Minimalistic changed lithium blood serum level: can it have changes on mood?

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Just wondering if a minimalist decrease of lithium concentration in the blood serum can have an impact on someone’s mood?

I’m talking 0.57 to 0.54.

Barely noticeable really.

Could it “kick start” suicidal thoughts again?

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    Hi Nic, could you elaborate a bit more? How many milligrams are you on?
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      Hi Donna

      I can try.

      I’ve been on 800mg since March. With 100mg of quetiapine for sleep.

      My sleep started to “slip” end of April and I fell straight into deep depression

      Kept my head above water with dbt and distress tolerance skills. Unfortuntey I kinda went “hyper” for nearly two weeks after that. Can’t sleep. Restless. Biting my partner’s head off. Irritated. Mood isn’t great but better than ground 0. 

      Then plunged straight back into deep depression. 

      I actually don’t have any diagnoses. They don’t know what to make out of me. I’ve been told everything from personality disorders (my partner told them to f... off hahaha), depression, no depression, psychological problems, secure attachment disorder, bipolar 1 and bipolar 2.

      I’m going to see a different psychiatrist next week as I’m kinda very, very, very confused.

      But something has changed and I wonder if there’s a connection with the lithium.

      I feel the way I’ve felt when I was on 600mg.

      Thanks for taking the time, Donna biggrin)

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    Hey Nic, I am so sorry for the really late reply, Ive been having technical problems! Listen, I understand where you are coming from when you say the doctors/psychiatrist label it this and that. I think it may be because you have experienced and displayed various symptoms which are synonymous with these various named conditions. I think most have various symptoms. No two people will have identical symptoms. On the contrary some people will have the same or similar symptoms. The Bottom line is: I think it is hard to pin down. It comes under a huge umbrella enveloping a vast amount unfortunate people, who scramble around looking for reasons and answers for this wretched condition. It futile. Stop searching, and then just accept and float, float through it. If only I could take my own advise. If only we could just snap out of it. I wish that everyday! Sorry Nic, I'm just rambling again! I'm so sorry you are feeling down. It sounds really tough for you at the moment. I don't understand why your mood has dipped. Is there anything that has worried you or stressed you out lately? With lithium, as you probably know the blood tests you have ascertain whether you are on a therapeutic dose and is then lowered or raised according. 1200 is the maximum dose. The If I were you, I would go back to my doctor for a chat regarding my medication. I have you shouldn't have to suffer this way. Please keep me posted honey. Donna xxx

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      Hi Donna,

      Sorry for whaffling but I am soooooo relieved lol

      Finally, I have some  good news for a change 😉

      Yeah, def been to a rough place.

      In the end I went to hospital for a week.

      I cldn’t do it any longer on my own.

      They’ve upped the lithium to 1000mg.

      Blood serum level went up to which the doctor didn’t like. Which I absolutely LOVED as I was finally feeling calm lol

      She wants to keep it below 0.75.

      For whatever reason (and I can only think of lithium as there weren’t any other changes) I suddenly - well, one week later - “popped” back to the surface 🤗🤗🤗

      “Snaps” do happen yeeeahhh!

      Soooooooo relieved after 14 months of this hell!

      Attachment issues are out of the window. Personality disorder is out of the window. Everyone is just stunned 😳

      Not complaining.

      I have my labels off me for the moment which is a nice thing to know.

      Psychiatrist is now going down the route “we see what medication works” and psychologist also thinks it must have been the lithium.

      Whatever that means. We will see. 

      Don’t miss any of the depression crap and it’s nice to make eye contact and “see” colors again and def don’t miss the agitation neither.

      But the best part is the lithium. 

      Because she didn’t like the level of 0.91 we’ve reduced the dose to 900mg. 

      Bloods taken again last week. 

      And it dropped to 0.45!!! 

      100mg difference. That’s nearly the level I had with 600mg when I started taking it 🙈

      Didn’t drink more. Didn’t increase caffeine. No other medication. 

      Psychiatrist told me the result earlier on while I was  waiting for the psychologist. 

      We’ll be checking the levels again in a couple of weeks.

      I think I’m turning into a real mystery for her hahaha

      I think she nearly got a heart attach when I’ve sat in her office directly staring into her eyes for 10 minutes. I’ve never made eye contact before 😜

      Anyway, I don’t care as long as I don’t do any more ups and downs and keep stable 😜

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      Hey Nic wow what a difference! I am sooooo happy for you. That's greats news! You seem so much more upbeat and positive. Lithium is a "wonder" drug. (in my opinion) as you will know, it's a mood stabliser. Then every 3 months they check the level of it in your blood and adjust it according. Mood wise, you shouldn't feel so up and down. But on an "even keel". Don't expect everyday to be elation or perfect but you should feel much better calmer, an better able to deal with life and your emotions. Keep looking people in eye and keep smiling honey. Message me anytime. Please keep me updated You've really cheered me up! Big hug and smiles. Donna xxx

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    Sorry for random letters. Told ya, tech problems!!! X
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