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So I've come down from 30mg down to 7.5mg in about 3 weeks hasn't been as hard as last time. Starting to notice it now with nausea and increased aniexty since going down from 15mg to 7.5mg sleep has been bad but got some sleeping tablets off the doctor. While doing this it's kicked off my autoimmune disease into a major flare colistis I've also had 3 infections uti tonsillitis and now sinititus so I don't know if feel unwell anyway has masked my wd. Last night was my last 7.5mg and I'm changing to a different ssri on Thursday which I hope will stop the harsh of the wd. My syptoms so far have been heart beat irregular chest pains slight tremble. Hot flashes lack of sleep. Spikes in aniexty completely random though. Diarrhea and nausea. It's been hard but not unbearable. I'm hoping my change over goes smoothly and I feel better soon. I also pray anyone going through mirtazapine wd heals quickly x

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    Do you really need to come off mirt?   Why not just reduce the dose?  

    By coming off you are throwing away any help it was giving you, so you should expect to feel ill.   Mirt is not an SSRI so you are changing the class of drug.  Mirt is known for helping with sleep but SSRIs generally do not.  





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      Yes by my psychiatrist orders mirtazapine increased my aniexty tenfold to the point I had nervous breakdown on it. Set my autoimmune disease into haywire making be admitted into hospital 3 times while on it. Coming off it also set it off. I've also had 7 infections due to my autoimmune disease playing up in 7 months. Plus the side effects never left me. I've been on ssri in the past not a problem and always got better the longer I was on mirtazapine the worse I got. I've given in 8 months on mirtazapine and no improvement what so ever. In fact I'm worse I almost got sectioned. At least with ssris I did get better the only reason I went on mirtazapine at the beginning of the year was the hospital gave me serotonin syndrome on ssris by giving me metroclompide introvinsly then at home for a week after a nasty miscarriage that caused an infection. Then they freaked out and changed me as mirt has been known to help with serontin syndrome aftermath. They were giving me no help believe me in fact I don't reconisgn the person ice become on noradrenaline do my family. I have 3 kids who I'm a single mum to and I was very close to losing them because I preserved to long with this drug. That sent me at time manic. Even my psychiatrist confirmed mirtazapine has been known to increase aniexty in people who are sensitive like myself because it works on the noradrenaline. In fact since coming off them I actually feel a hell of alot better then on them. Mirtazapine can work wonders for some people but for me no. Serotonin syndrome fried my brain and anything that causes simulation to my adrenaline function gives me aniexty. X
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      You have certainly had a lot of trouble!   Good luck with the SSRI.


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      Thank you yes I stuck it out for 8 months mirtazapine definitely wasn't for me took my first sertraline this morning feel a bit wierd but nothing bad hard to know if it's the withdrawal or the new drug lol x
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      Well my change over never went to plan at all ended up getting rushed into hospital on Friday night and had to be kept in. I got Serotonin syndrome again except 100x worse had a seizure and almost a heart attack as I was tachdycardic my temp was going from 34-39 fluctuating very fast and was in resusation for 5 hours trying to stablize me. Not very good been order to go back on the mirtazapine at reduced dose which I'll start tonight and to see the psychiatrist next week to possibly add Lithium to the mix. This all happened in front of my 3 children and a very scary experience to say the least. I will never be able to have any ssris again or any serontonin increasing meds x
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      If you keep getting serotonin syndrome it seems you naturally have enough serotonin, so you do not need an SSRI.   I hope psychiatrist can sort you out.  
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      Yes so true. I'm not depressed just anixous. Hopefully they can x
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      So sorry to hear you have had such a bad time Lauren,very frightening for you all.

      I hope you have a peaceful night as you re-start the mirtazapine.

      I keep you in my thoughts.

      Sunbird x

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      Thank you I took sertraline last dose on Friday so I've waited till tonight to take my dose hospital said I could just start straight away but I wanted to give it some time. I last took mirtazapine on Monday night. So almost a week since I last took it. I think I'm only going to take 7.5mg tonight be on safe side they said 15mg but tbh I'm a bit scared lol x
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      I had a similar situation to you, had mild serotonin syndrome and my doc prescribed mirt since it was "gentler," but I ended up feeling worse than ever at nearly the highest dose.  The only thing it helped with was sleep, but otherwise i was totally apathetic, unmotivated, depressed, didn't care about anything.  I am in the process of slow tapering mirt and venlafaxine.

      My question for you, lauren56321, is, do you really need to be on any drug anymore?  Coming off of these drugs can cause symptoms that appear to be relapse to the docs, depression and anxiety along with a host of physical symptoms, and so more drugs are thrown at it.  i have been on a lot of forums where people were polydrugged because their docs threw more meds at a current med's side effects, or at withdrawal symptoms, but all of that just throws your nervous system into chaos and it becomes even harder to feel well with all the drug-induced imbalances.  I've been reading a book by a psychiatrist who has had great results with therapy for people who had panic attacks, even schizophrenia, without drugs.  So, there is non-drug help out there.  We were never meant to take these psych drugs for year after year and they can end up causing us more harm than good being on them long term.

      I wish you peace and wellness, regardless of what you end up doing :-)

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    Good Morning Lauren,

    I have been thinking of you.

    It is quite understandable that you would feel scared about taking mirt following your horrible experience.

    I hope what ever dose you decided to take last night you have been able to have a peaceful night.

    Please come back to let us know how you are feeling today.

    Best wishes,


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      Hi thank you so much I took 7.5mg last night. Still being sick but have a doctors appointment in a minute. X
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      Thanks for 'popping in' Lauren.

      I hope you receive some good advice and understanding from your doctor.

      Go well my friend.


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