Mind Shuts Down!

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I just thought i'd ask if anyone has had this feeling, or know what it's about.

I do suffer with Anxiety, and have done for long time.

Cut a long story short.

About 3 months ago, i was on the computer doing few things, then all of a sudden my brain stoped working, it went blank, like it didn't want to work.

Like a dead feeling in the mind, and i wasn't sure what i was doing.

Anyway, i am still getting this feeling every mostly every day, but now and then i get a day when it don't happen.. i could be watching t.v, or hear a noise out side, then bang my mind goes into slow motion, then i find it hard to do things, as if my minds not in connection with my body, like finding it hard to tell my hands that this goes here, that goes there.

i always get memory block, i would do something, and forget i just did that and go and do it again, but i just can't remember doing it, and that could be like 10 seconds ago! when this happens, it could last few hours, to all day.. then can go and come on when it likes... the memory part worries me.

is my mind shutting down because it's been over stressed ?

It's just a horrible feeling which makes my anxiety higher, and now i'm not going out to places, as i worry it will happen when i'm out.. never had this feeling before.. 

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks smile 

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    I am sure anxious to see if you get an answer to this.  Similar things myself. I have worked at the same place for almost 8 years.  It is an easy 10 mile drive to get there.  Problem is I have gotten lost many, many times.  I will find myself someplace I do not know and have no memory of how I got there. I have been sitting at work staring at my work and have absolutely no idea what I am supposed to do.  It's pretty much the same stuff every day, but I just stare at it as if I have never seen it before.
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    Just a short post Mark-Anthony, just on my way to bed.  I'd say this is defo high anxiety symptoms.  You think you'll always know the next time how the symtoms will manifest, however, new ones always pop up which causes all the doubt and worry to start again.

    Once you stop focusing on this particular symptom and giving it any importance it will fade and then go away altogether.

    Hope this has helped you a bit, let us know how you go.

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    Hi Mark Anthony,

    What you desribe so well tonight is not far from what actually I experience an awful lot.

    It is like the brain shuts down and everything goes so blank.

    I dont think your situation is unique at all and it seems this is another side effect of real anxiety and possibly brain overload.

    Like what you say It would be great to have all the answers myself as to why my body is reacting in this way, but I admit I am still finding out so much about Anxiety and its affects on me living a full and complete life.

    My anxiety restricts what I do , what I say and it slowly without realizing it but it leads me into isolation to the point I become overwhelmed by lonliness and start to wonder in my torment where is everyone , where are all those freinds I once had.

    Why isnt the phone ringing like it used too.

    This is the effect Anxiety has had on me.

    And all I can say is by coming in here for the past 20 days it is giving me the opportunity to gain real insight and understanding of what Anxiety is to me .

    And in being willing to undertsand the illness I see the whole point of opening myself up to listening , with both ears and to observe others experiences and to learn new techniques to unravel all the confussion and head games that I have been so open to in my past until I found this awesome forum.

    I have an abundance to learn from you as I have the many others in here and maybe at the same time I can teach you little tip bits that enable you to find your path to a full and meaningful life thats constructive and moving forward instead of backwards .

    I am ver grateful to what I am learning in this forum as there is som much to gain and learn from many others who understand me and do not judge me as I am out in the main stream community.

    I strive for the best I can ever be .

    Thanks to all those that make up this amazing space where nothing is too much to bare and get through.

    keeping the faith every moment thanks to the forum here


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    Hi M-A. so sorry to hear ur having these odd episodes. my sense is, that it's possibly related to the stress/anxiety. as someone else has pointed out, that when the brain becomes overwhelmed by info./fast rushing thoughts/ideas etc., it can shut down in a self-preservation response. however, as ur memory seems markedly affected, i'd have a chat with the GP. it'll reassure u if nothing else.

    all good luck


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    Thanks for the replys.

    My mind feels like it's always on the alert, a noise out side gives me such fear, but have nothing to fear. if i'm out side and walking towards someone, my mind goes nuts lol, not even sure why! my body also goes so stiff!

    If anyone know any ways to stop this, or how to keep calm, that will be great.

    Thanks smile

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      Hi again M-A. yes, it feels like 'high-vigilance' / phobic fear. the nervous system constantly on red alert. have a look at the emotional freedom technique - eft for short. it's a simple to learn and easy to self-apply technique with no side effects. have a google on it and look at demos on u-tube. it's usually more effective if u have someone who can do it with u - say a close friend/partner etc. i hope it helps.


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    Hi M-A

    I'm not a health professional and I only ever give my opinion based on my own experiences or the research I have done. Could it be dissociation?

    I've been having this type of episode regularly for about 18 months now where I tune-out. I just zone right out and it's not a daydream because I'm not thinking at all. Yes, I lose time and my short-term memory is very poor these days too.

    I'm in therapy and the reason for this unconscious state is related in my case to a process of self-protection during childhood trauma. As young children when faced with danger [children may see a situation as dangerous simply because they don't understand what is happening] we have the ability to shut-off the mind from the body, therefore the body is in danger but the mind is protected.

    For example: waiting outside a headmaster's office and not knowing what will happen. Or insert worse senario.

    This system works great as a child, you can see how many adults who suffered childhood abuse lived through many horrors and survived using this anti-stress function. This is a learned ability and will operate automatically.

    As adults this system of shutting-down in times of stress and anxiety ranges from inconvenient to dangerous [driving or using machinery].

    To me it indicates your level of stress and the self-protective function over-rides the conscious mind. It is your mind trying to help you, in my opinion.

    The mind is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It does its very best to protect you from going insane but can drive you mad in the process lol.

    Be kind to yourself and see the 'shut-downs' as a need to go do something for you. Take a walk, deep breaths, get a drink or snack that makes you happy.

    To me your mind is working as it should. I wish you the very best.


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      Hi Caitlin

      I will have to let you know if my psychotherapy works because it hasn't so far.

      The grounding techniques are pretty useless in my opinion because unlike a flashback [where you are conscious] you don't know you are dissociating until you are coming out or tuning back to reality.

      The research seems to say that once we understand that we are using a coping mechanism. Then, we understand why; it happens less often as we become more self-aware or mindful.

      I think now I know what I am doing and why, I give myself a break and quickly stop the negative self-talk after I dissociate.

      That I find really helpful because I was so hard on myself before.



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      Hi S. thank u for that elaboration. targeting interventions @ the interface of the physical & psychological makes perfect (logical) sense. i guess the key to success is finding the most /effective intevention to each person. unfortunately, sometimes counselling therapies seem to be applied in the mass marketing/conveyer belt system approach - algorithms (drop down) type of random technique application that often miss the mark widely. the more personalised appraoch to counselling, whilst still adevertised, seem to be more seldomly practised. i'm not convinced of the CBT approach to all ills that seems to have taken hold of the counselling world. sometimes it seems that the client must adapt their challenges to fit the system rather than the system being adapted to the client needs.

      good to hear that the awareness raising from the therpay is, at the very least, allowing u to go easier on yourself. that will loosen up more energy for living. it would be good to know how it goes for u.


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    Thanks for the replys smile

    I will try that EFT technique thanks.

    I went doctors today, was close to running out, as i get more Anxiety waiting around, and the more people that come in to the waiting room, the more anxiety i get ontop of what i already have.. it's like my mind is scared of people lol crazy and so draining..

    Anyway, i explained the problems..

    and all he said, was he want's me to go on tablets etc..

    i thought is that always the answer..

    I tried all that in the past, made me worse.. not saying it wouldn't work for others, but for me it didn't agree with me, and also the coming off them, the affect was just as bad.. 

    So as i havn't had blood test for 5 years, i ask for full blood test..

    But i noticed he left Glucose and iron out... i thought it was meant to be full blood test lol..

    I just see how it goes, and hope all is clear, as i wanted to get my thyroid checked, as that's what my mum has.. 

    Thanks again.. 

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    I see this discussion was 2 years ago but I'm really wanting to know what you found out Mark. I'm having this problem but it's pretty much all the time. I can't have a regular conversation because my mind goes blank & I get a headache trying to think. I know it is stress related that caused it but now I'm just stressed all the time so I can't get relief. Hope to find some answers soon!!

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