Mild pinching pain in upper abdomen pain that come and goes with similar chest pains.

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I'm 19 years old (soon 20 in a month). So the past 6-7 months have been complete hell for me. It all started with pressure in chest and high blood pressure. I went through serveral blood works and heart echography, 24hr holter and liver test. Nothing was found. In fact, still to this day, doctors can't explain my high blood pressure because there is no family history and they can't find an underlying issue. 

Anyways, all those tests were back in august. Then september and october passed and I was feeling much better. However, at the end of october, I started feeling chest pains again and occasional pains with deep breaths. I went to ER again and they conducted new tests for Lupus and other immune disorders and nothing was found. November went by and my symptoms got worst and worst so I went back to ER again and, once again, they found nothing. I even had an ultrasound of my thyroid and it worked perfectly fine. 

And now, for the past few weeks, I've been having those abdominal pains that feel like something is pinching me inside. The pain usually lasts a few seconds and goes away and comes back without any consistency. It can be to the left or to the right just like my chest pains. There's no real pattern to the pain, similarly to my chest pains. In fact, my chest pains are similar to my abdominal pains where they lasts usually for a few seconds and feel like something is pinching me and then goes away.

I saw countless of doctors and specialists over the past 6 months and none of them seem to be able to find the reason why I have those pains. I was recently diagnosed with a very low calcium and vitamin D levels. However, my internist told me that they don't usually cause such pains.

Of course, I'm getting more and more worried that it might be cancer as that's pretty much the only thing that is left in terms of a reason and because it seems the pain is spreading. (First started in my chest and is now in my upper abdomen too).

I  would really appreciate if anyone maybe lived through something similar or if anyone could give me an idea of what it could be. Thanks!

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    Hello Ben,

    I see that your post was from 2 years ago and was wondering if you had ever received a diagnosis or is the problem still recurring? As I was reading about your post, I thought I was reading about myself. I seem to have the same symptoms/problems and they have none being able to figure out what it is. I thought that it had to do with anxiety, but each time I have an episode I can't figure out what triggered it because I was not hanxious. Please let me know if you have heard anything else in regards to what may be triggering this. Thank you.

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      I have similar pains as well. well all of them and more. going to neurologist next week MRI on brain and neck . have u found anything out?

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    @ben75783 Hey there. I've been having a similar experience. I made an account here just to reply to your post. I get the nipping pain in the stomach and pain just under the breastbone. I also feel my stomach expands on the inside which leaves me short of breath. If i eat anything with a little fat in it i get a punch feeling on my back also. I've had an ultrasound too and my gallbladder isn't inflamed or anything. I've had a bunch of different tests and everything came back clear. I'm currently waiting on my referral to see gastroenterologist. They're going to preform gastroscopy so they can have a look inside my stomach. This is legitimately the last resort. The nipping sensation started July 2020 and i ignored it. It got bad, very suddenly, in October (roughly) and i have since lost more than 4 stone of body weight (56 lbs). I haven't been able to eat a lot of foods which trigger the pain and bloating for me. Doctors haven't a clue what's going on as of yet but they've put me on 40 mg of Esomeprazole (which seem to be helping just a little bit).

    Over quarantine i may have over indulged in some pretty bad eating habits, drinking and my anxiety (which is pretty awful atm). I reckon this combo brought mine on.

    I don't think what you have is cancer related (I'm not a doctor though) but surely they would have spotted that through the tests you underwent. Have you had a gastroscopy yet? If not, you can demand one. If you've had every test even imaginable? Try seek help with your anxiety. I'm about to start Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). You can also ask your doctor about this too to help you cope with your anxiety.

    Either way I hope you get answers, I know how it feels to be left worrying and wondering what's going on. I wish you all the best!

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    it could be the medication you were taking (PPI). I stayed on pantoprazole for many months which was too long for my body to handle and started getting random, sharp, pinching stomach pains. docs are quick to dismiss the reality that PPIs are not meant to be long term and can be bad for the stomach! the only way to know for sure is endoscopy with biopsy.....

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    hello, Ben. I am wondering if you ever figured this out? I am also experiencing pinching to the sides of my stomach, so much so anteriorly that it creates an indentation in that spot. I now have spider veins than climb both sides of my stomach, sort of where my ribs are, below the breast. I'm not sure if any of this sounds familiar.. but I'm still trying to figure it out. I've seen many specialists. I've had several varying diagnosis for different things, but ultimately I suspect my May Thurner and nutcracker anatomy. The vascular surgeon who discovered these issues says they are "asymptomatic" however, I have complete compression of my saphenous vein from the knee down in my left leg (from the small doplar imaging he did do) I'm not saying this is what is wrong with you, but I would say to have a different doctor's perspective has given me a lot of insight.

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    wondering if ben ever found out what happened like many of those who commented. i have a pinching kind of pain just under my chest on the miiddle right side (where my gallbladder is supposed to be) and it comes and goes during the day. some days i feel it a couple times some days it comes every 2-3 days and it lasts only two seconds. literally like someone pinching you. this started 7 years ago. i did blood test and ultrasound but didnt find anything. Then there was a period i started doing 4-5 times yoga a week and the condition improved a little so im thinking its muscle pain. But yoga didnt cure it it still comes back so its quite inconsistent.

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