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I was wondering if other people taking Mirt are in the same position as me. I am taking 15mg nightly and only been taking for 8 nights. However, I do know that it takes 2-4 weeks before you feel better but are you meant to feel worse first?

I have been diagnosed stress from my Dr and this is the first time in my life this has happened so not even sure his diagnosis is right. I say this as there is no reason for me to be stressed except work has been harder mentally than normal.

Since taking Mirt I struggle to function at all. I am sleeping better but do have enormous amount of dreams so not sure if I am getting any rest. However, before Mirt I was only sleeping 3-4 hours then wide awake for rest of night. But now after better night sleep I feel like a 'zombie' for want of a better word. I cannot work at the moment although my bosses are being very supportive. Have other people experienced feeling worse before better?

Sorry for the long question....

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    I thought I would drop down a few lines to update my previous post. I have been back to GP today as I have now been taking 15mg of Mirt nightly for 2 weeks. I still feel tired during the day and tend to sleep well every other night.

    My Doctor today has suggested that I now up the dosage to 30mg nightly. Problem is I am not sure about this for 2 reasons. Firstly, I have actually started to feel a bit better for the first time in weeks and secondly, doubling the dosage might make me feel drowsy again.

    Can anybody else share their experience with me on any side effects they had when doubling the dosage to 30mg?

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    Hi Ferndale, from my experience I would be inclined to try half a tablet before doubling your dose, if you are not depressed or anxious and only need it for sleep this may be enough, I have been up to 45mg and not sure that the increased dossages helped, I have gradually reduced my dose and am now on half a 15mg tab myself and find I still sleep ok, although my brain is still very active when I wake.
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    Thanks Colin B. I have now picked up my prescription of 30mg tablets but I am unsure whether to take a whole one.

    One question though. My original prescription of 15mg Mirt were oraldispersible tablets. Is it possible still to cut these in half. My new prescription of 30mg are standard swallow tablets so I know I can cut these up.

    Thanks again.

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    Just to say, I was on 15mg of the oraldisperable ones for 3 years, they just gave me terrible nightmares and I have put on loads of weight

    I am now coming off and am on a quarter a tablet at night, I have managed to cut them up very carefully, but it can be done :D

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    I have been on mirtazapine for nearly three weeks - prescribed for insomnia and anxiety. For two weeks they worked and I had fabulous nights sleep, but as soon as I went back to work the anxiety came flooding back and I am off again today due to no sleep last night. I can honestly say that I feel worse - almost (but not quite) suicidal. three weeks ago i was ok but not sleeping - yesterday I was asking for a seperation from my husband! My world seems to have fallen apart and I am worried about my performance and credibility at work (previously sound delivered with 100% confidence). I have an appointment with a hynotherapist and a counsellor which I am pinning all my hopes on working so I dont have to take drugs. Side effects - definate weight gain in such a small period of time, flatulence (yes really) aches in my lower legs, and an increase in despair and despondency.

    How the hell did I get into this mess and then, how do I get off?

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    I too am wondering when I will get out of this vicious circle. Six months ago I was perfectly healthy and thriving on my job and lifestyle. Now all I seem to think aboutis the next visit to Doctors or taking the next tablet! I too am struggling to keep my well paid job. I feel fine at home but when I do pay a rare visit to the office only just about manage to cope. My employers have been very patient to say the least.

    I too was diagnosed with sleep disorder and stress/anxiety. I now take 3/4 of a 30mg tablet each night and I do sleep better but also seem to suffer all of the side effects. I am certainly not in a position to give advice as I have only been taking Mirt for just under 3 weeks but all I do now is take one day at a time. I guess if we give them long enough they will work.

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    Hi I was on Mirt for years and it did help when I was at my lowest, I am not sure that the Mirt is responsible for the improvement over the years but it did help to keep the terror at bay at least at night when it just knocked me out, the down side are the side effects aches and pains weight gain and vivid dreams, I would suggest to only take as much as you need to get by, and reduce as quickly as possible.
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    Hi ColinB,

    thanks for your sound advice over the weeks. I notice a lot of the discussions are about sleep/sleep patterns. I am suffering the vivid dreams (which my consultant says he was not aware are a side effect). I know they are a side effect. I have just gone up to 45mg to try and even out those dreams and it has made some difference.

    Also I have suffered more aches and pains than usual, do you have any suggestions to combat them?And of course the worst side effect is the weight gain which I am just starting to tackle. Inspite of this the theraputic effects are a real bonus.

    Hope you can get some decent nights sleep.You have done well in your tapering off.

    Rayne. :?

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    Hi Rayne I managed to get the doc to give me some Diazepam 2mg, which I take when I first wake up, I am also taking Omega 3-6-& 9 plus some Glucosamine from Holland & Barrett, this combination seems to help with the aches, you don’t say why you went onto Mirt, it could be stress causing your aches as your muscles will be involuntary tight. I cant help with the weight gain as I have the same problem, I am alright during the day but about an hour after having my evening meal I feel as though I could snack all night, it's hard not to, With the dreams I try to tell myself they are rubbish just a figment of my imagination, I know they seem so real as to be scary in themselves.

    All the best.

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    Thanks Colin B, lots of side effects to beat and that is besides the depression and anxiety.

    I was on Prothiaden long term for recurrent depression.When I changed consultants the new guy suggested I try an updated drug, hence the Mirt. I have a long standing back prob but the aches seem to have been there constantly since the change of meds and was interested to see what others were writing. I don't think it is stress causing it. Have been on cod liver oil tabs for about two weeks and I think it is making a slight difference. Thanks for your advice about omega oils and the Glucosamine.Will pay a visit to Holland and Barrett.

    Another wierd situation is when I take the 30mg plus half a 30 to make up my 45mg I am less tired than if I take a 30mg and a separate 15mg=45mg. Cannot for the life of me see the reason but am certain it is different (if you know what I mean- defies logic I know.

    I am exactly the same re food, I can do well all day then the evening meal triggers the munches for the rest of the night.I lost 8lb recently but it's gone back on.

    The dreams are less bothersome at 45mg and was the reason I asked to increase. Still vivid but more manageable.


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    I was looking at this forum because I was given a pack of Mirt by a friend. I have had continued depression for a while (8 years) and have had stints with prozac - which seemed to work fine etc but I just stopped taking them as I am forgetful with pills. Went back to doctor and told her I had been taking prozac again (but this time given to me by friend) and I was so miserable that she prescribed Citalopram. After looking these up on the net I decided not to take them. After reading your posts, I won't take the Mirt either.

    I have been referred for counselling so I'll see if that works. My biggest problem I think is not chemical. I have a number of reasons to be depressed - too many to think about, but when I don't think about them I'm fine. But I'm quite lonely most of the time, got grown up kids, but now single, friends all married. My problem is in the head and my lack of confidence in not being able to phone friends when I am lonely, or in fact being truthful with them about my problems. I tend to bottle it all up. Like some of you, this has affected my work, my confidence at work, my self-esteem etc. I can spend several days on my own with no outside contact other than my daughter coming home each day and going straight out again - as they do at 20. And I talk to my cat quite a lot. Scary!

    I've come to the decision not to use the anti-depressants because they aren't helping with the long term problems and I don't want to be taking pills the rest of my life. I'm scared most of the time to phone firms up and deal with problems - well just British Gas as they are rude and hard - but this timidness is awful. I'm sad, lonesome, mousy, etc and I hope the counselling works because I never used to be as sad/quiet as this.

    Without people like you sharing their experiences with these pills, we would all be worse off and kept in the dark by our GPs.

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    Hi everyone,

    I started to go down hill a few months ago.

    Insomnia, no appetite, a strange light head and I guess looking back a feeling of anxiety. Just couldn't do anything just look out the window and feel sad!

    Well , I was put on Mirtazapine and after 8 weeks (15mg - 30mg) went back to work. The thing I noticed is that as I started to feel better the heavy head, dizziness, unreal feelings that I guess were the side effects all started to bother me. I thought that there would be an antidepressant that would have no side effects!

    I went to the Doctor who said to take half mirt tablet for 4 days, nothing for 3 days and then start the new Citalopram. It was during the half tablets that I felt better and went back to work.

    Well I took the Citalopram and had the worst night ever ! Racing heart, racing mind, upset stomach, pins and needles everywhere, sheer panic! The Doctor has since said that I had a nasty reaction and to stay away.

    He said to take a two week break from all medication and review.

    I am currently on nothing, but I can feel the anxiety there and the light head coming back. I had 3 nights with racing thoughts and No sleep. Where does all this anxiety come from?

    I spoke to the Doctor who smiling said that I had come off them too quickly and that I should go back on the Mirt. Perhaps being a Doctor he DOES know better than me!

    I am 35 , have a family a great job and this all came out the blue in february - Who knows where from?

    Never went to the Doctors before this and now I feel I need constant assurance!

    Nice to know there are other people like me!

    Seeing how I sleep tonight and then if I don't back to the Mirt for me. I guess you have to see whether the depression symptoms are worse than the side effects.

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