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[b:747b04845f] Hi, I too am on Mirtazapine, I also take 5mg of Nitrazapine (both at night) because I have bad insomnia and also have anxiety issues.. I have high blood pressure so have to take Atenolol and candesartan for that, the result is I have lots of side effects which include muscle pain, some tremors, eyesight problems and what is the worst really an awful burning pain in my groin and feet.. My GP has in all honestly given up ! I must admit he was very helpful in the early days but now seems to be either perplexed or cheesed off !! I just wish I could get back to the way I fely 3 years ago, I honestly do not completely know why the anxiety even came about, but it did and I suffer most days .. I hope that we all can find the answer, OH ! incidently I am on 15 mg of mirtazapine, because it should have sedative qualities.. Does anyone else out thee have headaches with their meds ??[/b:747b04845f]

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    Hi Blueboy!

    How do you feel now? Have you come of the medication? I'm on mirtazapine and have the same symptoms as you. But I have lyme's disease. Have you been bitten or scratched by a cat? You see groin and feet pain could be from a cat scratch disease but also anxiety, especially if appreared later in life. I'm just trying to establish which symptoms I have from Mirt and which from Lymes. I had none before I started the drug, except for the nosea and anxiety. 

    Hope you're well x

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    The mirt caused terrible muscle aches for me. I could barely walk, so I would suggest it is the mirt. Mine went away when I went off of it.

    good luck

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      Hi Rose,

      Please can you tell me when the muscle pain started for you, how long you were on Mirt then and when did it stopped? How long after stopping the drug? I'm also having a difficult time with it but my body went into agony last time I stopped it sad

      Well done for going Mirt free!


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    Hi blue boy ,

    I'll try and keep this as short as possible. When I first went on the mirt 8 years ago! I felt slight muscle pain in m hips but I was doing a lot of lifting a my job so it made sense I would have some pain. THe muscle pain got progressively worse with time. My doctor diagnosed me with fibro. So I accepted hat but I did ask if it could be he mirt?he said no! I was only on mirt, anyhow  I went to another doctor and she said nerve pain. Then last February my doctor made a mix up and wrote my mirt for 15 mg instead of 30mg. I noticed he muscle pain went down and that's how I knew for sure it was the mirt. I tried to go off it with no help from doctors. I got horrible sick so went back on it. Then I came to this site and found a different doctor, who was willing to help me wean. You will need stron anti nausea meds if your anything like the rest of us, also I'm taking a benzo as well. The people on the boards made me aware of a site called CITA, it has a reduction chart and if you live in the UK hey have a phone number as well. Call them before you start your wean. Mirt causes a lot of problems going off but doctor seem dense o it causing any problems which is what has been a problem with the WD, because we have little support. CITA however understands the problem and can assist you. You can do this! It's difficult but can be done. I hope I answered your question but write any time...

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      Muscle pain di usher greatly in first three weeks off mirt I feel it maybe once a week now but still in WD but very much improved
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      Thank you Rose,

      I'm in terrible pain in my hips and today in my bottom! I know of Cita and I'll try their protocol but I felt so unwell last time I tried to come off it. It's all so scary...

      How long are you now after your last Mirta pill?


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    Hi blue boy,

    yes I agree with you it was horrible. I tried twice before this time, this is my third attempt but I won't need to go back again thank God!

    yes my pain was in my butt, hips and when it got real bad all the way down the legs. It was all muscle pain for me and I was angry the doctors didn't tell me it was the mirt.

    you need to wean carefully off the mirt. Go at a snails pace and be considerate to your body. You will need a doctor to back you. What were your WD symtoms last time? The big ones seem to be early wake up with panic attacks. Like 2 am with panic. The other one is the inability to eat. The other one for me was all kinds of allergy symptoms, itching runny eye and nose.  Feeling light headed, and anxiety. I mean I can help you if you want to rely on me. What dose are you on at the moment? How long have you been at this dose? Does your doctor know mirt causes physical withdrawal? Do you have a support system at home?

    i couldn't have gone off this stuff without the support I found here and a good doctor that believed me when I said it was hell. So don't make a move on switching out until you get every  thing lined up. Doctor, meds, support of someone who knows, support in or around your household and me💙 haha....the support you will find here, although I'm not quit sure if anyone is withdrawal ing at the moment, but keep coming back here and checking and check other sites as well.

    so just let me know where you are at with the mirt and get yourself ready for the wean. I wish Manuel was still on this site, but I think he is off for awhile!

    no matter I'm sure someone will be here with mirt WD and you can always write to me......

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