the attacks stop. But one strange experience--**curious if anyone else experiences this**--is that the pain is greatly reduced if I lay down on my back. Indeed, it's reduced if I lay down at all, but especially if it's on my back. %90 of the pain instantly dissipates. 

    I've wondered if it's some sort of neuro-musculo-skeletal spasmic cramping. I saw a doctor in college about it, and she was pretty stumped, but said that her best guess was some sort of "musculoskeletal issue". 

    The way the pain moves and subsides/intensifies so quickly and randomly, I've wondered if it's connected to the nervous system as much as (or moreso than) the muscular or digestive systems. From my experience, I don't think it relates directly to digestion, although I could see bad nutrient absorption (from IBS or bad diet) playing a part. Perhaps it's caused by some strange genetically modified ingredient or preservative in modern foods.  

    I've had periods of several years where I only experience it once or twice a year. Other periods where I have these attacks several times a week. 

    I've tried to identify causes--diet, stress, physical strain or lack of exercise, etc--I haven't been able to pick anything out, EXCEPT for possibly caffeine and stimulants. I definitely experience it less during periods when I'm consistently doing cardiovascular exercise AND eating well AND consuming little to no caffeine or stimulants AND maintaining low stress levels AND sleeping well AND spending time doing things that make me happy/energized/relaxed. Basically, the times when life is rad and I'm treating my body and mind well holistically, I seem to experience these attacks less. 

    I know that's pretty scattered and vague. If I'd recommend one thing, I'd say try eliminating stimulants, especially ANYTHING with caffeine (chocolate and green/black/white/oolong teas included). 

    I've also wondered if it has any connection to bad sitting posture. Although I've had at least 6-month stretches where I sit with bad posture often and don't experience any attacks. 

    I'm experiencing this--"mysterious torso pains"--right now, and I've been using white vein kratom this week, which is a stimulant. The pain was under my sternum a moment ago. Now it's just to the left of my belly button. Now it's kind of in both spots. Now it's to the left of my solar plexus and getting rather in tense. Now it's dulling everywhere. 

    What a weird thing! I've asked more questions than I've answered here. But here's to solidarity! I hope you are able to minimize or eliminate this experience from your life, Ben.  

    And I hope we someday understand what this is and what causes it. 


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    TL;DR... The one thing I'm recommending: try eliminating stimulants. Coffee, chocolate, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, energy drinks, energy pills.

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